Jun 28, 2008

Bill Gates bids farewell to Microsoft

Ok, even though I'm busy these days, I had to post this, for god's sake it's Bill Gates retiring!!

Bill, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post this had it not been for you, not that you invented internet and blog but because you revolutionized the way we look at computers. Although not perfect, but you did give some hope and always promised the world to make a better place and you always have been weather it be by donating tons of money or just by making softwares. Now that you have left Microsoft I not just look at you as another chairman of Microsoft but a great superhero in the computer world and a great man in the real world. You will be greatly missed but I wish you all the best for you future on Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Bill's Farewell Speech [Video]

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Jun 24, 2008

Breast Motion Power Generator:- Yet another brilliant discovery

If storing image in vapor wasn't enough to perplex me, may be today is the day of discovering things and inventing things but anyway, this might sound a bit cheap for some but have you ever watched a big breasted girl run and watched the breast bounce and said to yourself "All that bounced energy going to waste"?? No?? Well, some did and they invented a breast motion power generator which they say can even charge iPods. Now my question is this, do they work on man too, I mean way below??

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Storing image in vapour: no joke!!

I salute to all those who invent and discover things, I really do. Hadn't been to them then we wouldn't have been in today's position and yet another discovery comes which I never imagined was possible before but hey, I've saluted them. Now how would you store image in vapour? Heck, I got no idea, I ain't no scientist, just click the following link:-

Jun 23, 2008

Firefox 3.0 USB:- Firefox on the go

Need to have your own bookmarks and extension everywhere you go?? Then sweat not cause Mozilla guys knows your need and hence Firefox 3.0!!

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Today the world surpasses 1 billion computer

I don't know how they found out about the stats but the word has it that today the world surpassed 1 billion computers and on 2014 it should be 2 billion if this rate continues which is 12 percent annually. Imagine all those billion computers being in a single town, it's a computown?? Please don't hit me, it's a bad joke I know it very well.

Jun 15, 2008

Google developing ISP throttling device

You should know what your bandwidth is doing what and hence Google respecting that is now creating a tool for you to monitor the bandwidth provided by your ISP.
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DELL taking on Eee PC and Macbook Air

The laptop war continues and this one is no different. Dell making notebook as slim as Macbook Air and as low costing as Eee PC infact way low costing than Eee Pc, $299 to be exact.
More info:-
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Yahoo and Microsoft talks fail again!!!

This doesn't seem like one of those fairy tell where they lived together happily ever after!! After Yahoo's share market started dropping Microsoft has refused to pay $33 per share which is helping Yahoo to be a company!!

Glass keyboard with no keys!!

It's the sensor's world these days. Long are the days of pressing keys in keyboards, these days keyboard captures all the right keystroke with special sensing device to give the desired result.
More info with image:-

Outdated stuffs!!

World's Largest 3D LCD Panel from Visumotion:-
If you're one of those who believes in the "bigger the better" then this thing might just be for you i.e if you can afford it!! This monster from Visumotion comes with 1900 X 1080 resolution, 6-ms refresh, 120-degree viewing angle, and DVI and RGB inputs and yes, it's 65 inched!! and priced around $30K. In the end "Size do Matter"

Microsoft bringing yet another restricted device - Good for some and equally bad for some too
The so called DMP(Device Manner Policy) from Microsoft will force you to turn certain features on or off like voice, photography or may be data too.
More info on this :-
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No more hiding your emotions with this "Mask of Emotion":-
"You can run but you can't hide" in this case, you can't hide your emotion with "Mask of Emotion" which displays exactly what you're feeling in a LED display.
More info:-

Snow Leopard says no to PowerPC:-
The end could be near for the PowerPC which was once prestigious to have on Mac back in those days but now Intel is taking over the Mac too.

Jun 5, 2008

AMD's next gen line up in Toshibha

Toshibha and AMD could head for a beautiful relationship since AMD's next gen P300D, A300D, M300D, U400D, L300D and L350D series will be exclusively on Toshiba's product.

Billboard knows you

Call it a smart marketing method or just playing spy on you. The new billboard will be able to recognize each and every one of you if you watch the billboard, this is done to target the consumer who are more interested in the product. Creepy and smart huh!!??
Check the full details out:-
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Jun 3, 2008

AMD entering into sub notebook world

AMD's not letting Intel, VIA and nVidia take all the spotlight are they? They want some piece of action too, now entering the sub notebook world!!
Here's the details on the sub notebook:-
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Jun 1, 2008

HP cutting cake with one expensive knife!!

Recently there have been numerous publicity stunts and events defying MacBook Air's slimness but this one's a little different cause HP's exec is doing that publicity stunt !! Is he trying to prove that MacBook Air is the sooo thin that it can cut through anything or is he just trying to prove that MacBook Air is nothing but an expensive knife.
I think that depends on each individual. I think you got mine.
Here's the image:-

Safari is Vice says Windows

Ahh!! The rivalry!! Even though Safari's making quite a stir on Windows Platform with it's recent release stating that it's the fastest browser ever!! It definitely has raised many questions of whether it's the safest browser ever or most flawed browser ever, on Windows of course. And with the buzz on automatic download of iTunes and Quicktime Player now Microsoft has detected that Safari does some kind of "carpet bombing" creating numerous amount of shortcuts in user's desktop and it's not just on Windows but no Mac too.
Here's what Apple has to say to that:- (funny reply though)
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