Sep 26, 2009

How to remove GRUB bootloader and set Windows back to it’s default boot loader


When you installed Ubuntu or other Linux Distribution what Linux does is overwrite your Windows boot loader from GRUB boot loader. But what if you felt that Linux wasn’t for you and wanted to uninstall it from the system? NO!! there isn’t any option in your Add/Remove Programs. And this is how you remove the Linux Distribution and not make a mess of your Windows boot loader.

Here are those beautiful steps again :-

1. Goto Control Panel.

2. Double click on Administrative Tools

3. Select Computer Management (you could have just typed “cmpmgmt.msc” in your run dialog :P )

4. Goto Disk Management and check which partition is covered by your Linux Distribution (Hint:- Check your C and D drive’s size and match it with your partition table, trust me it always works…also you might want to delete the partition right by the Linux partition, i.e if you have one, it’s the Linux’s swap space kind of like Windows Virtual Memory )

5. Delete the Linux partition but before you do I must tell you should have internet or your Windows Recovery disk with you.

6. Now after you deleted the partition there are two things you can do to get your Windows boot loader back.

From a Recovery Disk

If you have a recovery disk then all you need to do is put that recovery disk and restart the computer and let your computer boot in that disk with “Repair your computer” selected. On the console type “bootrec.exe/fixmbr” and you’re done.

From a Internet (Well from a downloaded program atleast)

Goto to this address 

That’s the Super Grub Disk program you’ll be downloading. The one on the link I provided is for booting your computer from Super Grub Disk with CDROM but if you look closely on the right hand side of the page you’ll see that you have the option of downloading in USB, Floppy, ALL. I would recommend you download USB version if your PC supports USB boot.

After the download run the Super Grub Disk program and put it in your USB or CDROM or anywhere you like.

NOW, you can restart your computer (do I even need to tell you to set your BIOS to boot from USB or CD-ROM if you installed Super Grub Disk in one of those medias ?) After Super Grub loads select any option over there(usually the one on the bottom should work) eventually your Windows should boot that means it worked if not keep trying!!

Disclaimer:- If you restart your PC after the above indented paragraph starts, unless I tell you to, then you might need a second computer to perform this task cause your PC just won’t load assuming that you deleted your Linux partition!!

And that is how you get rid of your Linux and get back your Windows.

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Sep 24, 2009

IDF(Intel Development Forum) in brief

Intel had something big to announce to the world in their IDF. The first and foremost being the USB 3.0 which will be start being a standard in 2011, showcasing it was a webcam broadcasting on full HD. But how much of difference is USB 3.0 comparing to USB 2.0?? Well, to be precise it’s 10x faster. Just watch the video below for the proof:

USB 3.0 comparison to USB 2.0

Another big news was the four screened laptop which is not quite what you think. Apart from the main screen the other three screen are OLED and multi-touch (let’s not get excited right away) and stays on top of your keyboard, meaning that these screen just acts as your shortcut keys. Shortcut keys or not they do seem to provide some functionality but I don’t really see the point in giving so much emphasis on the hardware aspect to accomplish the simple task. Of course it makes it easier but really?? 3 extra screens?? More on the video below:-


Now this next product is something that I personally wanted to exist and hopefully that is what Intel is trying to bring to us. What Tru2way Server really is broadcasting multiple cable into multiple devices making your home one big movie theater, well not really :) But what it does is make your PS3 or any device that has access to Tru2way server enable them to watch anything that the server is broadcasting. May be I should let you watch the video and let Intel guy describe you what this thing really does:-

Click here to watch video, I think engadget forgot put the embed code for this video.


And there were others, some looked kind of like unfinished or some just was common but these were the main highlights!!

Feel free to bash me at the comments below.

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Source: [Engadget]

Sep 23, 2009

Windows 7 launch party…..ya..

Although Windows 7 makes sense but this marketing scheme does not.

Take a look at the video  of what I am really talking about:-

But hey, if you get Windows 7 for free then why not…just don’t get drunk and start recording the things you would not want others to see.

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Sep 20, 2009

Get Windows 7 for $30, of course there is a catch!!


And the catch is that you should be a US resident with working college email account and not to mention a genuine Windows Vista installed in your PC. But hey, $30 is better than $120 upgrade right?

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Sep 14, 2009

Why buy Zune HD?

Now that the Zune HD is ready to be released tomorrow. If you haven’t pre-ordered yet then you probably would be asking why you would need to buy this device. Apart from the it’s OLED screen, multi-touch, Tegra chip and other features there are other things that you should consider to buy Zune HD.

1. The name says it all:-

First of all, let’s face it, the world has gone HD, with the HD radio and HD video Zune HD delivers them all. Bearing 16:9 contrast ratio you have the comfort of watching HD videos in your palm and I don’t think I have to talk about it’s HD radio.

2. Your portable media center:-

Not only Zune HD a portable media player but it’s a media center too. Allowing you to connect to your HD TV, this device acts like your very own media center for your or your friend’s living room.

