Dec 31, 2008

What to expect in 2009?

Another year and more improvements on the technology and more the expectation. Here’s what people are expecting to see in 2009:-

USB 3.0


Said to kill the firewire USB 3.0 can transfer data up to 5Gbps comparing to the 480 Mbps transfer rate of USB 2.0. Of course the size of the port is a bit bigger than the USB 2.0 but overall the data transfer rate is much more than the previous version. Expect it to release in CES 2009.

Windows 7


Already said that the Windows 7 beta version has leaked, this OS of Microsoft is going to be hot topic in from the start of the 2009. Officially said to release the beta version of it in January, Windows 7 will officially launch in somewhere mid of 2009. The so called successor of Windows Vista has promised a lot to improve the overall experience of operating this O/S.

Snow Leopard


The reign of the big cat continues in Apple. Already released Leopard has a brand new version called Snow Leopard which is set to release in Q1 of 2009.

Big Storage devices and faster processors



Storage devices of 2TB and 1.5TB will be norm in 2009 and with the faster processor like Intel Core i7 and AMD Phenom II PC’s will have the much faster processor and bigger storage.


You never know what to expect from the future. Tomorrow is filled with surprises so who knows another big and surprising might pop up tomorrow.

Happy New Year to all!!!

Dec 26, 2008

Sony’s 8” laptop


Sony has launched such small laptop that you can fit it in your pocket. With it’s 8” display and some decent processor this might be the most powerful thing that you ever put in your pocket.

The pricing and weight is not specified right now but I am pretty sure it’s gonna be one expensive thing you put in your pocket too.

Wait for 2009 for further information.

Dec 19, 2008

SSD going 512GB on 2009


Well, maybe the year of the SSD is finally coming. When the first intro of SSD it was not more than 64GB now come this 2009 it will grow as much as 512GB which Toshiba promises the laptop users. Well if 512GB sounds big enough then it will be a good thing for you if not then still it’s something advancement in technology.

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My exam’s done

Sorry I couldn’t post any stuffs lately cause of my exams but now it’s done the posts are regular now.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Dec 6, 2008

Windows Vista SP2 Beta launched


Wow it was just yesterday that I posted the Windows SP2 is set to launch on April but the beta version is already out now if you want to try. If you want then try hitting the link below to download the Vista SP2 Beta.

Vista SP2 Beta

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Dec 4, 2008

Windows Vista SP2 launching in April

windows_7 Yet another announcement from Windows. Windows Vista SP2 set to launch in April.

Nov 30, 2008

Video Editing got more possibilities

I don’t even know how to explain this. It’s like video editing  software getting a brain. Editing video with just a few clicks to and getting the control of the video beyond your imagination. Video editing just got a lot easier and fun activity to do!!. Watch the video to check out what I mean.

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Nov 29, 2008

iPhone running Linux

What you can do if you just put your brain to it!!

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Nov 27, 2008

iPhone is not twice as fast

I don’t know if it’s the real deal for most of the people but according to the iPhone’s advertisement surfing the net should be twice as fast but here’s a video that proves the difference between real world and advertising world.

Update:- This advertisement has been banned in UK for false advertisement.


Yes, and you guessed it. Think twice as before!!

Fedora 10 Released

Yet another Linux release, Fedora 10 released. Let’s see how this matches up with Ubuntu.


Here’s the review:-

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Nov 20, 2008

Google app for iPhone

No typing nothing, just bring your iPhone close to your ear and speak what you want to search and Google app does the magic search for you.

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Nov 17, 2008

Flash coming in WinMob and Android

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If it's one thing lacking in smartphones these days comparing to PC ...well there are ton of them but one essential and must have thing that's still missing is Flash!!! You can't download any swf file to play that cool game or animation you wanted in your smartphone. But the happy days are about to shine, atleast for Windows Mobile user and Android user, too bad for iPhone users though.

ZoneAlarm Pro 2009 Free (Nov 18 2008 only)

Zonealarm Pro 2009

Tomorrow (Nov,18) 2008 there will be a special offer for all of you early birds(if by early you mean a day) who care enough to check the ZoneAlarm antivirus website. The offer is limited,if you can download tomorrow then hurray,if not then you missed once a year offer. This offer is most probably cause of Thanksgiving?? I have no idea but whatever be, it's free and we love it.
Download link:-

Nov 11, 2008

Windows 7 beta preview

I’ve got a chance to download the leaked version of Windows 7. I installed it in my Vmware and tested it. So far it’s relatively fast,even in the vmware and the general menus and options are much more user friendly than Vista. Even though there are lot of features missing from this beta version I’m sure there are lot of things to come in the near future. I’ll soon install it in my computer rather than in vmware and tell you the true review.

