Feb 26, 2008

Feb 20, 2008

Adobe to take on games??

In the Adobe Director 11, Adobe tries to make the life much easier for Director users and also for game developers with Ageia PhysX software engine.
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Feb 18, 2008

Battlefield for free from EA : From now on

Yes, the franchise Battlefield game from EA will be free upon their next release. And yes, there is certainly a catch, we'd have to watch the advertisement within the game and 2 -5$ for weapon and armor upgrade.
I'm willing to watch few advertisement if I could get big game for free..heck am willing to watch any advertisement if I could anything for free.

Feb 15, 2008

Yahoo rejects Microsoft's offer

Even though Yahoo's rate has descended Yahoo still thinks that it can still do good without Microsoft.
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Feb 13, 2008

Nokia N-Gage GAME ON!!

Nokia N-Gage is set to make this the ultimate game cell which could make us play games that we want.

Feb 12, 2008

Too bad you can't touch them

An interesting site that let's you do what most of us can't resist

iphone to support swf (flash)?

According to www.gearlive.com flash player is around the corner for iphone.
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Feb 8, 2008

And I was spending so much time on animation

Just when you are ready to grab a technique in animation another easy method comes up. Just look at the animation service this site is providing. The animation is ultra realistic or shall I say realistic!! literally!!, just watch the demo in main page of the site and you'll know what I'm talking about.

PS3 processor shrinks!!!

Previously what was 65nm scale PS3 processor has been shrinked to 45nm scale. Of course, with reduced size means reduced power intake and reduced heat which could also mean drop in price?? But whatever that could lead to in technology smaller is better!!

Feb 7, 2008

An internet based compiler plus other stuff!!!

If you are a programmer and if you have problem looking for multiple compiler or whatever software that be to run Pascal, Basic, C++, Javascript, HTML, Perl, Mysql, Asm and Flex then look no further this website offers just that for you..yes, all in one. Not just that you file can be saved and reused afterwards too.
That marvelous site is http://www.codeide.com/

Feb 6, 2008

Don't make mistakes like this..

Cruise.co.uk signed $1.1 million for domain name cruises.co.uk god somebody tell me why!!???


Feb 1, 2008

Microsoft offering Yahoo $44.6 billion: Challange for Google

It would have been a news about a year ago but Microsoft gave Yahoo sometime to improve itself but despite the continuous fall of the rating in Yahoo, Microsoft is finally offering Yahoo $44.6 billion. This could mean challenge for Google which is currently the giant of search engine.
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