The guyz from Gizmodo got head start with it, but all we can do is watch their mellow musical preview video:-

Zune HD TV Interface Walkthrough from Gizmodo on Vimeo.

3. Apps:-

One of the feature that’s been missing from the earlier Zune was that it had no apps which made their possibilities limited but with their revamped Marketplace the potential of Tegra can really be tested. While writing this post zune marketplace  is down for their launch tomorrow. It should work tomorrow upon release.

4. Do you game?:-

Microsoft has been keeping this feature a bit hush hush but a short glimpses do show that Zune HD has capability to run nicely built 3D games. The video below shows the glimpse of the game called Forza 3 [on .31 seconds] to show the ability to handle heavy 3D games. Not to forget that it Xbox Live integration, meaning that you could play some of the games of Xbox from your Zune with touchscreen as your input. Can’t wait for how this one will work.


5. The design:-

I’ve seen many media players which were better than iPod/Touch but because of the design I thought otherwise. But Zune HD definitely has that sleek and sexy design and the UI seems much more smooth and easy to use.

6. If I have a iPod, Do I still need it?

This depends on which iPod you own. If you own iPod Classic, Nano or something like that this is a definite upgrade to your media player but if you own iPod touch then consider getting this on Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday upon seeing this device’s development. As for those who don’t own any media player then Zune HD is the best option.

You can buy Zune HD from Amazon,who promises to bring Zune HD to your doorstep(go order now!!), Bestbuy,, and of course if these sites weren’t enough for you to buy Zune HD then there is always Google or Bing!!

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Sep 10, 2009

New Facebook Lite (Reminds me of those old days)

Although Facebook Lite isn’t out for everybody yet, it is available for India and US users. Basically what Facebook Lite is that it has no Ajax at all which means no chat, no apps. And no java. A basic yet simple HTML page which does what it says to do. Here are couple of image about how it looks.

Facebook Lite Home


Facebook Lite Profile


Update:- It seems like the Facebook Lite is live for everybody and not just US and India citizens. Happy Facebing everybody!!
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Sep 3, 2009

How to replace Sony Vaio FW Keyboard?

So you spilled your Soda in your keyboard when you’re snoozing?? or did one of your stupid friend tried to wipe your keyboard with water?? But before you have the comfort of knowing that you can replace your keyboard what you may want to do is flip the laptop upside down for all the liquid to drain out and once you feel that you have drained all the water out then save your work and shut down the computer and let it dry for couple of hours.

But, if you just fail to notice the fluid getting all inside your keyboard and if it’s too late then fear not as replacing keyboard is not a rocket science, and you don’t need to pay an extra $60 to show it to mechanics either.

(But before you do this I have to warn you that it will void your warranty, so do it on your own risk)

What I will be showing you here is replacing keyboard for Sony Vaio FW but in general all the process are same for any laptop keyboards(not considering the screw locations i.e)

So without further a do here’s the wonderful steps.

(Video is at the bottom if you don’t feel like reading the steps.)

1. I don’t think I need to tell you to shut down your PC to do this.

2. Plug out the A/C Charger and take out the battery.

3. Get a Jeweler’s screwdriver, something like this.


4. Depending on the type of screw your laptop has select the proper tool and start unscrewing.

5. Now, I will talk specifically for Sony Vaio FW for the screw part that you should unscrew. On the sides of battery and one just below the battery sitting in the middle.


6. After that unscrew the two screw that’s inside the battery compartment.


7. Unscrewed?? Good, now it’s time to take off the speaker cover. It might need a force but be gentle. Use a knife if you have to, there are certain locks so apply pressure on the locks and not the end of speaker cover.

As shown in image below there should be a grid to let the cover pop out.




8. After you have unlocked all the locks you should have something like this.


9. Before you get excited and start taking out the component of the keyboard make sure you unscrew the screw that’s shown in the image. (Sorry for the quality of image but I only had cellphone when I did this but you should know where the screw is by now, well it’s not really a screw but when you flip the keyboard you should see the screw.



10. Now take the keyboard out, once again it has certain locks on the side and the bottom.




11. Now take the keyboard out, it should have a wire thing plugged in the keyboard. That’s the thing that connects your keyboard to laptop. The hardest thing is taking out and plugging it back in.

In Sony Vaio it is plugged in and taped by a yellow strip.


12. Get your new keyboard and and stick it on the red marked like above in the image. (In other laptops there should be a some kind of latch or some form that attaches the strip to the connector.)


13. Make sure that strip is plugged in real good if it comes out then you might have to do this again, which is kind of frustrating.

14. Don’t screw yet plug the keyboard and put your battery, make sure the keyboard works.

15. If it works then make sure you lock everything, and screw everything back to where it was and your new keyboard will be ready to be typed.

If you don’t want to read all this then check out the video I made for this. (Once again, I shot this from my cell phone so you will not find the best of quality in the video either)

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