For now the preview video:-

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Nov 8, 2008

New Features of Windows 7

Ok since everyone’s talking about it, let us also take a quick look at the Windows 7. What are the instant changes you will notice and what you will have to get used to if you are ought to use Windows 7.


Aero Shake

Click the title bar and shake it to minimize all the background windows and do it again to maximize them.

That amazing “multi-touch”

We all know the highly hyped multi-touch software.

All new improved taskbar

This must be my favorite feature of all, the highly improved taskbar, also known as superbar. It has got the live thumbnail preview, jumplist and many more.

Customizable Color Hover

It’s not much but atleast some control over your taskbar.

Windows Docking Feature:-

Drag your window too far to the left and window will automatically resize that window depending on where you drag. The left far-end means covering the half screen, the right far-end means covering the other half screen and the upper drag means full-screen.

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Nov 1, 2008

My Life as a Beta


In these days we depend too much on technology and it’s hard to keep up with the technology. As our life depends too much on the technology, developers also have to perform some hardcore test which is why Beta version and Release Candidate are so popular these days. And that made me think, at this very moment I’m using lot of beta versioned products than the full version some of them are Windows Vista SP2 Beta, Windows Live Messenger Beta, Windows Live Writer Beta, Gmail Beta, Mozilla Firefox 3.1 Beta, IE 8 Beta. And with all these Beta programs do you really think Beta software are norm these days? And tell us how many beta programs do you use?

Oct 31, 2008

UBUNTU 8.10, Vista SP2 Beta Launched


The long awaited Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex has launched with it’s news looks and it’s improved GUI.

Download the iso file

Review of Ubuntu 8.10 in future once my installation ends.

Vista SP2 Unofficial Beta Launch



Also an unofficial launch of Vista SP2 with lot of fixes on security and especially fix on windows search 4.0 with bluetooth 2.1 and support for blu-ray and many more.

Download this patch to automatically upgrade to SP2.

Oct 23, 2008

Creative sewer


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Oct 21, 2008

Mozilla Fennec mobile browser : Review


To be quite honest it’s not a great experience surfing the web in your mobile device. It doesn’t even come close to the desktop browsing but new browsers are emerging to change just that. Now even Mozilla is stepping up to the mobile world. Having the number one browser (Firefox) for the desktop, Mozilla is now on the verge of launching the Fennec. Unfortunately the Alpha version is only available for OS2008 “Maemo” i.e on Nokia N810 and N800 Internet Tablet. But you can test the Alpha version in your Windows, Linux or Mac.

Oct 13, 2008

How to control your Windows PC with your Windows Mobile Device

Recently I’ve been trying to control my Windows PC with my Windows Mobile Phone but I couldn’t find a better help in the Internet. After lot of research and trial I finally managed to do what I been wanting to do for a week. Now I’m sharing it so that someone like me might also find this helpful someday.

Ok, so what do you think the idea of controlling your Windows PC with your Windows Mobile Device? How would you like to run the Windows application on your Windows Mobile Device? I know we all have imagined it at some point. So here’s making your imagination to reality.

Remote Controlling your PC (Part 1)

Remote Controlling your PC (Part 2)

Sorry for the blurry video though. Youtube just won’t upload 1.7GB video!!

Related Links:- RDM+

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1. Go to

2. Download the Remote Desktop for Mobiles.

3. Run the setup.

4. You will be asked for the Account name, Password. (this is used when you try to make a connection to your PC)

5. After you register a confirmation will be sent to your email address. Confirm it and soon after you will be send with your Computer Id, username and password. (Copy that Computer Id, you’ll need it)

6. Before the completion of the installation don’t forget to plug in your Windows Mobile device in your computer so that it can be installed in your remote controlling device too.

7. Once the installation completes, on your windows mobile device, run RDM+ application.

8. You’ll be asked to buy the software but you can run the trial version too.

9. Now go to Menu and make a new connection.

10. Enter the previously provided computer id, username and password and press connect. (Make sure your wi-fi or internet connection is enabled)

11. Once the connection is made feel free to play with the options.

12. Now you get your own PC in your pocket.

Since, you got that, why not try to fool someone, letting the computer do things automatically, but you know you are controlling the whole thing. A Perfect Sci-fi scare for this Halloween?? Who am I kidding who will get scared of computer anyway!!

