Sep 30, 2008

Is Apple losing it?

I mean first the stupid way they hire so called “geniuses” and second Mac Pro giving those toxic vapors and damaging our health???

Here are the questions you typically get on interview if you are ought to work for Apple:-

What is special about the Mac Pro’s current Ram setup?
If a user account keeps crashing on login what do you do?
What are 3 keyboard combinations you can boot your computer with?
Are you familiar with OS 9?
If a customer asks you to sync music from their iPod to computer, what do you say?

What is Automator and what does it do?
How do you answer a customer who wants to share music with his friend via iTunes?

And if you can answer five of those question then you qualify into the world of geniuses!!

Mac Pro cases giving out toxic fumes!!


If you have one of those Mac Pro then you might want to stay clear from it. According to research eight hour of those Mac Pro toxic vapor could not only irritate your skin, eye and respiratory tract but also could effect your bone marrow. Apple says they are working on this problem but if you ask me I would stay away from those Mac cases for now, who knew beauty could stink!!

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Sep 27, 2008

It’s a mobile world!!!

Now if’s it one thing that needs to radically develop, it’s to give mobile a complete desktop experience which is why developers of browser are trying that much harder to give the feel of desktop by experimenting, modifying, and tweaking the mobile browser. Now that brings me to the latest updates and releases happening in mobile world.

The Release of Internet Explorer 6 on 6


Apart from the classic scrollbar, IE 6 on 6 now shows striking similarity with desktop appearance. But it still doesn’t support multi tab like desktop browser these days do, now we can only hope for it’s blazing rendering for heavy pages. The current update for IE 6 on 6 is quite a huge update for IE for Windows Mobile since it previously was running on the same engine built back on 1997. So lookout for this browser.

Internet Explorer 6 on 6 Video review:-

The Release of new interface on Safari for iPhone


To give the user the easy navigation, that same old desktop Safari experience and just to make the life a little easier Safari developers gives iPhone user a fresh new interface. As shown in the picture above the MobileSafari now gets the refresh icon within the address bar and the search bar side by side. If you’re a iPhone user then you might want to get this update.

The Release of Skyfire Open Beta


Some say skyfire is the next big thing to happen in the mobile browser world. It still is in Beta stage and also with lot of limitation it does one thing better than other, support for flash videos, which means watching youtube videos in it for video lover is like a gift from heaven. But since it’s in Beta stage we are hoping more in future.

Review of Skyfire on Video:-

The Release of Mobile Firefox sure before 2010

Since every other desktop browser is heading for the mobile version of the browser, Mozilla has also promised to release their mobile version of Firefox before 2010 so except something big to happen in the browsing world before 2010.

Sep 24, 2008

Mac Vs Windows Ads : Faceoff

Ok, lately I’ve been thinking. Ever since Microsoft started their ad campaign to promote Vista and also to counter the “Get a Mac” ad campaign, I started realizing the difference between Mac and Windows. Although the ad do try to tell you a lot about their product, try comparing the difference in attitude towards both of their advertisement too. You may be able to figure out why people like which product and how you may be able to distinguish the character of that person. Watch the video and differentiate.


Microsoft’s  Vista Ads

First ad


Second ad


Third ad


So who has the best ad?

Sep 23, 2008

G1 Phone first Ad

It’s changing the way  we speak English. Seriously!!!

Android Phone in action


Ok the wait is almost over, everyone is anxiously anticipating how Android Phone works and how it can be the next big thing.
But lucky for us Gizmodo guys have got a video of how Android works.
Review on Video:-


Review of G1 phone:-

So from what I’m hearing from most of the people is “What’s so great about this Android phone?” Ok, we all know that Google isn’t well known for it’s looks and glossy interface so that’s not what we people are looking forward to the Android phone so what is the big deal? First of all, it’s Google, which was the company which only had the best search engine with very simple site. Now it’s making it’s own O/S. And another factor for its popularity is because of the LInux platform that Android was built in.On top of everything Google just released it’s Chrome which is not just a browser but literally an O/S which works flawlessly with Google gears which means that Android can have unlimited apps that can be synchronized both with their server and on your desktop. All you need is a Gmail account and you have all your personal data with that account which you can share it with your friends and families and many more which makes it much more easy for us. So from this we can tell that Android is a self dependant phone. It has it’s own browser, apps, O/S an many more which makes it the next big thing in mobile world.

Sep 20, 2008

Windows new Ad: I’m a PC

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Surprisingly this new ad from Microsoft has no Seinfield in it. The new ad also is more direct than their previous ads. Oh ya!! and I’m a PC too.

Previous Ads:

Sep 18, 2008

Windows Live Betas

Windows Live Beta

Windows Live yesterday launched the betas of Movie Maker, Mail, Photo Gallery, Live Writer, Live Messenger, Live Toolbar, Family Safety.

Download the Live Betas Suite.

Sep 16, 2008

Scientist can read your mind


Scientist in India have found a way to look what we saw in past, that means whatever you saw yesterday or day before that scientists can now see the same image in your brain. e.g a criminal trying to justify the crime he committed can be easily distinguish by scientists now, developed by Indian neuroscientist Champadi Raman Mukundan the BEOS software uses an EEG to determine whether the subject is recalling specific details of a crime as they are being read aloud. According to Mukundan, the system can distinguish between peoples' memories of events they witnessed and deeds they committed. A world without crime??? Let's hope so.

Sep 13, 2008

Air Canada to follow in flight wi-fi

Air Canada

Those long travel can be tiresome, boring and frustrating but a little internet could make everything turn upside down (uhh..not airplane). Now even Air Canada is following like every other huge airlines, landing a deal with Aircell. With C$12.95 for certain flights from the Great North to West Coast of America.

Sep 12, 2008

Reign of Bluetrack Mouse

Microsoft Bluetrack Mouse

When the concept of the bluetrack mouse was first displayed in the Microsoft website then frankly I didn't see anything special on it except that it replaced laser with ring type blue aura thing. But now that it's been reviewed, it does much more than replace color of laser. It also covers wide angle and works on wider surfaces, be that carpet, rough surface, marble, glass and more. Microsoft has debut it's two mice: wireless Microsoft Explorer Mouse and Microsoft Explorer Mini Mouse. Get them at $99 and $79 respectively.

Sep 7, 2008

Who knew HLC could bring a dead threat?

Like many feared that activating HLC could create blackhole or could destroy the whole earth and because some far sighted men warned us that the world will come to an end on 2012 or something close to that scientist are getting a dead threat for HLC.

What is HLC?
Check out this informational rap video:-

Sep 5, 2008

Dell Insipiron Mini : Good price Good Deal

Dell Inspirion Mini

If you're looking for a Notebook that can give what you paid for it then Dell Inspirion Mini might be your number one choice. With 1.6 Ghz Intel Atom processor and 1 GB of RAM it can handle normal tasks smoothly and also run Ubuntu smoothly wihthout any hitches. Having 3 - 4 hours of battery life and price range starting from $349 with loud speaker, good touchpad and a pretty decent design, I think it's a good start for Dell in mini-notebook world.

Source [LaptopMag]

Buy it