May 29, 2008

Google Earth going to the browser world!!

Yes, the title says it all. You can now view the earth in your browser but in Mozilla Firefox and IE for Windows only!! But wait you'll need plugin for that.
Get the plugin:-
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Super Hi-Vision's 33 mega pixel sensor

Finally!! we can see those spiders that's said to be living in our eyes!! Creepy?? I know!! With 33 mega pixel you can go deep inside your skin...ahem!!
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DELL trying to kill Eee Pc!!

These times are UMPC times!! If you are not hardcore computer user and do need computer constantly everywhere you go then UMPC is just for you and Dell seeing that UMPC's market is taking quite a pace hence trying to bring it's own version of Eee Pc, Dell calls it "mini inspiron"
The details are scare at the moment but it's guaranteed that it'll be fitted with Windows Xp or Ubuntu 8-in-1 card reader, integrated webcam, direct media playback buttons and with some wireless access options. More details in future though.

Windows 7 revealed!!

The big feature till now is the multi-touch(something tells me Microsoft Surface has lot to do in this field) other than that nothing new!!
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AMD getting a chance to redeem itself

With Intel's Centrino 2 delayed AMD's Puma and Griffin based Turion might have just chance to gain some market that is unless Centrino 2 gets released again. If Puma do win heart of many then AMD might just be back in game!!
AMD's Puma and Turion Ultra processor comes with an integrated Mobility Radeon 3200 graphics chip along with as WiFi. Graphic options comes with ATI Mobility Radeon 3450, 3650, and 3850.
I think I heard someone say...Gooo AMD!!!

May 25, 2008

Photoshop needs your GPU!!

Well not exactly but it will take maximum advantage of your graphic card and physical processors. Think you need graphic card for gaming only?? No!! but it's cool to have extra power isn't it?
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In future Formula 1 will be electric!!!??

Ok the title is kind of misleading but imagine if an electric car doing 0-60 in 2.5 seconds which this post is all about then F1 will go electric for sure!! Anyway Wrightspeed SR-71 electric does in fact go from 0 - 60 in 2.5 seconds and will be street legal in 3 years they say.
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FCC might be putting another spectrum as free broadband

Yet another auction going to be made?? Will Google play another trick this time?? Oh god this spectrum thing is hurting my head .
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May 21, 2008

A genius invention!! : FakeTV

These days security means everything and it comes in all forms whether locking your home with state of the art technology or just using 15 locks in a single door but these guys thought it in a bit different way. They created a light emitting device which like the device is called, fakes as if you were watching a TV just to fool those stupid burglars. If you think it'll work then it's available for $49.

Apple too going green on MacBooks on 2009

Well, these days everyone seems to be going green and that goes same to Apple too but going green on MacBook might be a very good thing since it saves lot of your battery power. So how do MacBooks go green? The Taiwanese supplier of LED backlight units, Kenmos will be producing brighter, pretty and long lasting LEDs. Of course it's not 100% sure but is very likely.

Interesting:- Youtomb when Youtube videos rest in peace

What happens to videos that are banned from, well, it goes to not the video but why it was banned and brought down from the YouTube with reasons and explanation. So if you're video is banned you might want to check on this site.

May 18, 2008

ASUS and MSI "Dude!! we're twins!!!"

It's not so uncommon to put the same design ad from some cheap marketing. But in this ever shrinking world word can get around quick. And that goes same for ASUS and MSI's cheap advertisement. Don't forget to tell me which one is better even though they both are identical.

Microsoft starts talk with Yahoo

For some reason I just knew this was going to happen even though the deal came was off on May 5th Microsoft is just eyeing on Yahoo! to compete with Google or is it just a dream of Microsoft to acquire Yahoo. Well according to Microsoft this time it's no acquisition but transaction they say. We'll soon see what is what.
This is turning out to be one fine Tech Drama and it'll keep you entertain as long as it's over!! But do expect more from them even a month after their deal.

Firefox 3 RC1 released!!

With Firefox 3's final release coming ever so close Mozilla Firefox team is releasing it's RC(Release Candidate) version 1 just in case. Expect more version of RC for Firefox. Meanwhile talking about the new RC1 features, well it's fast!! faster than Beta 5 and has got pretty cool location bar or Mozilla people call it smartbar there's one thing I didn't like about RC1 though the Automatic "Most Visited" Bookmark type option. Other than that it's awesome and also from the developers of Firefox says that the RC1 consist mostly of bug fixes and securities.
Download it :-

Conde Nast Buys Ars Technica

One of the reputed web publishing team "Ars Techina" is rumored to be bought by Conde Nast and Wired for $25 million.
IMO Conde Nast to Ars Techinca:- "This could be the start of a beautiful relationship " and we couldn't agree more. More news about this in future I am sure!!

