Sep 30, 2008

Is Apple losing it?

I mean first the stupid way they hire so called “geniuses” and second Mac Pro giving those toxic vapors and damaging our health???

Here are the questions you typically get on interview if you are ought to work for Apple:-

What is special about the Mac Pro’s current Ram setup?
If a user account keeps crashing on login what do you do?
What are 3 keyboard combinations you can boot your computer with?
Are you familiar with OS 9?
If a customer asks you to sync music from their iPod to computer, what do you say?

What is Automator and what does it do?
How do you answer a customer who wants to share music with his friend via iTunes?

And if you can answer five of those question then you qualify into the world of geniuses!!

Mac Pro cases giving out toxic fumes!!


If you have one of those Mac Pro then you might want to stay clear from it. According to research eight hour of those Mac Pro toxic vapor could not only irritate your skin, eye and respiratory tract but also could effect your bone marrow. Apple says they are working on this problem but if you ask me I would stay away from those Mac cases for now, who knew beauty could stink!!

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