Oct 12, 2008

An inexpensive Touchless!!

If you watch the video above then you’ll know that touchless features are becoming more and more reality than a fantasy in Hollywood. The way to control your PC with the flow of the hand has become more easier than before, without the need of expensive equipment, all you need is a webcam. Ok so maybe I’m just exaggerating a bit too much but Touchless program tries to replicate what the expensive equipment does. Although it’s in infant stage and open source it’s still in development but Touchless is just a sample of what we can achieve from these kinds of programs.

Download Touchless

Oct 9, 2008

New changes on Youtube

If you use much often you might or might not have noticed the new changes , whatever be the case there are some slight changes that was expected and some big changes that was necessary.

Theater View and Lights off mode:-

The one which is implied to long videos only is the Theatre mode and Lights off mode (exactly like in Here’s an example of it.

Click to buy Ads:-


We all know this was coming sooner or later. Since video is the best way to sell some product Youtube has now made it easy for the buyer to directly review the item and buy it off online.

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Oct 3, 2008

I love you mouse


If you are feeling lonely and want to be loved by someone then this USB mouse is just for you. With every press this mouse speaks out those three magical words that you were longing to heart. Of course you would have to order this loving device from Japan.

Warning: Sometimes your loved one can be very irritating too!!

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Sep 30, 2008

Is Apple losing it?

I mean first the stupid way they hire so called “geniuses” and second Mac Pro giving those toxic vapors and damaging our health???

Here are the questions you typically get on interview if you are ought to work for Apple:-

What is special about the Mac Pro’s current Ram setup?
If a user account keeps crashing on login what do you do?
What are 3 keyboard combinations you can boot your computer with?
Are you familiar with OS 9?
If a customer asks you to sync music from their iPod to computer, what do you say?

What is Automator and what does it do?
How do you answer a customer who wants to share music with his friend via iTunes?

And if you can answer five of those question then you qualify into the world of geniuses!!

Mac Pro cases giving out toxic fumes!!


If you have one of those Mac Pro then you might want to stay clear from it. According to research eight hour of those Mac Pro toxic vapor could not only irritate your skin, eye and respiratory tract but also could effect your bone marrow. Apple says they are working on this problem but if you ask me I would stay away from those Mac cases for now, who knew beauty could stink!!

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Sep 27, 2008

It’s a mobile world!!!

Now if’s it one thing that needs to radically develop, it’s to give mobile a complete desktop experience which is why developers of browser are trying that much harder to give the feel of desktop by experimenting, modifying, and tweaking the mobile browser. Now that brings me to the latest updates and releases happening in mobile world.

The Release of Internet Explorer 6 on 6


Apart from the classic scrollbar, IE 6 on 6 now shows striking similarity with desktop appearance. But it still doesn’t support multi tab like desktop browser these days do, now we can only hope for it’s blazing rendering for heavy pages. The current update for IE 6 on 6 is quite a huge update for IE for Windows Mobile since it previously was running on the same engine built back on 1997. So lookout for this browser.

Internet Explorer 6 on 6 Video review:-

The Release of new interface on Safari for iPhone


To give the user the easy navigation, that same old desktop Safari experience and just to make the life a little easier Safari developers gives iPhone user a fresh new interface. As shown in the picture above the MobileSafari now gets the refresh icon within the address bar and the search bar side by side. If you’re a iPhone user then you might want to get this update.

The Release of Skyfire Open Beta


Some say skyfire is the next big thing to happen in the mobile browser world. It still is in Beta stage and also with lot of limitation it does one thing better than other, support for flash videos, which means watching youtube videos in it for video lover is like a gift from heaven. But since it’s in Beta stage we are hoping more in future.

Review of Skyfire on Video:-

The Release of Mobile Firefox sure before 2010

Since every other desktop browser is heading for the mobile version of the browser, Mozilla has also promised to release their mobile version of Firefox before 2010 so except something big to happen in the browsing world before 2010.

Sep 24, 2008

Mac Vs Windows Ads : Faceoff

Ok, lately I’ve been thinking. Ever since Microsoft started their ad campaign to promote Vista and also to counter the “Get a Mac” ad campaign, I started realizing the difference between Mac and Windows. Although the ad do try to tell you a lot about their product, try comparing the difference in attitude towards both of their advertisement too. You may be able to figure out why people like which product and how you may be able to distinguish the character of that person. Watch the video and differentiate.


