Feb 26, 2009

How Lens are Made?

I was in search of good DSLR camera myself and all was fine with the price of the DSLRs but the price of lens was just too much. Some of were even higher than the camera itself. Then I wondered what’s in the lens that’s so expensive and then I came across this video and it was all clear to me.

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Feb 9, 2009

How not to crash your harddisk and lose all datas

Ok, this might be an odd topic to start blogging about, but trust me because of this I crashed my harddisk. Although I knew the difference between laptop harddisk and the desktop harddisk, Nobody told me how vulnerable laptop harddisk can be and because of that I think I'm on the verge of losing tons of datas in my laptop. So here are the dos and don'ts for harddisk:-

Handle with care (it applies with this one):-
When they say handle with care to harddisks then they mean it. Except for the desktop harddisk which according to my experience can take almost all the beating I can give, expect for the hammer and foreign tools, laptop harddisk are quite opposite to that. Laptop harddisk are a bit prone to damage than desktop harddisk, so be careful not to bang the laptop next time if some error code shows up in your laptop. No!! not even a slap. Laptop harddisks are like stubborn children, hit them and they'll stop listening to you. And if your harddisk starts making funny noise then stop whatever you are doing in your PC, shutdown your computer and get a proper recovery software and get an extra harddisk to backup everything while you can.

Refrigerator are meant for foods not harddisk:-
Often times you hear people say, if you keep your harddisk in refrigerator then your harddisk will start working again. But this cannot be further from the truth, in fact harddisk do have a small hole in the case to keep the harddisk cool and to maintain air pressure. And heavy moisture could mean moisture in your datas. So next time when you start to put harddisk in freeze think twice.

Backup everything, seriously:-
You never know when you're harddisk could crash on you, so it's better if you take a precaution ahead. Storage devices are getting cheaper and cheaper these dayz, so why not buy spare harddisk to back up your important datas. That's the only solution to the major wipe out of your harddisk problem.

Some good and free Recovery Softwares:-
Undelete Plus (Free)
Recover My Files
Get Data Back