Jun 15, 2008

Outdated stuffs!!

World's Largest 3D LCD Panel from Visumotion:-
If you're one of those who believes in the "bigger the better" then this thing might just be for you i.e if you can afford it!! This monster from Visumotion comes with 1900 X 1080 resolution, 6-ms refresh, 120-degree viewing angle, and DVI and RGB inputs and yes, it's 65 inched!! and priced around $30K. In the end "Size do Matter"

Microsoft bringing yet another restricted device - Good for some and equally bad for some too
The so called DMP(Device Manner Policy) from Microsoft will force you to turn certain features on or off like voice, photography or may be data too.
More info on this :-
[Original Resource]

No more hiding your emotions with this "Mask of Emotion":-
"You can run but you can't hide" in this case, you can't hide your emotion with "Mask of Emotion" which displays exactly what you're feeling in a LED display.
More info:-

Snow Leopard says no to PowerPC:-
The end could be near for the PowerPC which was once prestigious to have on Mac back in those days but now Intel is taking over the Mac too.

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