Jan 31, 2008

Here comes the iphone competition: nuviphone

Although many people speculate that this is complete ripoff from iphone "Garmin" has launched nuviphone which has a little bit of similarity with iphone. But I wouldn't say just becaue of shiny buttons Garmin stole the idea from iphone. Plus this nuviphone has full-fledged GSM HSDPA with GPS navigation and is 3.5G mobile phone!! which has lot more functions than iphone, one thing though it's a bit bulkier than iphone.
According to the reports,The pricing hasn'e been officially launched
More with pictures on the following link

Jan 29, 2008

Want to get inside a cockpit right now?

For those who wanted to go inside cockpit or for those who feel like going inside Airbus A380 cockpit. The little flash application lets you view Airbus A380 cockpit in 3D view

Replacing 80GB with 120 -160GB PS3

Sony might discontinue the distribution of 80GB PS3 and will replace with 120-160GB PS3 instead, with similar price rate.
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Creature immune to pain!! Could this be our new superhero?

This is not a joke. Researcher now have find out that mole rat which live deep underground about 6 feet deep are immune to pain or acid. Scientists say that it is mainly due to their high carbon dioxide intake which lead to the absence of chemical Substance P which is responsible for burning pain in mammals but more surprisingly this mammal is cold blooded.
This could possibly mean discovery of new medicines and more..
For detailed experiment on this poor creature and more information on this topic:
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Jan 27, 2008

Cook the book

Funny as it sounds, it in fact is a marvelous idea and yes, you read the title right, you have to cook the book before you read it, why? because the book if not cooked will be nothing more than sheets of blank pages. The marvelous idea behind were Bruketa & Zinić, a Croatian creative agency. For the 7th annual report of the food company Podravka which is called Well Done was created for the people who know how to cook. If you even fail to maintain the temperature while cooking then the book will turn black, well, overcooked in other word. But if you manage to cook it right then all the secret recipes will be revealed.
More info with pictures click here

Ever wanted to throw worm all over your hated site?

Have you ever come across the site which you hated? Well, you can destroy it..yes DESTROY IT..literally...or..just pretend to destroy it...just to make you smile by making their site very ugly or whatever you choose them to be.
Just go to www.netdisaster.com and type the URL which you hate and have fun

The time of Pirate Bay

Underestimating itself last month saying that Pirat Bay's peer will grow upto 10 million by the holiday but turns out it has already reached 8 - 10 million within a month. This could very be the good times of Pirate Bay but also possibly worse as prosecutor will take charge against 5 people involved with Pirate bay with 4000 pages of evidence.
Is this the end or the beginning of Pirate Bay??

Jan 25, 2008

Macbook Air : The thinnest

Macbook could be the thinnest laptop there is but also isn't for everyone.
With problems in it's Remote HD (more of problems in Remote HD here), dial up modem, integrated CD/DVD drive and in built Ethernet and more, some people might feel that something is missing.
Review of the Macbook Air by four prominent people

Jan 24, 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV finally hitting the shelf

After the delay in last year Take-Two has finally confirmed that the highly anticipated and long awaited game Grand Theft Auto IV will be out this April 29th.
I hope the game is worth the long wait.

War on Scientology

A hacking grouped named anonymous officially declares war on Scientology. A youtube based message which can be found here starts something like this "Hello leaders of Scientology. We are Anonymous,Over the years we have been watching you, your campaigns of misinformation, your suppression of dissent and your litigious nature. All of these things have caught our eye. With the leakage of your latest propaganda video into mainstream circulation the extent of your malign influence over those who have come to trust you as leaders has been made clear to us. Anonymous has therefore decided that your organisation should be destroyed"..
Several sites relating to Scientology have been affected including site religousfreedomwatch.org which has been removed due to suspected distributed denial of service attack(DDoS). The main website of Scientology www.scientology.org was brought down on Friday but was back online on Monday and is running slowly now.

Wondering why "Anonymous" are attacking Scientology? Apparently Scientology is responsible for removing many critic and message that relates to anti Scientology religion from digg.comYoutube.com and many other sites. Hackers say that they waged war on scientology just to safe guard the freedom of speech.

In my belief Anonymous are doing excellent job, everybody must respect freedom of speech whether it be complete disapproval.
"Nice Job Anonymous"

Jan 23, 2008

The truth about Project

Extracted from: www.linuxkungfu.org

We should all learn something from Activision

I myself am a programmer and apart from programming I know little about Microsoft Outlook, Powerpoint, Thunderbird or any other office program for that matter. But Activision taught me a vital lesson, even if we can make all those awesome games and programs it really doesn't hurt to learn simple program a bit more.
The corrected version of Guitar Hero 3 for Wii was sent to all the Guitar Hero 3 consumers that previously only supported Mono sound but with the corrected version Activision gives away all the customers email id too. Wow!! is that bonus? Many people are outraged by this and few people find it having nominal harm.


An International Myspace account delete day?

I thought it was only me who thought www.myspace.com got annoying but turns out the whole world thinks the same too why won't they with tons of spam and lot of advertisement myspace just isn't place to socialize any more. So people are uniting to delete their own myspace account.
The site that orginally posted the Delete myspace account day.
Reminder:- It's on 30th January, not far away.

Caffeine increases the chances of miscarriage

According to scientists woman who drinks 200 milligrams or more caffeine in a day is more likely to have miscarriage than those who don’t. Scientists say that it is better not to have caffeine during the 3 month of pregnancy or throughout the pregnancy.

After a long year Vista Home and Premium finally approved

While, Apple still has yet to provide the approval of the use of “virtualized environment” in their O/S, Microsoft finally repealed the ban on VM(virtualized environment) use in Windows Vista Home Basic and Premium Edition and has officially approved the use of VM. In the past year, Microsoft only offered VM in Windows Unlimited and Business edition which costs a little more than Vista Home Basic and Premium.