Apr 2, 2008

Google Loves April 1st

Hell yes, Google must have a thing for April 1st whether it being the date for their launching Gmail or turning 1 GB or 3 GB or unlimited or Google romance.
This time it was not one not two but whole bunch of jokes Google had stored for April 1st.

First there was 'Custom Date" which lets you set the date(it can date back in past too) for the received mail.

Second there was "Google Future Search" which lets you search for the stuffs to be invented or created or discovered in future WOW!!!

Then there was "Google Spoken Adsense", just when we asked to ourselves Can Google place ad on anything or what?!!! then it proved us right by placing the ad while you speak!!! Yes!! when you speak then the relevant ad pops up!!
For details about Google Spoken Adsense :-

And then there was "Google Airplane". This shows up in Google Docs under File menu which has "Create Airplane" option!! after you click this, it'll teach you how to make a paper airplane asks you to print it then video it flying and posting it on any video uploading site and getting a comment and after you've done all that you'll get a 2GB ipod shuffle. Talk about craziness
More details on "Google Airplane" :-

Then there was the replacement of a particular word in wikipedia, the replacement word was of course "Google" but the word which was replaced was "time travel"
Check this two site out and see for yourself what the joke was
The orginal content:-

The replacement content:-

Then there was Google and Virgin team up to settle on Mars, this was rather succint though.
The notification of Google and Virgin team:-

Then there is definately Youtube Rickroll

And finally there was "Google wake-up Kit" which they say that they were bound to make as their staffs were getting late for meeting and waking up early in the morning. The device will send you SMS and if still you don't wake up then other measures will be applied
More on it:-

Also even though Google Paper (which Google promises you to print the email you typed to be mailed to you in hard copy, be that a photo or anything Google will print it for you baby!! with glossy paper and says that paper is totally environment friendly) which was the joke of last year when I checked Gmail this joke still prevailed!!

And I think Google says "HAPPY APRIL FOOL EVERYBODY"

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