Mar 13, 2010

We are moving.

Folks, you might have noticed a sudden halt in the blog posting lately. This is cause we are moving from blogger and taking our own route.

We will inform you once it is up.



Feb 10, 2010

Google Superbowl ad [Multiple versions]

Let's just admit it. We live in a world of mockery and criticism and often times admit it, that we love those mockery and criticism especially if it's to something big like Google. Below are some of the mockery to Google's superbowl ad.












P.S. Google, life isn’t all that cute now is it??

Jan 27, 2010

iPad:- iDisappointment


I seriously thought Apple was the god of design in the gadget world, seriously thought they were the trend setter but when I saw iPad at my first glance I seriously thought it was a joke. It looked like some cheap digital photo album with white aluminum back cover. I mean what is up with the wide bezel screen?? To make the matters worse it has no camera, no HDMI, no multi-tasking,no usb ports, adapter hungry device. And the iPhone interface has not changed much either. It’s the same interface as iPhone only with some slight changes on the home screen and with some of features from OS X. The only good that can be said about this device is battery life and orientation detection. And the only new feature that this device introduced was iBook which was expected. And the screen is not even HD ratio a slight better than 4:3 but that’s it which means that HD content from Youtube isn’t really HDed. The positive side on the hardware specs was that Apple had it’s own chip for this which is called A4 which makes it power saving beast. And the new hardware introduced on it was “Micro-Sim” which I’m not sure if it is a good sign or not.

Overall this device does not bridge any gap between smartphone and computers. Just another device to empty your wallets. If you have netbook stick with it, atleast it won’t cramp your muscle and you’ll be able to type your document while listening music. For App Store though I recommend you stick with iPhone. iPad makes HP Slate look better.

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Jan 21, 2010

Youtube without Flash

Now that the HTML5 supports video format, it is no longer necessary for you to require that plugin from Adobe to play your favorite video. Even though many video sites has not yet implemented it yet Google on the other hand has started testing it with Youtube.
But before you go hurrying to try it out here are some of the things you need to keep in mind before trying the beta. You'll need either Chrome Browser, Safari (4+) or Internet Explorer with Chrome Frame installed. Surprisingly Google does not include Firefox or perhaps it has something to do with the Gecko engine that Firefox runs on. Anyway you can try it out here .

Now even Vimeo is supporting the HTML5 video. Some video might still be in flash just like in youtube and like youtube you will need a specific browser to be able to use this as well

Jan 3, 2010

The year that was in tech history (2009):- August and September


Aug 1st:- Snow Leopard pre-orders starts in Amazon

Aug 1st:- Blackberry App World 1.1 released

Aug 3rd:- Google's Eric Schmidt resigns from Apple board

Aug 5th:- T-Mobile myTouch 3G available

Aug 5th:- Mac OS X 10.5.8 released

Aug 5th:- Best Buy shows ads in 3D

Aug 6th:- Microsoft Research announces us to pressure sensitive keyboard

Aug 6th:- Windows 7 RTM released to TechNet and MSDN users

Aug 7th:- Large Hadron Collider to run on half power until the end of 2010

Aug 8th:- Apple and Google made an informal deal not to share each other's employees