Microsoft’s  Vista Ads

First ad


Second ad


Third ad


So who has the best ad?

Sep 23, 2008

G1 Phone first Ad

It’s changing the way  we speak English. Seriously!!!

Android Phone in action


Ok the wait is almost over, everyone is anxiously anticipating how Android Phone works and how it can be the next big thing.
But lucky for us Gizmodo guys have got a video of how Android works.
Review on Video:-


Review of G1 phone:-

So from what I’m hearing from most of the people is “What’s so great about this Android phone?” Ok, we all know that Google isn’t well known for it’s looks and glossy interface so that’s not what we people are looking forward to the Android phone so what is the big deal? First of all, it’s Google, which was the company which only had the best search engine with very simple site. Now it’s making it’s own O/S. And another factor for its popularity is because of the LInux platform that Android was built in.On top of everything Google just released it’s Chrome which is not just a browser but literally an O/S which works flawlessly with Google gears which means that Android can have unlimited apps that can be synchronized both with their server and on your desktop. All you need is a Gmail account and you have all your personal data with that account which you can share it with your friends and families and many more which makes it much more easy for us. So from this we can tell that Android is a self dependant phone. It has it’s own browser, apps, O/S an many more which makes it the next big thing in mobile world.

Sep 20, 2008

Windows new Ad: I’m a PC

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Surprisingly this new ad from Microsoft has no Seinfield in it. The new ad also is more direct than their previous ads. Oh ya!! and I’m a PC too.

Previous Ads:

Sep 18, 2008

Windows Live Betas

Windows Live Beta

Windows Live yesterday launched the betas of Movie Maker, Mail, Photo Gallery, Live Writer, Live Messenger, Live Toolbar, Family Safety.

Download the Live Betas Suite.

Sep 16, 2008

Scientist can read your mind


Scientist in India have found a way to look what we saw in past, that means whatever you saw yesterday or day before that scientists can now see the same image in your brain. e.g a criminal trying to justify the crime he committed can be easily distinguish by scientists now, developed by Indian neuroscientist Champadi Raman Mukundan the BEOS software uses an EEG to determine whether the subject is recalling specific details of a crime as they are being read aloud. According to Mukundan, the system can distinguish between peoples' memories of events they witnessed and deeds they committed. A world without crime??? Let's hope so.

Sep 13, 2008

Air Canada to follow in flight wi-fi

Air Canada

Those long travel can be tiresome, boring and frustrating but a little internet could make everything turn upside down (uhh..not airplane). Now even Air Canada is following like every other huge airlines, landing a deal with Aircell. With C$12.95 for certain flights from the Great North to West Coast of America.

Sep 12, 2008

Reign of Bluetrack Mouse

Microsoft Bluetrack Mouse

When the concept of the bluetrack mouse was first displayed in the Microsoft website then frankly I didn't see anything special on it except that it replaced laser with ring type blue aura thing. But now that it's been reviewed, it does much more than replace color of laser. It also covers wide angle and works on wider surfaces, be that carpet, rough surface, marble, glass and more. Microsoft has debut it's two mice: wireless Microsoft Explorer Mouse and Microsoft Explorer Mini Mouse. Get them at $99 and $79 respectively.

Sep 7, 2008

Who knew HLC could bring a dead threat?

Like many feared that activating HLC could create blackhole or could destroy the whole earth and because some far sighted men warned us that the world will come to an end on 2012 or something close to that scientist are getting a dead threat for HLC.

What is HLC?
Check out this informational rap video:-

Sep 5, 2008

Dell Insipiron Mini : Good price Good Deal

Dell Inspirion Mini

If you're looking for a Notebook that can give what you paid for it then Dell Inspirion Mini might be your number one choice. With 1.6 Ghz Intel Atom processor and 1 GB of RAM it can handle normal tasks smoothly and also run Ubuntu smoothly wihthout any hitches. Having 3 - 4 hours of battery life and price range starting from $349 with loud speaker, good touchpad and a pretty decent design, I think it's a good start for Dell in mini-notebook world.

Source [LaptopMag]

Buy it

Aug 31, 2008

Apple starting their own Touch Tablet!!

