Mar 30, 2008

Late News

Due to some problems we were unable to post any news for 2 days but now everything's solved. We are back on track.
What we missed:-

Laptop Battery price set to rise:-
After a fire on South Korea's LG Chem Plant which is the second largest laptop battery manufacturer of the South Korea, Dell, HP and Asustek are having battery shortage for the portable device. Dell has already increased it's product's price. So if you wanna buy some batteries for your laptop I don't think you should be wasting any time buying it.

AMD'S Phenom X4 9850:-
The fastest processor from AMD Phenom X4 finally got released and tested on March 28. Even though it doesn't compete much with Intel's Best Quad Core it's still a slobber knocker for Intel as AMD will take it's market by some percentage.
I for myself am an AMD fan even though Quad is the best out there it still gives considerable performance since it's cheaper than Intel.

Adobe PhotoShop Express Launched:-
March 28th:- Adobe launches the web version of photoshop. It was expected from everyone as the world is coming to Web era.
Check it out on :-

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