Apr 7, 2008

Vista I did your Sista!!!

Don't get offended by the title though. The post of the caption on engadget was more fun than the news itself!! But, that doesn't mean news was boring infact it was the PWN 2 OWN (a contest for letting the best hacker hack the different platform of OS from Vista, OS X,ubuntu and the rest)
and the reason that the title is Vista I did your Sista is cause Vista standed tall before OS X of Apple but to dismay it was Adobe's bug that let the Vista down or else Vista would have been standing tall by now along with ubuntu. OS X got hacked first then right after than it was Vista's turn but only hacked cause of flash bug (third party application). But Adobe already knew about the bug and had made the bug fix but too little too late. But don't hate Adobe though, the bug fix will be released within this month and Vista will still be unhackable or won't it ??? Not unless some other third party application has some bug on themselves, other than that Vista is definately unhackable!!
Must check out the link below(contains Vista I did your Sista PIC!!)))

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