Apr 29, 2008

Windows XP SP3 delayed !!

What was the regular update for the SP3 in April 29 has now been delayed to May 2nd due to some defect.
Better wait for May 2nd XP users!!

NSFW:- A Private USB

Weeny USB drive

Is it creativity or stupidity, you decide. A USB drive that replicates male's private!! And yes if you are a bit creative yourself then you might have figured out what the cap of this USB is. Yes, you have to remove the head to plug in!!

iMacs gets updated gets a bit more power

iMacs now with Intel Core 2 duo Penryn processors, 20-inch iMac with 2.4GHz proc, 128MB of ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT graphics, 1GB of memory and a 250GB 7200RPM disk and the high end iMacs with 24-inch 3.06GHz processor, 512MB of NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GS graphics, 2GB of memory, 320GB 7200rpm disk .
Cost range:- $1,199 - $2,199

AMD taking a different path..chosing business class desktops

It seems that the heavy lose and problems are the reason behind this unusual path taken by AMD. Once known for giving the world the best processor for gaming is now going on business class desktops. Also, they are planning to launch business class laptops. Let's hope this brings some profit!!
More details on:-

Update:- HP has already announced business desktops currently dc 5850 and dx 2450
A little bit of configuration:-

Athlon X2, Phenom X3, Phenom X4
ATI Radeon 3100 graphics
Cool'n'Quiet 2.0 technology
up to 8GB of RAM
an optional dual-drive RAID setup and a dual-layer DVD writer
More details on:-

Apr 27, 2008

For Gamers Only - Portable Falcon FragBox 8500

If you are a gamer then you know that average PC doesn't cut it. If you are a hardcore gamer then you might have come across the game called "Crysis" and might have asked yourself which PC will ever be out to run it decently, well you're question has been answered. By the way there's always question about Crysis being able to run or not if any GPU or CPU comes out and this is no different ..sorry for that.

More info and talk about Crysis:-


A female laptop in a HELLO KITTY way..

If you are a girl and reading this then you know looking good is the most important thing to you. In fact I've got one female friend who has almost everything in pink!! When I asked her why's everything that she buys is in pink then her reply was quite obvious "Cuz, it's sooo preety". I think this laptop are for these types of girls?? Or shall I say for any girl wanting to "look cute". Yes, it gives you the cuteness you crave for but not the performance I have to say.

General Configuration:-

1.86GHz Intel Celeron processor

15.4-inch WXGA display


80GB hard drive

3-in-1 multicard reader, gigabit Ethernet / WiFi

Windows Vista Home

1 hour battery life

4 USB 2.0 ports

Approx:- $1,409

For Images:- Sanrio.co.jp

Apr 26, 2008

MSI Wind will take your breath away..literally..

Don't judge a book by it's cover they used to say, you should turn those pages to see what's really up!! Well, MSI Wind (laptop) did just that. Start turning those pages....
View the images in the link below:-

Apr 24, 2008

Google owns the word google..seriously..

Not just google but googlepoo.com and gmailsucks.com check out the list it owns.

* 30dayfitness.com
* bayareaburritos.com
* donationcard.com
* essentialmommy.com
* greengardengifts.com
* mariolovespasta.com
* thesecretofburritos.com
* goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogle.com
* google4kids.com
* googlebackups.com
* googleauction.com
* googlebroadband.com
* googlecasinogames.com
* googlefamily.com
* googlejokes.com
* googlelovers.com
* googlepersonals.com
* googlereligion.com
* googlefaith.com
* googlegym.com
* googledaycare.com
* bankgoogle.com
* googlepaperproducts.com
* googletimewarner.com
* ebay-google.com
* googlewarnerbros.com
* checkoutsucks.com
* dejastinks.com
* frooglesucks.com
* fuckengoogle.com
* gmailblows.com
* gmailsucks.com
* googlefools.com
* googlemotherfucker.com
* googlepoo.com
* googlesucks.com
* errorpageassist.com
* googlemonitoring.com
* googleclusters.com
* googlewebmonitoring.com

P.S. :- don't bother trying them out google just owns them, but hasn't done much out of them though.
Resource:- TechCrunch

Ubuntu Hardy Heron launched!!

