Mar 31, 2008

A rather not techy news that contains one of the world's fastest internet

Yes, there is internet in this news and it's not about tech. An old granny who has no idea about the 40 Gigabit internet which his son installed in his mom's house uses the big equipment which got hot pretty fast to dry her laundry.
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Mar 30, 2008

Late News

Due to some problems we were unable to post any news for 2 days but now everything's solved. We are back on track.
What we missed:-

Laptop Battery price set to rise:-
After a fire on South Korea's LG Chem Plant which is the second largest laptop battery manufacturer of the South Korea, Dell, HP and Asustek are having battery shortage for the portable device. Dell has already increased it's product's price. So if you wanna buy some batteries for your laptop I don't think you should be wasting any time buying it.

AMD'S Phenom X4 9850:-
The fastest processor from AMD Phenom X4 finally got released and tested on March 28. Even though it doesn't compete much with Intel's Best Quad Core it's still a slobber knocker for Intel as AMD will take it's market by some percentage.
I for myself am an AMD fan even though Quad is the best out there it still gives considerable performance since it's cheaper than Intel.

Adobe PhotoShop Express Launched:-
March 28th:- Adobe launches the web version of photoshop. It was expected from everyone as the world is coming to Web era.
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Mar 26, 2008

Windows Mobile 6.1 an April Fool Joke?

Windows Mobile 6.1 Release date on April 1st.
Could this be an april fool joke or yet another was supposed to be joke but got launched anyway thing?

Intel and Microsoft funds $20 million for 100 core?

Wow!! talk about possibilities of 100 core processors. Apparently Microsoft and Intel got together to reinvent the computing system based around parallel processing. Intel and Microsoft handed the job to two universities to change the course of computer history.
"The grant will fund Universal Parallel Computing Research Centers at UC -Berkeley, which is kicking in another $7M, and the University of Illinois at Champaign / Urbana, which is donating $8M of its own." according to Engadget.
So really?? 100 core processors ?? but in distant future even 100 core processors won't be enough for us. You just watch!!

Fresh Start for Sony Vaio

Sony Vaio promised you to get rid of bloatware for $50 and then for free, now it is thinking of providing for every computer by the end of summer.

Mar 25, 2008

The last version of Windows XP coming next month

Microsoft is preparing for the last major update on Windows XP to be released in next month. Microsoft knows that Vista isn't doing much of expected success in the market so to still increase the market share of Windows probably this move was taken by Microsoft.

Sun replacing wires to laser??

This is just a test but a test that Sun says is 50% more likely to fail. But with the demand for high speed data transfer this test very well could be worth it. The funding for the test was provided by DARPA of nearly $44 million.
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Mar 23, 2008

Google aiming for the universe with the help of MIT

Looks like Google is not at all worried about the internet war after all or are they? The Google we know searches for the entries we enter in the Google search box and comes up with the best result but that's not enough for Google NOW Google is trying to search for the earth like planet in the outer space(literally) in fact Google's giving MIT researcher's 6 hi-res, wide field 192 megapixel resolution camera to search and make sure we are not alone in this universe.
Let's see how many hits they'll get with this.

Safari a bloatware?

If you've been using Safari for windows then you might have come across in auto-update in which it recommends you to download iTunes and Quicktime Player, which is good for some but not for all though. According to Firefox developers the browser is trying to promote the software other than the user intended to know about. Hence making it a bloatware.
According to the Firefox developers :-
"It's wrong because it undermines the trust that we're all trying to build with users. Because it means that an update isn't just an update, but is maybe something more. Because it ultimately undermines the safety of users on the Web by eroding that relationship. It's a bad practice and should stop."
I for personally hate malicious activities running in my programs other than I intended what do you think about the Safari's approach?
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Mar 21, 2008

The competition for being the thinnest

The new Lenovo thinkpad X300 is yet another notebook that strive on being the thinnest and it's ad is so upfront that it's definite to give you deja vu.

Lenovo Thinkpad X300

Apple MacbookAir

Mar 19, 2008


What was a rumor yesterday is again a reality today. You can now download the SP1 from this site:-

Many bug fixes is guaranteed.

Mar 18, 2008

Windows Vista SP1 rumored to officially launch tomorrow (March 18)

It has been said that Windows Vista Service Pack 1 is set to launch tomorrow on March 18th. Although it hasn't been conformed it is said that download will be available from tomorrow.
We'll find the truth tomorrow..

Toshiba sued for cloning

NTT DoCoMo and Fujitsu are suing Toshiba for creating a lookalike cellphone to Fujitstu's RakuRaku handset.

Windows Mobile now supporting PDF Reader and Flash

Microsoft signed a deal to license Adobe's Flash Lite and Reader PDF formats for Windows Mobile.
This will eventually come in OS in near future. With iphone supporting flash, this could be a smart move from Microsoft.