May 17, 2008

IBM with alternative battery solution

Sometimes I wonder why didn't I came with this kind of simple yet effective ideas. All I did in kid was kill an insect with those magnifying glass but oh how I did not see that it could effectively charge batteries. Yes with 230 watts solar energy per square centimeter producing about 70 watts of useful electric power creating five times more powerful cell than common ones it is most effective way of charging the battery with solar power. Gooo IBM!!
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HP eyeing on teens!!

HP hired a "teen council" for making a hip laptop, I would assume that it'll get targeted on teens? or does it catch the older generation too?? Whatever may be the cause expect a cooool laptop from HP in future.

May 15, 2008

ATI Radeon 4800 packing some serious punch

Codenamed "Makedon" which will boast 512 MB of GDDR3 memory, single-slot cooling, CrossFireX support and whole other more click the link below to know extra details on this badboy including price.

Thunderbird goes Alpha Gets Tab!!

Hopefully Firefox 3 will get out of the beta releases and so will Thunderbird
Check out the beta version here
If you don't want any surprises then I would stay clear of the download but if that doesn't bother you then go ahead.

May 14, 2008

DELL XPS not dead yet

Yesterday there was a news that there was demise of a gaming legend !! But oh how news can be wrong sometimes..
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Fedora Sulphur 9 released

My Ubuntu hasn't arrived yet and now Fedora is hitting it's launch!! Soo many choices to choose from and soo little time :(
Get IT!! on

May 13, 2008

World Wide Telescope from Microsoft

A response for Google Earth from Microsoft, in which you can view the images that NASA scientists would view for research and other stuffs.
Download WWT on the link below:-

Microsoft's market takeover strategy XP price cut and Office on Mac

Announcing that Microsoft Office costs around $60 for students and now yet another proposal.

The ULPC ultra low cost PC smaller than 10.2 inches, hard drives under 80 GB and touchscreens disabled less than 1 GB RAM and a processor under 1 GHz except Intel Atom Microsoft are willing to offer them Windows XP for $26-$32. A great strategy I must say.
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And yet another market strategy or shall I say for sales, oh well they're same, Now you can get your favourite Office Suite on Mac not just Office but also Visual Basic on Mac. There you go Mac guys, Microsoft loves you, Well..tell you the truth Microsoft loves monopoly. !!
Full Details on:-

Long live competition!!

25 year old Bug!! fixed!!! YESSS!!!

Marc Balmer made a name for himself today by fixing a 25 year old bug on UNIX systems and that means the bug resides on Mac OS X from August 1983 till now!!
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HP acquires EDS

Apparently HP acquires it's own rival EDS(Electronic Data Systems) for $12.5 billion that's $25 per share after having difficulties on EDS itself.

Microsoft Office slashes price for students only

Well I think Microsoft are really taking things to next level. Now whoever has .edu on their email address (which most school provides) can purchase Microsoft Office for not $680 but $60. Mind giving me one address if you are a student ;)

Phone your phone without phone but with PhoneMyPhone

Think the title is annoying enough!!?? But what most annoys me is that when you misplaced your cell phone in your own and house and don't have any idea where it is and your sister is busy talking in the other phone with her boyfriend and I have to wait until she finishes up her 3 hour talk to give my phone a call so that I know where it's ringing from!! Now all those hassles and annoyance is over (I hope). With you can now give a call from web!! yes and that means without using phones itself.

Photoshop Express with Flickr Support!!

You know what Photoshop Express is right? If you don't then goto and find out which now adds Flickr support that means you can grab the image from flickr account and edit it in Photoshop Express with no strings attached!!

May 12, 2008

A Twitter screensaver? :- Mac only

Yes, but it's not called twitter screensaver rather Twitterverse, here you can have the twitter world displayed which displays the messages in a thumbnail way, you know just like twitterworld
The procedures are for the Mac only first :- find the file (a quick Spotlight search for Twitterverse should do the trick), open your Desktop & Screen Saver preference pane, and then simply drag the Twitterverse.qtz file into the preview window of the Screen Saver preference pane. To get it downloading your friends' tweets, click the Options button, enter your username and password, and try it out.

What we missed!!

HTC launches The Diamond!! expected to be an iPhone killer.
Lately there's been lot of iPhone killer products that came out in market but none of them has live to come even close to challenge iPhone but The Diamond could just change that. Here's what you'll see in The Diamond:-

i) Windows Mobile 6.1
ii) VGA Screen
iii) Quad-band HSDPA 7.2
iv) One-touch navigation, single-finger dialing
v) The accelerometer rotates pictures as you rotate the phone
vi) One-touch music playback
vii) An animated weather forecast app
viii) Full web browser—Opera—with zoom-in
ix) Microsoft promises IE 6 coming soon
x) Youtube app
xi) Orange mobile TV

Expect more from The Diamond people. And I certainly hope iPhone won't keep silent. Start the competition people!!!