Yep, the long awaited Hardy Heron 8.04 is available for you to download. So get downloading!!
Here's the download link for those of you who are too lazy to google it:-

Download link:-

Microsoft unleashes Live Mesh

What is this Live Mesh you ask?? It's kind of a hub to store your data to share it with your other devices. Of course you wouldn't expect Microsoft to support to share it with other devices other than the one running Windows. But those of you who own Windows in your Cell or PDA or work computer then it's like saying you got extra hard disk?? Only global!!

More on:-

Apples buys chip company?

While Intel definitely will be disappointed with P.A. Semi company that Apple bought. The company promises to develop more efficient chips for iPhone and Macs and whole other stuffs of Apple?? Only time will tell of how this new bought company will benefit the Apple.

For more details:-

Windows Mobile Satellite based phone in 2009

Elektrobit promises to bring hybrid satellite Windows Mobile phone in 2009 with Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, along with HSDPA support, built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, a microSD card slot, a 3-megapixel camera, and voice controls.
More details on:-

Apr 21, 2008

A missing dot in SMS starts bloodbath

WOW!! talk about misunderstanding!! Apparently, the missing dot in letter i for Turkeyish people was enough to heat up the argument and kill a couple.
Full details:-

World's Fastest SATA 300GB : VelociRaptor

35% faster than previous WD Raptors with 10,000 RPMS is not just fast but also extra cool. But don't bother cooling beer on it :P
More details on:-

Zune reads for you!!

According to Paul Thurrott, now Zune will be capable of reading books yes, you heard me!! it'll make books audible so that you get the comfort of lying down anywhere and getting knowledge. Although it's not confirmed, it's highly likely that it'll be happenning.

MSI's Wind Notebook a rival to Eee PC of Asus.

Looks like guys at MSI is gearing up for some challenge by releasing the Wind Notebook which rivals the Eee PC of Asustek. With 1-kg weight and XP as an OS, LED-backlit, 8.9- and 10-inch 1,024 x 600 displays; and traditional 80GB, 2.5-inch hard disk and with longer battery life and better keyboard than Eee PC's.
Price range:- $470 to $1,099

Tired of multi-touchscreen?? Microsoft thinks so too!!

After done with multi-touchscreen Microsoft is coming up with force-sensing technology that will enable you to almost twist the screen (literally) without any damage to the screen itself.
More details on:-

Apr 18, 2008

ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3000 now on Laptops

Now get the power you always needed with ATI GPU on your ASUS and Toshibha laptops.
Toshibha's Satellite laptop (P305 and P305D) getting ATI Radeon HD 3470 and P305 also getting (your choice) most powerful Radeon 3650.
ASUS's M50a and M50 series also getting the powerful Radeon 3650.
More on:-

Apr 17, 2008

Update gone wrong.

I seriously don't know what is going on here. I don't if the meaning of update has gone wrong or is has the world gone nuts.!!
First on Safari update and soon after following Windows Vista SP1 update??

Safari update gone wrong:-
Even after an update Safari still asks the Windows user to download not intended software. This time even though you have Safari it'll ask you to download a fresh Safari.

Windows Vista SP1 update gone wrong:-
This update is a bit of mystery though, an update intended for Windows BitDefender turned the attached USB devices to mouse or keyboards and completely shutting their funcion. But Microsoft stated "We are aware of concerns that a recent Microsoft update may be causing problems with USB devices. We are investigating the matter, and at this time, do not have any information to share."

So better not hurry on those update soon huh!!

I don't know what to say to this picture. Sure I CAN HILARIOUS!!

Ever thought of turning into those one of those ostrich that hides in the hole!! No!! then don't buy this item!!
Must see photos:-

Google teasing with the goverment??