Mar 16, 2008

Flickr: Video coming soon

While I love for it's unique approach to making an online photo gallery there were times I imagined if in near future it would be able to make my very own video gallery in too and it seems like they saw my thought balloon. Now Flickr will eventually let you host video too.
But this is not sure people this is just a rumor. But most of the rumor things that we hear these days are in fact the truth so we'll assume flickr will let you make your video gallery too.

Mar 15, 2008

Skype 2.0 in Linux gets video calling

I think the title says it all. Yes, now Linux too has got that video calling thingy with the new Skype. So ready to switch to Linux?

Quad core laptops ready says Intel

Intel announced that it is ready to fit the the laptops with quad-core processor. But with quad-core the laptop might get a little heavy and might consume more power. It's just a thought who knows what Intel will come up for the solution.
More info:-

Facebook probably launching IM service

While Facebook is a great social website it has got one thing missing an IM service to get even socially!! Now they will!!! they will probably launch IM service within a week or so.
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Mar 14, 2008

Google Sky in your browser

Yes, now you can view the universe in your internet browser. Previously which was available in Google Earth Software only can now be viewed in the site below:-

Microsoft picking small companies

Ever since Microsoft failed to accquire Yahoo it has been landing it's eye on smaller companies for as ad startup. Microsoft has ever since acquired Yadata and Rapt.
Is Microsoft trying to gather up small companies to make a big one? Is this their new strategy?
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Transformers in real life..

British scientist have created such a sugar cubed bots which can self-assemble themselves to be larger, useful and make their own tentacles or wheels and hunt down the other bots with the help of infrared. The project "Symbrion" was funded with around a million US Dollars and has been tried before too. But with that much of funding this time it's a success. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed to whether these robots will see humans as robots and attack us too?
Resource:- Engaget

An HDTV cookbook??

Yesterday, there was a news about 3d menu and I was complaining there wasn't much of technology in the kitchen...I must have mistaken. Pandigital has created an "HDTV / Digital Cookbook / Digital Photo Frame" for you to view video on how to cook and all that.
More about the quality of video , memory capacity and price in the link below:-

Zune 3 to hit Europe late next year only

Director of Microsoft France announced that Zune 3 which was delayed in releasing it in Canada will be released in Europe in the late next year only. But the delay is done with the proper planning he said, saying that next year is the time for the release of friendly Zune Marketplace.
Let's just see what happens next year
More on the link below:-

Mar 13, 2008

Windows 7 OS will be launced in 2010

Yes, the title is right. Microsoft stated that Windows 7 will be launced in 2010 and will have 3 year development time frame for Windows 7. But from the looks of it the time frame started in Jan 30th 2007 (The release of Windows Vista)? Probably, but the launch is not guaranteed to be exactly 3 years from the annoucement.

Blu-ray not coming in Xbox 360 so fast??

Microsoft denies that it had any talk with Sony to have Xbox 360 fitted with Blu-ray, in which there was a rumor about some weeks ago.

Also in our gaming blog

Blu Ray price to go higher

Is it at all a good news? With the format war over and not having any competition for blu-ray, it's price has gone up and will go up in future if some competition does not show up. So go to the store and start buying blu-ray player NOW!!. And I wonder if people will turn again to HD-DVD if blu-ray's price is going to go much higher. May be HD-DVD isn't completely dead after all. Just my opinion.

If only you could hear someone thinking....NOW YOU CAN!!

Yes, now there is a device that let's you hear or speak your mind. You won't even have to open your mouth next time you wear on of these equipment for simple conversations. All you have to do is think but don't think you can speak everything you think would be audible cause it has limited vocabulary and phrases of 150 words only. As the time goes by I hope the device, "Audeo" will hold more vocabulary and phrases.
For extra detail and hilarious image describing about this device, click the link below:-

Menu in mouth waterring 3d view?

It's about time that restaurants added some technology in them. NO!! you won't see robots making the food but what you will see is the menu show in the 3d view and still NO!! no in some TV or Screen but on your table instead. You'll be able to see the food you're going to eat in full 3d view. Mouth waterring?? Yes, only if you take a bite out it right? The purpose of this is pretty clear as to show customers what they're really eating instead of getting unpleasant surprise.
More with pictures :

AOL acquires bebo for $850 million

Yet another day yet another acquisition but this time not from neither Google nor Microsoft. AOL's main goal is to have a social network site for ICQ and AIM and make the people communicate both synchronously and asynchronously and also we'll be seeing AOL's ads in bebo from now on.
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Mar 12, 2008

AMD proves them wrong

Recently many companies were unsure of AMD's processor releasing in time and rumor spreaded that AMD wasn't doing their job and that AMD lacks resources. But AMD sure proved them wrong. AMD shocks the world by releasing four processor and proved that they were indeed doing their homework.
The released processor are Turion 64 Ultra, Turion 64, Athlon 64, and Sempron mobile processor.
For more details about the processors click below:

Nokia N810 Tablet $90 drops

Nokia officially dropped the price of N810 by $90 making the new price $389.99. BUT!! this drop in price could also mean that new version might be coming up who knows only time will tell.

