Apr 27, 2008

A female laptop in a HELLO KITTY way..

If you are a girl and reading this then you know looking good is the most important thing to you. In fact I've got one female friend who has almost everything in pink!! When I asked her why's everything that she buys is in pink then her reply was quite obvious "Cuz, it's sooo preety". I think this laptop are for these types of girls?? Or shall I say for any girl wanting to "look cute". Yes, it gives you the cuteness you crave for but not the performance I have to say.

General Configuration:-

1.86GHz Intel Celeron processor

15.4-inch WXGA display


80GB hard drive

3-in-1 multicard reader, gigabit Ethernet / WiFi

Windows Vista Home

1 hour battery life

4 USB 2.0 ports

Approx:- $1,409

For Images:- Sanrio.co.jp

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