Although it was assumed before Google did "gamed" the 700 Mhz auction only bidding to lock in the open access rules.
More on:-

And for info about open access rules:-

A first 1 TeraByte Laptop

Ok ready to store your life in your laptop and carry around?? Asus has made it possible!! with it's M70 laptop being the first to pack 1 Terabyte of storage capacity in a laptop with 2X500 GB Hitachi Traverstar drives.
For more Specification on Asus M70 laptop:-

Apr 14, 2008

Google and Salesforce alliance to take down Microsoft

I think we all know what Microsoft is famous for. It's multi- billion dollar Windows OS, Office and other Windows application but Google has allied with Microsoft's another rival Salesforce to take down Office and other softwares of Microsoft down with it's own Web Office like APIs infact they are also planning to bring better features in the API.
So can Goolge and Salesforce pull it off within their 10 month of alliance??
More details on:-

An openMac that is not Mac

Yes, openMac IS a computer but it's not Mac it's actually PC all built from PC parts, with the following:-
2.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
2GB of DDR2 667 memory
Integrated Intel GMA 950 Graphics
20x DVD+/-R Drive
4 USB Ports
250GB 7200RPM Drive
And all that for less than $400.

Need more info check out the link below:-

HP workstations PC: A Powerhouse!!

Drool over HP xw8600 and xw9400 with xw8600 giving you the power of two Quad Core Intel Xeon x5482 processors and xw9400 giving you Quad Core Opetron x2300. But with great power comes great price so don't expect to reach this bad machine to your table tomorrow unless you're a bad ass rich man yourself !!!

Apr 11, 2008

IBM releases fastest chip on Earth till now

Ok may be you can run Crysis from this with the fastest graphic card installed, I don't know but 5GHz Power6 processor from IBM is the fastest we've seen yet!!
So seriously are you up for Crysis??
Enough of my joke..
Serious details:-

Yahoo and AOL trying to combine to stay away from Microsoft's threat!!!

It's been one hell of a war between Yahoo and Microsoft. Microsoft trying to take over Yahoo and Yahoo just won't give up!! It's like a husband trying to have a sex with stubborn wife only now wife is coming with taser gun to defend itself from the husband means Yahoo is trying to merge with AOL to finally close this Microsoft taking over Yahoo discussion. But it is indeed a try and not yet confirmed. Quite a drama here, more drama still to come I am sure.

AMD quad core Opetron shipping

I think the title says it all, so what's the big deal you say?? Apparently AMD claims that it is the world's most advance x86 processor. And yes, finally after seven months it's shipping now!!

Apr 8, 2008

Firefox 3 Beta 5 beats Safari 3.1 in it's own platform :Mac

People who love Safari will definitely be disappointed with this news. Firefox 3 Beta 5 runs faster on Mac than Safari 3.1 beating it by 7%. Firefox is tweaking on it's performance since Beta 3 now it has really paid off. Good going Firefox.
Chart on:-

Bill Gates talking crazy saying Windows 7 releasing next year

When Bill Gates said that Windows 7 will be launched next year then we thought he was good at telling jokes too. Apparently Microsoft re corrected that Windows 7 won't be launched till 2010. Or is Microsoft joking with us too !!!

For Photographers: Lumix DMC LC10 camera from Panasonic could be the answer

When I first saw the image of this camera then honestly I thought it was some cheap cloned camera straight from China but when I read the review then it was one of those things that was ugly on the outside but awesome in the inside, I know what you're thinking :D

Windows Vista SP1 restart bug fix update

Back in Feb on the update of Vista SP1 some people had the complain that the machine was on spiral of reboot but that is all fixed now with the update. We'll probably see full throttle update from next week.

Apr 7, 2008

Facebook chat launched!! for some

I haven't got it till now but the news is that some users have got facebook chat in their profile and the only new thing in this is the mini feed which let's you see what your friends are doing in the chat itself other than that it still has that limited status updating and is much like any other IM service.
More on:-

Vista I did your Sista!!!

Don't get offended by the title though. The post of the caption on engadget was more fun than the news itself!! But, that doesn't mean news was boring infact it was the PWN 2 OWN (a contest for letting the best hacker hack the different platform of OS from Vista, OS X,ubuntu and the rest)
and the reason that the title is Vista I did your Sista is cause Vista standed tall before OS X of Apple but to dismay it was Adobe's bug that let the Vista down or else Vista would have been standing tall by now along with ubuntu. OS X got hacked first then right after than it was Vista's turn but only hacked cause of flash bug (third party application). But Adobe already knew about the bug and had made the bug fix but too little too late. But don't hate Adobe though, the bug fix will be released within this month and Vista will still be unhackable or won't it ??? Not unless some other third party application has some bug on themselves, other than that Vista is definately unhackable!!
Must check out the link below(contains Vista I did your Sista PIC!!)))

