Jul 28, 2009

Linux and the credit card


Recently Linux Foundation launched it’s own branded credit card for advancement of Linux OS. But I just can’t seem how that will help Linux bring the user to use their OS. Sure the $50 will go to Linux Foundation on every activation will this really help?? I just wonder how will people look at the Linux Credit card when they have to pay their bills. But whatever the marketing scheme, a credit card is indeed a credit card so don’t go rushing into getting one just because you are a huge fan of Linux. Look at them Terms of Condition of the card itself and only apply if you are happy with it. And yes, it comes with TUX.

Apply here for Linux Card


Also if you are a fan of BSD then there is a credit card for that too.


Apply here for BSD Card

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Jul 23, 2009

Do you like the new homepage of Yahoo?


Yahoo, still struggling on the market share, is still fighting back. Today Yahoo presented it’s new homepage that let’s you bookmark any page in the homepage. It not only bookmarks but shows a live preview of that page and in some cases lets you interact with the preview too.

Check it out yourself!!


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Jul 22, 2009

Sign up for Google Wave


First announced in 21st July 2009 Google Wave is a communication and collaboration tool that lets you merge email, instant messaging and other social networking.

If you are not afraid of bugs and errors and eager to try out the beta version when it gets released on September 30th.

The 1 and half hour long presentation of Google Wave


The 10 minute summary of the same presentation if you are short on time.

Sign up for Google Wave



Jul 17, 2009

Top 7 Tech News this week

1. The Office 2010 Introduction with videos:-


One of the biggest asset of Microsoft, Office with it’s great new features announced  the introduction to Microsoft Office 2010 with videos which previously was either just a teaser or just a screenshot. The new Office is more social than the previous version of Office. Now you can work on one document by more than one people at the same time.

Microsoft Office also announced it’s online version of Office which runs on any browser now.(Thank God!! Microsoft is not limiting to their own products ie IE)

Check out the videos below:-

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office Word

Microsoft Office Excel

Microsoft Office Web Application

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft Powerpoint

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Access

Microsoft SharePoint Workspace

Microsoft Publisher

2. Windows Azure official release date:-


After the announcement of their Office 2010 Microsoft also announced their new cloud computing OS. Surprisingly Azure will be charged as a service and not the product. If you are to get this cloud computing then you pay $0.12 per hour and $0.15 per GB for a month. Azure will be commercially available in mid November on PDC

3. iPhone 3.1 beta 2 OS released:-


The new beta of iPhone OS was announced which introduced wifi connection to your development machine so that you don’t need to use your connecter anymore but it does kill tethering and also it is said that the itunes no longer support Palm Pre. A bad thing? Probably yes but Apple must have good reason to do that.

4. Windows Mobile will open App Store to Developers:-


On July 27 the developers can start working on Windows Mobile Apps which is an initiative for the Windows Marketplace for Mobile platform.

5. Google Task to be default:-


As of now Google Task will be set as a default in Gmail which previously needed to be activated from Google Labs. It still needs lot of improvement but still is good for simple tasks.

6. Google Doc Redesign coming:-


Google announced that Google Doc will be heavily redesigned interface most importantly to rival the recent announced Office web?? Personally I feel that Google is not known for it’s eye candy looks but then again they proved that wrong with Chrome. Wonder what they will try this time.

7. Palm Pre SDK Mojo launched :-


For those developers eager to develop your own app has freedom to do so with the recently announced SDK

Download SDK


Jul 8, 2009

The quick overlook of Google Chrome OS and Google itself !!


Ok let’s go way back when Google was just a search engine company partnering with Yahoo to get their funds. Whoever thought Google would come this far? EVERYONE!! The day when our Bill Gates failed to notice what this thing called Internet is all about was when people have realized that the Web is the next big thing to happen to computer after the birth of computer.

        Now let’s look at your life and imagine what you do most of the time. We try to find the answer. Even when I asked you to imagine, you were searching for answers. Search is one of the most frequent thing that humans or any living beings do. And Google as being a search engine had a strong base already and being a sole search engine back in those days played a huge role in Google’s development.


        With the increase in the websites and improvement in Web came the increase to search more. The more things you have, the more you have to dig through to find. Microsoft didn’t realize that until they started the whole Live Search campaign. But Google was already ahead of the game with the search engine. It took the advantage of the web and made those web apps to synchronize your life perfectly. All you needed was a browser to let you synchronize everything. But it’s not just the computer that people wants to be synchronized. People are always on a move and always communicating with one another with their cell phones. There hadn’t been any laptop small enough to be carried in your pocket and make phone calls at the same time. Hence Google entered the mobile world with their Android OS. But Android still needed a browser in their new OS and right then came the new browser of Chrome. A perfect tool of Google to synchronize everything at anytime. You do your word processing on browser, you organize your work in browser, you chat in your browser, you socialize in browser, you listen to the music in browser, you watch movies in browser, you play games in browser.

From the look of it, it is not surprising that your whole point of starting a computer is to start your favorite browser and surf the web cause almost everything you needed was there..except those big games (in future those also might just come true)

For a normal people virtually everything was on the internet. With just a Gmail account you had various services for free which you would have to buy. So how does Google earn money?? Advertisement!! Google took great advantage of them, After that successful campaign Google started taking over certain services and sites that has potentially changed the Web including Youtube and Grand Central. I won’t be surprised to see if Youtube is the TV Station and Google Voice aka Grand Central to be the phone service of Chrome OS. The offline version of Google apps were all the clues of this thing to come.

Gmail Going Offline 226_0_0

So the Google Chrome OS was nothing much of surprise for me. Sooner or later it was bound to happen and today was the day that Google officially announced it.

What’s next?

The computer which if just connected to Internet has entire OS on the Web. Sounds impossible…that’s what people said when The Wright Brothers wanted to fly on a wooden object.


Google Chrome OS is set to launch somewhere in the mid of 2010.

A big blow to Microsoft?? Not quite, Microsoft is also working on their new browser/OS called Gazelle. So let’s see when Microsoft will announce their browser/OS.

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Jul 5, 2009

An apology for taking a break


As of now my blog will be less regular than it was. It will be back soon in future. Let’s just say I am moving into more serious stuffs right now.