Aug 10th:- DNA Computer solves logical problem

Aug 10th:- Zune HD hits FCC

Aug 11th:- Apple giving an option of matte display in Macbook Pro

Aug 11th:- Xbox becomes the only console to stream Netflix

Aug 11th:- Xbox Live update launched

Aug 11th:- Sony promises 99% recharge in it's upcoming lithium ion batteries

Aug 11th:- Microsoft Office comes in Nokia Phones

Aug 11th:- Intel and Micron announces cheapest and smallest NAND flash

Aug 12th:- Nokia moving from Symbian to Maemo

Aug 12th:- Microsoft forbidden to sell Microsoft Word but does it anyway

Aug 12th:- Palm quietly improves on Pre's build quality

Aug 13th:- Zune HD pre order begins

Aug 13th:- HTC files patent for capacitive stylus with resistive accuracy

Aug 14th:- Pre gets an onscreen keyboard

Aug 14th:- Verizon tests it's first LTE data connection in Seattle and Boston

Aug 15th:- Apple displays MacBook Micro

Aug 16th:- TomTom for iPhone 3G and 3GS arrives

Aug 17th:- Worlds smallest laser created at 44nm

Aug 17th:- Dell officially developing mobile device for China

Aug 17th:- Jolicloud Beta released

Aug 17th:- iPhone 3.0 bug allows the deleted email to re-appear

Aug 17th:- Layar augmented reality app now available worldwide

Aug 18th:- Microsoft brings us first ever HD webcam

Aug 18th:- Sony PS3 confirms price cut

Aug 18th:- Sony PS3 Slim pre orders shows up in K-mart

Aug 18th:- Fortune declares RIM fastest growing company

Aug 18th:- Sony PS3 announces PS3 firmware 3.0

Aug 19th:- Windows 7 costing half as much as in UK as in US

Aug 19th:- BlackBerry to get full flash and SilverLight support browser

Aug 19th:- Apple releases MacBook Pro firmware update

Aug 20th:- Windows 7 RC final download date

Aug 21st:- Amazon, Microsoft and Yahoo unite against Google Books

Aug 21st:- Xbox Elite 360 gets the price cut as well

Aug 21st:- Apple, AT&T and Google responds to FCC over Google Voice rejection from the App Store

Aug 24th:- Apple store down globally

Aug 24th:- Snow Leopard is released and ready to order, Apple Store back online

Aug 24th:- RIM buys Torch Mobile for better browser

Aug 24th:- Microsoft displays it's framework on OneApp for feature phones

Aug 24th:- Nokia Booklet 3G emerges as a rumor

Aug 25th:- Nokia Booklet 3G is not a rumor after all, will cost $799

Aug 25th:- The great Photoshop Blunder from Microsoft

Aug 26th:- Amazon announces Frustration-Free packaging

Aug 27th:- Nokia makes it official that N900 is running Maemo

Aug 27th:- Spotify app gets rejected from App Store

Aug 28th:- Twitter and Facebook app free for Xbox Live Gold Members

Aug 28th:- China in talks with Palm to bring Pre as a competitor for iPhone

Aug 28th:- France sees overheating and exploding problem in some iPhone

Aug 31st:- Samsung Application Store announced

Aug 31st:- PlayStation 3 firmware 3.0 available to download



Sep 1st:- Nokia to bring music in US on 2010

Sep 1st:- Sony has Chrome Browser as it's default browser for VAIO

Sep 2nd:- Sony's IFA 2009 press event goes live, Vaio X series, Xperia X2

Sep 2nd:- Windows 7 goes free if you throw a party

Sep 3rd:- OnLive gaming service goes on Beta

Sep 3rd:- AT&T announces MMS in iPhone on September 25th

Sep 3rd:- Zune software coming on September 15th

Sep 3rd:- Nokia N900 up for preorder in US

Sep 4th:- PS3's new 3D mode coming in 2010

Sep 4th:- Nokia Ovi Software Development Kit released

Sep 4th:- Samsung expecting OLED laptops in 2010

Sep 4th:- BlackBerry Desktop Manager beta released for Mac

Sep 7th:- Spotify launches on iTunes App Store and Android Market for premium user only

Sep 7th:- Intel's Lynnfield processor becomes official

Sep 8th:- The Engadget Show announces

Sep 8th:- Android has now Facebook app

Sep 8th:- Palm Pre price cuts to $150 on Sprint

Sep 9th:- Pandora comes to Android

Sep 9th:- Sega's Dreamcast celebrates it's 10 years

Sep 9th:- Apple has it's own "It's only rock and roll" event

Sep 9th:- iTunes 9 released, improves on various factor, breaks Pre's sync ability to it