Concept Art for Mac Touchscreen Tablet

I don't know when the world of touch started to gain such a massive demand, but whatever might be since so called "Windows 7" is trying their own touch O/S now even Apple is getting ready to start their own touchscreen tablet. Let's hope we can do more of touching that we thought we could.

Blackberry Bold hitting on October 2nd

Although it's not (fingers crossed) iPhone 3G killer, it can still give some competition to iPhone which will be hitting the shelf of AT&T come this October 2nd.

Aug 28, 2008

Mirror does your changing

You know how irritating it is to have to change clothes in stores to try them out just so that it looked perfect on you??? Not to mention the energy you burn but also who knows what's hiding on that pretty ceiling or wherever. But this new technology changes all that. Now you don't need to actually put on the clothes to know them!!, just stand in front of this magic mirror and it does your changing for you deciding what looks good on you and what not. Thanks to gurus at Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.

Microsoft to end the era of Laser Mouse


Come this September 9, Microsoft is content to end the era of laser mouse may be by introducing surface touch?? Anyway Microsoft is firmly saying "Say Goodbye to Laser"
Here is the animation that teases the laser mouse :-

Resource :- [Engadget]

Aug 26, 2008

First Android Phone:- HTC Dream

Finally the first android phone is here, HTC Dream for T Mobile. The official announcement will be on September 17 and will begin the pre-order soon after that.
HTC Dream specs:-

Touch Screen
Full Qwerty keyboar
3G/ WiFi
Full HTML internet capabilities
Easy access to all Google applications (Gmail, Gtalk, search)
Street view
You Tube
3.0 megapixel camera
Video (playback only, no recording)
Music player & 1GB memory card pre-loaded
Applications via Google marketplace

* 528Mhz Qualcomm 7201 processor
* Data kit for USB connectivity in the box
* 64MB Internal RAM
* 128MB Internal ROM
* 1GB MicroSD card
* 5 Row QWERTY keypad
* Trackball
* Dedicated camera button
* 3.1MP camera (no flash) 2048 x 1536
* Video playback files - H.264, streaming, 3GPP, MPEG4, and Codec 3GP
* Dedicated YouTube Player
* Audio playback files - MP3, AAC, AAC+, WMA, MPEG4, WAV, MIDI, REAL AUDIO, OGG
* Wallpaper supports JPG, BMP, PNG, and GIF
* Speakerphone (mono, natch)
* Ringtones (MP3, AAC, AAC+, WMA)
* Bluetooth (class 1)
* Picture Caller ID
* SMS and MMS support (Take that Apple!)
* POP, IMAP, and SMTP, AOL, and GMAIL email
* AIM, MSN, YAHOO, and GTALK messaging
* Quad Band (850, 900, 1800, 1900)
* 3G
* 802.11b & 802.11g
* 1150mAh battery
* Screen size is 3.17″ with HVGA (480 x 320)
* Handset 117 x 55 x 16mm
* 5.6 oz weight
* Sync capable with Google Calendar
* Downloadable content via Android Marketplace
* Google Streetview with built-in compass

Resource:- [Phandroid]

Aug 25, 2008

Apple introducing new ipods??

ipod Nano

Come this September 9th Apple has something interesting for us, probably a new iPod Nano and also new iPod Touch?? Or is it just another hype ???

Gone for a while!!!

Hey everybody!! Sorry that I couldn't update my blog for quite sometime. My college is starting and once everything is set then expect the regular news post.


Jul 16, 2008

Centrino 2 announces it's release, others hear it loud and clear

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Well as we know that Centrino 2 has announced it release (finally) after delays from the wireless tech which has the new 802.11 Wi-Fi, integrated graphics it and also has HUGI( Hurry Up and Get Idle) which backbone for it's great speed and faster processing, perhaps a good news for gamers?? And it comes in two varities one for consumers and vPro from briefcase crew.

And soon after Centrino 2's annoucement many company including Toshibha, Dell, Samsung that the laptops will be based on Centrino 2

Toshibha's laptop with Centrino 2

Dell's laptop with Centrino 2

Samsung's laptop with Centrino 2

Jul 8, 2008

AMD: Havok out PhysX in

Surprising as it may sound that AMD is getting help from their arch rival nVidia to have nVidia's PhysX engine rather than previously Intel's Havok. But I think we all know why nVidia is helping AMD don't we? I think nVidia seriously want Intel out of the picture.

