Apr 24, 2009

Useful Web 2.0 sites you may not know

Let’s face it. We are now literally living on clouds and by clouds I mean we are in constant need of Internet. And for us who live in cloud we want everything to be in cloud right? We don’t want to come back down and get what we need, meaning your PC or Mac has all your setting tweaked to you liking and has all the programs you want. What if, one day you are at your friends house without your laptop without all your personal setting? I don’t know about you but I like the computer I am working to be in my own customized settings and what better way to get the customized settings wherever I want than get all my settings on cloud.

Which is why there are ton of Web 2.0 sites that will make your life easier and much more to your liking. Here are some of them:-



This is my ultimate site for bookmarking sites. It is like a feature in Google Chrome, Safari and Opera with thumbnail as your bookmark. The nice thing about this site is that it even has firefox plugin which makes bookmarking that easy. And the thing I miss most is my firefox bookmark bar. I have all my favorite bookmark right there but when I don’t have my firefox with me speedtile.net comes very handy.

What would be really cool is to import all the bookmark from firefox to speedtile.net. But I don’t think that’s available in the site, not till now though.

You’ll have to create an account for this site but I think it’s obvious. And you can also arrange them in different order. Give it a try and you might think “How could I have lived without this site?”



This one helps sync your PC with your dropbox account. The only downside is that you only have 2 GB limitation but if you want to sync your work or college files then the size should be enough.

Dropbox let’s you either install their dropbox program or you can just use dropbox from browser but the advantage using the dropbox program is that you don’t have to go through all those clicks, it’s just the matter of drag and drop and it automatically uploads it to your account.

The web version is also really easy to use and user interface is very friendly. Now the thing I would want in getdropbox.com is the search bar. Sometimes you just don’t have enough time to keep everything in folder and these are the times that you need to search for files. It would be great feature if they managed to put the search bar where you can just type for your file and it automatically displays it. Other than that it is a great sync/sharing files. Oh yes you can even share files with your friends.

Save this site in your speedtile.net.


This one is really for the people that needs to present things. Great for presentation with just drag/drop and click. I won’t say it’s powerful as powerpoint but it does the job for you if you don’t have powerpoint or openoffice.org. Of course that means that your browser needs a flash support and that’s the only downside of it.



Once in a while we come into a situation that we want to convert one file type into another and although there are lot of conversion software out there, sometimes you need a quick solution and that’s where cometdocs.com comes. It supports lot of file types and can convert them which sends directly to your mail.

The only problem with this is that it has got cheesy user interface which might make you think that the site really doesn’t work but it’s not so.



If you’ve heard of Adobe Flash or Air then you might know how animation works and even if you don’t then doink.com is perfect for anyone to start animation. It is a flash based webapp that lets you easily make animations in flash.

Doink Tutorial



Scr.im is an email encrypting site. If you want to give out your email address on any public site but don’t want your email address to get on the hand of spammer then you can encrypt your email id with  scr.im.

Scr.im is simple and quick. You go to the site and type out your email address, scr.im makes you a personal url for email which you can share on forum and public sites without worrying about spammers. The person who wants to view your email address has to go through captcha process and if they get the right captcha only then are they allowed to see your email id. Dowside? It’s in beta, but do we really care?


Screencastle.com is the one for video tutors. If you cannot afford video capture like camtasia then this free web-based and java based screencastle.com does the job just as equally as others. The only thing that it lacks is the editing video.

What it really does is opens up the java applet to capture the screen so you’ll have to allow the java applet. Once it starts don’t get freaked out by the numerous java application running in background it is only being used by screencastle.com and you will see a record a video bar once you pressed start the recoder. The buttons there are pretty much self explanatory.

My little Screencast on screencastle.com

I know I sound funny.

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Apr 8, 2009

Google Voice and Gmail for mobile phone

After 5 years of Gmail, Google is bringing out more services in the mobile world too. Google Voice for iPhone and iPod Touch coming soon. And also, even though Gmail app is already in Android, Google has new improved Gmail for both iPhone and Android with features like floating bar, offline access and many other features. Let’s hope Gmail doesn’t stay Beta version forever now.

The video is posted accordingly:-

Google Voice


Gmail for iPhone and Android


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Apr 1, 2009

Vimax Ads…A Trojan virus!!!


Remember, some days ago I said how come the Vimax ads are popping everywhere?? Well, it looks like my computer was affected by trojan. Apparantely SearchSetting.exe was responsible for the amazing “big budgeted Vimax”. And it’s not April Fool joke.

Removal of SearchSetting.exe:-

  • Uninstall from Program Files
  • Goto start and type regedit (Goto Registry Editor)
  • Search for searchSetting.exe and then delete all the entries.
  • Usually the searchsetting.exe appears in Program Files/Search Settings/
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