Jul 17, 2009

Top 7 Tech News this week

1. The Office 2010 Introduction with videos:-


One of the biggest asset of Microsoft, Office with it’s great new features announced  the introduction to Microsoft Office 2010 with videos which previously was either just a teaser or just a screenshot. The new Office is more social than the previous version of Office. Now you can work on one document by more than one people at the same time.

Microsoft Office also announced it’s online version of Office which runs on any browser now.(Thank God!! Microsoft is not limiting to their own products ie IE)

Check out the videos below:-

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office Word

Microsoft Office Excel

Microsoft Office Web Application

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft Powerpoint

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Access

Microsoft SharePoint Workspace

Microsoft Publisher

2. Windows Azure official release date:-


After the announcement of their Office 2010 Microsoft also announced their new cloud computing OS. Surprisingly Azure will be charged as a service and not the product. If you are to get this cloud computing then you pay $0.12 per hour and $0.15 per GB for a month. Azure will be commercially available in mid November on PDC

3. iPhone 3.1 beta 2 OS released:-


The new beta of iPhone OS was announced which introduced wifi connection to your development machine so that you don’t need to use your connecter anymore but it does kill tethering and also it is said that the itunes no longer support Palm Pre. A bad thing? Probably yes but Apple must have good reason to do that.

4. Windows Mobile will open App Store to Developers:-


On July 27 the developers can start working on Windows Mobile Apps which is an initiative for the Windows Marketplace for Mobile platform.

5. Google Task to be default:-


As of now Google Task will be set as a default in Gmail which previously needed to be activated from Google Labs. It still needs lot of improvement but still is good for simple tasks.

6. Google Doc Redesign coming:-


Google announced that Google Doc will be heavily redesigned interface most importantly to rival the recent announced Office web?? Personally I feel that Google is not known for it’s eye candy looks but then again they proved that wrong with Chrome. Wonder what they will try this time.

7. Palm Pre SDK Mojo launched :-


For those developers eager to develop your own app has freedom to do so with the recently announced SDK

Download SDK


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