Acer's Affordable Home theater PC

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Acer trying to fulfil a normal people's wish of having a home theatre PC come to life. Well it's not really a dream but who wouldn't want a decent PC at affordable price? Well if you are that kind then get this for $450 - $650 depending upon what you would like, which includes on-board nVidia GeForce 8200 graphics, an AMD Athlon X2 2850e processor and HDMI port, 7.1-channel audio support and supports H.264, VC1 and MPEG2 and the output of 1080P. Enjoy!!

iphone Killer is here!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The long awaited Touchscreen Blackberry Thunder is here, but for now you can only suffice your thirst with pics.
More pics:- [Gizmodo]

Get your Auto Updates on!! Vista users.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

We all know that it's hard to get your Vista running smooth on low spec PC but fret no more cause the update the recent "Vista update" promises to make run 20% faster. So better turn that on or just download manually here.

Jul 4, 2008

Release of NetBooks

Release of NetBooks

Acer's Aspire:-
Now availabe in three variations: the A110L, A150L, and A150X.
i) Atom N270 CPU
ii) Intel's 946GSE chipset
iii) 512MB or 1GB of RAM
iv) 8GB of NAND flash storage
v) 8.9-inch 1024 x 600 display
vi) 802.11b/g, and three USB ports
vii)120GB hard drive in place of the flash storage
viii) Linpus Linux, or Windows XP
More on:- []

ASUS Eee 904
ASUS'S Eee 904 is official now.
i) 8.9-inch 1024 x 600 display
ii) 900MHz Celeron M CPU
iii) 1GB of RAM
iv) 80GB hard drive
v) Windows XP
vi) $535
More on:-[]

MSI Wind:-
And MSI's own Eee PC MSI Wind though delayed on release it is finally here.
Review:- []

Acer's Aspire Monitor : World's First


Remember the gaming PC Acer created to compete with Dell XPS?? Well, things got little bit interesting now for Acer. Bringing 24 inched G24 Gaming Monitor, "World's first" 50000:1 dynamic contrast and it's currently best too.

Source:- [Gizmodo]

WASSUPP!! : A budweiser phone!!

Scary Movie

I think it's time to make those ads again but now with this phone. If you're a budweiser fan then you'll love budweiser phone, too bad you can only call your friends than to actually drink from it.

Source:- [Engadget]

Jun 28, 2008

Bill Gates bids farewell to Microsoft

Ok, even though I'm busy these days, I had to post this, for god's sake it's Bill Gates retiring!!

Bill, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post this had it not been for you, not that you invented internet and blog but because you revolutionized the way we look at computers. Although not perfect, but you did give some hope and always promised the world to make a better place and you always have been weather it be by donating tons of money or just by making softwares. Now that you have left Microsoft I not just look at you as another chairman of Microsoft but a great superhero in the computer world and a great man in the real world. You will be greatly missed but I wish you all the best for you future on Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Bill's Farewell Speech [Video]

Looking Back, Moving Forward Bill's Video Index

Engadget guys giving Bill a great Tribute

Timeline of Bill: From Gizmodo

Bill's Top 20 Quotes

Jun 24, 2008

Breast Motion Power Generator:- Yet another brilliant discovery

If storing image in vapor wasn't enough to perplex me, may be today is the day of discovering things and inventing things but anyway, this might sound a bit cheap for some but have you ever watched a big breasted girl run and watched the breast bounce and said to yourself "All that bounced energy going to waste"?? No?? Well, some did and they invented a breast motion power generator which they say can even charge iPods. Now my question is this, do they work on man too, I mean way below??

[Original Source]

Storing image in vapour: no joke!!

I salute to all those who invent and discover things, I really do. Hadn't been to them then we wouldn't have been in today's position and yet another discovery comes which I never imagined was possible before but hey, I've saluted them. Now how would you store image in vapour? Heck, I got no idea, I ain't no scientist, just click the following link:-

Jun 23, 2008

Firefox 3.0 USB:- Firefox on the go

Need to have your own bookmarks and extension everywhere you go?? Then sweat not cause Mozilla guys knows your need and hence Firefox 3.0!!

More on:-
[Original Source]

Today the world surpasses 1 billion computer

I don't know how they found out about the stats but the word has it that today the world surpassed 1 billion computers and on 2014 it should be 2 billion if this rate continues which is 12 percent annually. Imagine all those billion computers being in a single town, it's a computown?? Please don't hit me, it's a bad joke I know it very well.