Sep 9th:- iPhone OS 3.1 available

Sep 9th:- Microsoft Windows Media Center event goes live

Sep 9th:- Palm introduces Palm Pixi

Sep 9th:- iPod Shuffle 2G production stops

Sep 9th:- Sprint promises to offer something big

Sep 9th:- Steve Jobs :- "iPod Touch didn't get a camera because it's a great gaming device"

Sep 9th:- Sprint's big surprise is unlimited data, text, voice and MMS for $70

Sep 9th:- Rhapsody apps approved by App Store

Sep 10th:- First App rejection in Palm Pre NaNPlayer

Sep 10th:- Motorola introduces MOTOBLUR,CLIQ

Sep 10th:- Windows Mobile 7 chassis confirmed but not detailed by Microsoft

Sep 11th:- Zune HD international launch not happening

Sep 11th:- First iPhone game with 3GS specific graphic released

Sep 11th:- The Engadget show goes live

Sep 12th:- After seven years 802.11n becomes standard

Sep 14th:- LG announces it's first Android device, GW620

Sep 14th:- Lenovo brings us multi-touch ThinkPad X200 Tablet

Sep 14th:- Xbox 360 to get 802.11n adapter

Sep 15th:- Zune HD launches along with Zune 4.0 software

Sep 16th:- Microsoft releases XNA update for Zune HD developers

Sep 17th:- xpPhone begins pre order

Sep 17th:- Microsoft's co-founder sells LTE spectrum to AT&T

Sep18th:- HTC keeps it's Leo secret

Sep 18th:- T-Mobile begins HSPA+ in Philadelphia everywhere in 2010

Sep 18th:- Windows Marketplace announces it's own app rejection system (kill switch)

Sep 19th:- Microsoft's Project Pink shows some sign of two branded phones

Sep 20th:- HTC Leo called HD2

Sep 20th:- AT&T starts their 3G Microcell

Sep 21st:- Microsoft's Project Pink emerges with Turtle and Pure as their two self-branded phones

Sep 21st:- First USB 3.0 product gets certified

Sep 21st:- FCC chairman wants net neutrality

Sep 22nd:- Microsoft readies for Windows 7 launch Party

Sep 22nd:- Intel Development Forum begins

Sep 22nd:- Intel announces Moblin 2.1 for phones, 22nm chip coming in 2011

Sep 22nd:- AT&T, Verizon fights against FCC net neutrality

Sep 22nd:- Xbox 360 Elite gets price cut again

Sep 22nd:- Microsoft's Courier Tablet surfaces

Sep 22nd:- Wii drops it's price too

Sep 22nd:- After a year Peek is still alive

Sep 23rd:- Layar goes 3D

Sep 23rd:- Microsoft Courier Tablet's core software, InkSeine

Sep 23rd:- Tru2way server from Intel streams cable all over your house

Sep 23rd:- Microsoft Pink phones said to be revealed

Sep 24th:- Palm Pre coming to Europe in all O2 shops

Sep 24th:- Microsoft announces to open café in paris

Sep 24th:- Zune HD has weird screen unresponsiveness

Sep 25th:- Palm Pre drops to $100 in Amazon

Sep 25th:- MMS in iPhone goes live

Sep 26th:- Palm Pre drops to $80 in Walmart

Sep 26th:- Apple to start migrating to Light Peak from Intel in 2010

Sep 27th:- Canon EOS 7D video samples hits the web with it's stunning quality

Sep 28th:- Orange offering iPhone in UK official

Sep 28th:- webOS 1.2 available

Sep 29th:- More videos of Microsoft Courier emerges

Sep 29th:- Microsoft Security Essentials becomes live and free

Sep 29th:- Windows 7 OEM pricing revealed

Sep 29th:- Microsoft unveils Barrelfish, a multi-core optimized OS

Sep 30th:- Google Earth introduces with real time human and vehicular traffic

Sep 30th:- Swordfish Net 102 becomes the first netbook to use twin Atom CPUs

Sep 30th:- 30 percent call drop in iPhone in NY is common says Apple Genius

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