Microsoft pulling out from the takeover bid
When Yahoo just couldn't agree on $33 share and wanted $37 to 38$ share then that was enough for Steve Ballmer to quit the acquisition of Yahoo. The respond letter below:-

Dear Jerry:

After over three months, we have reached the conclusion of the process regarding a possible combination of Microsoft and Yahoo!.

I first want to convey my personal thanks to you, your management team, and Yahoo!'s Board of Directors for your consideration of our proposal. I appreciate the time and attention all of you have given to this matter, and I especially appreciate the time that you have invested personally. I feel that our discussions this week have been particularly useful, providing me for the first time with real clarity on what is and is not possible.
I am disappointed that Yahoo! has not moved towards accepting our offer. I first called you with our offer on January 31 because I believed that a combination of our two companies would have created real value for our respective shareholders and would have provided consumers, publishers, and advertisers with greater innovation and choice in the marketplace. Our decision to offer a 62 percent premium at that time reflected the strength of these convictions.

In our conversations this week, we conveyed our willingness to raise our offer to $33.00 per share, reflecting again our belief in this collective opportunity. This increase would have added approximately another $5 billion of value to your shareholders, compared to the current value of our initial offer. It also would have reflected a premium of over 70 percent compared to the price at which your stock closed on January 31. Yet it has proven insufficient, as your final position insisted on Microsoft paying yet another $5 billion or more, or at least another $4 per share above our $33.00 offer.

Also, after giving this week's conversations further thought, it is clear to me that it is not sensible for Microsoft to take our offer directly to your shareholders. This approach would necessarily involve a protracted proxy contest and eventually an exchange offer. Our discussions with you have led us to conclude that, in the interim, you would take steps that would make Yahoo! undesirable as an acquisition for Microsoft.

We regard with particular concern your apparent planning to respond to a "hostile" bid by pursuing a new arrangement that would involve or lead to the outsourcing to Google of key paid Internet search terms offered by Yahoo! today. In our view, such an arrangement with the dominant search provider would make an acquisition of Yahoo! undesirable to us for a number of reasons:

• First, it would fundamentally undermine Yahoo!'s own strategy and long-term viability by encouraging advertisers to use Google as opposed to your Panama paid search system. This would also fragment your search advertising and display advertising strategies and the ecosystem surrounding them. This would undermine the reliance on your display advertising business to fuel future growth.

• Given this, it would impair Yahoo's ability to retain the talented engineers working on advertising systems that are important to our interest in a combination of our companies.

• In addition, it would raise a host of regulatory and legal problems that no acquirer, including Microsoft, would want to inherit. Among other things, this would consolidate market share with the already-dominant paid search provider in a manner that would reduce competition and choice in the marketplace.

• This would also effectively enable Google to set the prices for key search terms on both their and your search platforms and, in the process, raise prices charged to advertisers on Yahoo. In addition to whatever resulting legal problems, this seems unwise from a business perspective unless in fact one simply wishes to use this as a vehicle to exit the paid search business in favor of Google.

• It could foreclose any chance of a combination with any other search provider that is not already relying on Google's search services.

Accordingly, your apparent plan to pursue such an arrangement in the event of a proxy contest or exchange offer leads me to the firm decision not to pursue such a path. Instead, I hereby formally withdraw Microsoft's proposal to acquire Yahoo!.

We will move forward and will continue to innovate and grow our business at Microsoft with the talented team we have in place and potentially through strategic transactions with other business partners.
I still believe even today that our offer remains the only alternative put forward that provides your stockholders full and fair value for their shares. By failing to reach an agreement with us, you and your stockholders have left significant value on the table.

But clearly a deal is not to be.

Thank you again for the time we have spent together discussing this.

Sincerely yours,

Steven A. Ballmer
Chief Executive Officer
Microsoft Corporation

Yahoo:- "Hey I didn't say we wanted to end the deal!!"
Confusion flying everywhere in Yahoo when Jerry Yang stated that they were ready to make the deal and Microsoft just walked out in blue. But the real question now is "Will Yang continue to be CEO of Yahoo?" because it was Bostock who issued the statement from Yahoo on May 3rd about $37 - $38 share not Yang, so is Yahoo prepared for making Bostock the CEO and start renegotitaing for the deal again?? Well till now there hasn't been any news on that but as we speak now the share market of Yahoo just keeps falling, there might be slight uprise of the share now and then but it tumbles down again. May God save Yahoo!!!

Microsoft giving a bonus
When there was a delay in the update of XP SP3 Microsoft just gave Windows user with not just the update on SP3 but also on Vista SP1. Finally a reason to be happy and that too coming from Microsoft!!

My Excuse

Well it's been quite some time that I've not updated my blog. Sorry for that guys I've been a bit busy in my works but things are back to normal and will be posting regularly..

May 3, 2008

Microsoft makes COFEE for police

COFEE(Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor) from Microsoft is being used by police to see if you got any illegal stuffs in your computer with just a plug.
WOW!! Guess Microsoft is fighting the piracy battle real hard huh!!
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