Our New Blog ONLINE!!

Ladies and Gentleman we are proud to present you with our new blog which will be all about games. Being a hardcore gamer we are, we asked ourselves why not start a game blog and that's how this blog originated.


Also from now on all the game news will also be posted on this blog.

Mar 11, 2008

Video Games now in hospitals

Those people who complain about video games being violent and creating war might reconsider when they hear that video games are saving or improving patient's lives.
The game called
"Çiftlik" Farm in turkey is designed in such a way that it rehabilitates patients who have been paralyzed and can is played by optical remote control rather than keyboard and mouse.
More details about the game below :-

Microsoft getting their hands dirty on hardware

Most of us might know Microsoft by their Windows OS only these keyboard and mice might prove them that Microsoft is more than Windows OS.
Microsoft's Wireless Desktop 7000 and Digital Media 3000
For pictures and more details click below:-

Mar 10, 2008

Game into reality?

What's is the difference between real life and game? Well.. in game you're just controlling whoever is the character in the game or playing yourself with your only hands showing right? And no matter how much your character gets shot at or beating you'll only see descending in the health right? Yes, for now that's the way it has been but not anymore, boys at Mindwire promises to give you shock every time you get hit or shot or robbed. If you too want to get those shocks then electroshock feedback device, the V5 is available for you at £99.99.
More on the link below:

European Xbox 360 price cuts

What was once called a rumor is now a reality. The 360 Arcade is now €199.99 , £159.99, the Premium to €269.99 / £199.99 and the Elite to €369.99 / £259.99.
More on the link below:

Rumor news below:

Mar 9, 2008

What's in your bag or pocket or in your body or wherever...

The title might be a bit confusing but what I was wanting to say is that a new camera might have answer to all those answer. HOW?? Well!! answer is pretty simple. It can see through you or make that through your clothes or whatever they want to check on. Feel unsecure?? We should, but with the violence and smuggling increasing, this could be the solution.
More about the camera's info in the link below:

Samsung's 2.5 inched 500 GB HDD

When there were buzz about the blu-ray disc it's very uncommon to hear about the news about HDD but Samsung has probably created the world's first standard-height 500GB 2.5-incher available which costs around $299 also called M6.
More features include: 5400rpm spindle speed, an 8MB cache, as well as a 3.0Gbps
More on this and on Samsung's new DVD below:

Mar 7, 2008

What!! Microsoft Excel a new 3D GAME ENGINE!!

I must be dreaming but the idea is somehow brilliant. HOW!! you ask??
Details in the link below:-

Blu Ray on Xbox 360 too?

This isn't official yet but Sony's exec noted that Sony is in talk with Microsoft for adding Blu-ray disc on Xbox 360. No further news have been noted though.
But in my opinion Microsoft should go for it!! Atleast may be they can increase their market by a little??

iPhone SDK OUT!! but lot of limitation

Recently Apple announced the SDK(Software Development Kit) for iPhone in which programmer can create programs for iPhone but there seems to be lot of limitation.
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Microsoft and Google Start Bidding!! for DIGG!!

Lately there's been lot of bidding news and this one's not different too. The only real question that remains is how much!! Digg is refusing offer less than $300 million. Who'll get the Digg!! Only time will tell. For more info click the following link:-

Mar 6, 2008

Internet Explorer 8 Beta OUT!!!!!

The title says it all. Is this version convincing enough to make me switch to IE?? We'll have to see first of all let me download this beta version and test it and I'll tell you what I think in my later post for now more info can be found below:-

Mar 5, 2008

One of the sickest site I've ever seen

Every once a while you come across a webpage and it makes you go WOW!! haha OK, I just totally ripped that line from Windows Vista Ad, but seriously this webpage really is awesome!!!
Check it Out

Firewire hacks Windows easily

New Zealand's Adam Boileau can take the full advantage of what's stored in RAM in which attackers can easily unlock the Windows password using Linux connected to Firewire (such as digital cameras and digital camcorders) without even rebooting the computer.
More info on:

Mar 4, 2008

Change of Administrator

This blog is going through some changes!!.

As from now the new administrator will have full charge of the blog activities and content of the blog.

We thank you for your support.

Mar 3, 2008

Could this be a notebook replacer?

A pen that lets you write 250 pages anywhere digitally ofcourse. A great device for college or any people who needs to write too much in a day.
More here->

Double Layered Blue ray disc not enough for Metal Gear Solid

We all know that Blu-ray disc are the next big thing with 25 GB in a single layer it killed HD-DVD. But that's not enough for Metal Gear Solid even if the blu-ray was double layered.
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Ads on Video Games set to rise

After EA's Battlefield to be solely based on advertisement gurus have predicted that advertisement on video games are set to rise high
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