Sep 23, 2008

Android Phone in action


Ok the wait is almost over, everyone is anxiously anticipating how Android Phone works and how it can be the next big thing.
But lucky for us Gizmodo guys have got a video of how Android works.
Review on Video:-


Review of G1 phone:-

So from what I’m hearing from most of the people is “What’s so great about this Android phone?” Ok, we all know that Google isn’t well known for it’s looks and glossy interface so that’s not what we people are looking forward to the Android phone so what is the big deal? First of all, it’s Google, which was the company which only had the best search engine with very simple site. Now it’s making it’s own O/S. And another factor for its popularity is because of the LInux platform that Android was built in.On top of everything Google just released it’s Chrome which is not just a browser but literally an O/S which works flawlessly with Google gears which means that Android can have unlimited apps that can be synchronized both with their server and on your desktop. All you need is a Gmail account and you have all your personal data with that account which you can share it with your friends and families and many more which makes it much more easy for us. So from this we can tell that Android is a self dependant phone. It has it’s own browser, apps, O/S an many more which makes it the next big thing in mobile world.

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