Yahoo's respond to Microsoft aggressiveness??

"Dear Steve,
We will not allow you or anyone else to acquire the company for anything less than its full value.We consider your threat to commence an unsolicited offer and proxy contest to displace our independent Board members to be counterproductive and inconsistent with your stated objective of a friendly transaction. "
Yahoo stated that the price offered by Microsoft $44.6 billion isn't fair and Yahoo was worth much more than that and hence demanded more money from Microsoft.
More on:-

Fastest LPDDR2 chip for mobile device guess from who?

Hynix, yes!! not AMD or Intel it's the South Korean company who mailed out saying that they were ready to ship 1 GB LPDDR2. So what does this mean?? Of course fastest means something good is bound to come in future, we just have to wait.
More details one:-

Asus 7 inch Eee PC available at BestBuy for $399.99

It might be one of the cheapest laptop you'll see but it's certainly something not to point and laugh at and is now available at BestBuy. Want it then go grab it.

Microsoft getting more aggressive with Yahoo

Microsoft still hasn't closed the deal with Yahoo and is getting more and more aggressive. Microsoft wrote to Yahoo that Microsoft wasn't going to increase the bid $44.6 billion and if Yahoo can't see it as fair then Microsoft will be compelled to to take its case "directly to Yahoo's shareholders. Microsoft is giving Yahoo three weeks and if not responded within three weeks then promises to try and start a proxy contest to elect an alternative set of directors to the board.

Apr 2, 2008

Windows Mobile 6.1 officially official

Although it's been rumored that Windows Mobile 6.1 will be launched in April 1st seems like the rumors were true after all. The new minor upgrade for Windows Mobile might not seem much but it definately is a small step to Windows Mobile 7.
The new feature includes new Getting Started Center to ease the process of setting up a new device, home screen tweaks, and native threaded SMS.
More on:-

Google Loves April 1st

Hell yes, Google must have a thing for April 1st whether it being the date for their launching Gmail or turning 1 GB or 3 GB or unlimited or Google romance.
This time it was not one not two but whole bunch of jokes Google had stored for April 1st.

First there was 'Custom Date" which lets you set the date(it can date back in past too) for the received mail.

Second there was "Google Future Search" which lets you search for the stuffs to be invented or created or discovered in future WOW!!!

Then there was "Google Spoken Adsense", just when we asked to ourselves Can Google place ad on anything or what?!!! then it proved us right by placing the ad while you speak!!! Yes!! when you speak then the relevant ad pops up!!
For details about Google Spoken Adsense :-

And then there was "Google Airplane". This shows up in Google Docs under File menu which has "Create Airplane" option!! after you click this, it'll teach you how to make a paper airplane asks you to print it then video it flying and posting it on any video uploading site and getting a comment and after you've done all that you'll get a 2GB ipod shuffle. Talk about craziness
More details on "Google Airplane" :-

Then there was the replacement of a particular word in wikipedia, the replacement word was of course "Google" but the word which was replaced was "time travel"
Check this two site out and see for yourself what the joke was
The orginal content:-

The replacement content:-

Then there was Google and Virgin team up to settle on Mars, this was rather succint though.
The notification of Google and Virgin team:-

Then there is definately Youtube Rickroll

And finally there was "Google wake-up Kit" which they say that they were bound to make as their staffs were getting late for meeting and waking up early in the morning. The device will send you SMS and if still you don't wake up then other measures will be applied
More on it:-

Also even though Google Paper (which Google promises you to print the email you typed to be mailed to you in hard copy, be that a photo or anything Google will print it for you baby!! with glossy paper and says that paper is totally environment friendly) which was the joke of last year when I checked Gmail this joke still prevailed!!

And I think Google says "HAPPY APRIL FOOL EVERYBODY"