Jun 15, 2008

Google developing ISP throttling device

You should know what your bandwidth is doing what and hence Google respecting that is now creating a tool for you to monitor the bandwidth provided by your ISP.
More on:-
[Original Resource]

DELL taking on Eee PC and Macbook Air

The laptop war continues and this one is no different. Dell making notebook as slim as Macbook Air and as low costing as Eee PC infact way low costing than Eee Pc, $299 to be exact.
More info:-
[Original Resource]

Yahoo and Microsoft talks fail again!!!

This doesn't seem like one of those fairy tell where they lived together happily ever after!! After Yahoo's share market started dropping Microsoft has refused to pay $33 per share which is helping Yahoo to be a company!!

Glass keyboard with no keys!!

It's the sensor's world these days. Long are the days of pressing keys in keyboards, these days keyboard captures all the right keystroke with special sensing device to give the desired result.
More info with image:-

Outdated stuffs!!

World's Largest 3D LCD Panel from Visumotion:-
If you're one of those who believes in the "bigger the better" then this thing might just be for you i.e if you can afford it!! This monster from Visumotion comes with 1900 X 1080 resolution, 6-ms refresh, 120-degree viewing angle, and DVI and RGB inputs and yes, it's 65 inched!! and priced around $30K. In the end "Size do Matter"

Microsoft bringing yet another restricted device - Good for some and equally bad for some too
The so called DMP(Device Manner Policy) from Microsoft will force you to turn certain features on or off like voice, photography or may be data too.
More info on this :-
[Original Resource]

No more hiding your emotions with this "Mask of Emotion":-
"You can run but you can't hide" in this case, you can't hide your emotion with "Mask of Emotion" which displays exactly what you're feeling in a LED display.
More info:-

Snow Leopard says no to PowerPC:-
The end could be near for the PowerPC which was once prestigious to have on Mac back in those days but now Intel is taking over the Mac too.

Jun 5, 2008

AMD's next gen line up in Toshibha

Toshibha and AMD could head for a beautiful relationship since AMD's next gen P300D, A300D, M300D, U400D, L300D and L350D series will be exclusively on Toshiba's product.

Billboard knows you

Call it a smart marketing method or just playing spy on you. The new billboard will be able to recognize each and every one of you if you watch the billboard, this is done to target the consumer who are more interested in the product. Creepy and smart huh!!??
Check the full details out:-
[Original Resource]

Jun 3, 2008

AMD entering into sub notebook world

AMD's not letting Intel, VIA and nVidia take all the spotlight are they? They want some piece of action too, now entering the sub notebook world!!
Here's the details on the sub notebook:-
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Jun 1, 2008

HP cutting cake with one expensive knife!!

Recently there have been numerous publicity stunts and events defying MacBook Air's slimness but this one's a little different cause HP's exec is doing that publicity stunt !! Is he trying to prove that MacBook Air is the sooo thin that it can cut through anything or is he just trying to prove that MacBook Air is nothing but an expensive knife.
I think that depends on each individual. I think you got mine.
Here's the image:-

Safari is Vice says Windows

Ahh!! The rivalry!! Even though Safari's making quite a stir on Windows Platform with it's recent release stating that it's the fastest browser ever!! It definitely has raised many questions of whether it's the safest browser ever or most flawed browser ever, on Windows of course. And with the buzz on automatic download of iTunes and Quicktime Player now Microsoft has detected that Safari does some kind of "carpet bombing" creating numerous amount of shortcuts in user's desktop and it's not just on Windows but no Mac too.
Here's what Apple has to say to that:- (funny reply though)
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May 29, 2008

Google Earth going to the browser world!!

Yes, the title says it all. You can now view the earth in your browser but in Mozilla Firefox and IE for Windows only!! But wait you'll need plugin for that.
Get the plugin:-
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Super Hi-Vision's 33 mega pixel sensor

Finally!! we can see those spiders that's said to be living in our eyes!! Creepy?? I know!! With 33 mega pixel you can go deep inside your skin...ahem!!
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DELL trying to kill Eee Pc!!

These times are UMPC times!! If you are not hardcore computer user and do need computer constantly everywhere you go then UMPC is just for you and Dell seeing that UMPC's market is taking quite a pace hence trying to bring it's own version of Eee Pc, Dell calls it "mini inspiron"
The details are scare at the moment but it's guaranteed that it'll be fitted with Windows Xp or Ubuntu 8-in-1 card reader, integrated webcam, direct media playback buttons and with some wireless access options. More details in future though.