Sep 27, 2008

It’s a mobile world!!!

Now if’s it one thing that needs to radically develop, it’s to give mobile a complete desktop experience which is why developers of browser are trying that much harder to give the feel of desktop by experimenting, modifying, and tweaking the mobile browser. Now that brings me to the latest updates and releases happening in mobile world.

The Release of Internet Explorer 6 on 6


Apart from the classic scrollbar, IE 6 on 6 now shows striking similarity with desktop appearance. But it still doesn’t support multi tab like desktop browser these days do, now we can only hope for it’s blazing rendering for heavy pages. The current update for IE 6 on 6 is quite a huge update for IE for Windows Mobile since it previously was running on the same engine built back on 1997. So lookout for this browser.

Internet Explorer 6 on 6 Video review:-

The Release of new interface on Safari for iPhone


To give the user the easy navigation, that same old desktop Safari experience and just to make the life a little easier Safari developers gives iPhone user a fresh new interface. As shown in the picture above the MobileSafari now gets the refresh icon within the address bar and the search bar side by side. If you’re a iPhone user then you might want to get this update.

The Release of Skyfire Open Beta


Some say skyfire is the next big thing to happen in the mobile browser world. It still is in Beta stage and also with lot of limitation it does one thing better than other, support for flash videos, which means watching youtube videos in it for video lover is like a gift from heaven. But since it’s in Beta stage we are hoping more in future.

Review of Skyfire on Video:-

The Release of Mobile Firefox sure before 2010

Since every other desktop browser is heading for the mobile version of the browser, Mozilla has also promised to release their mobile version of Firefox before 2010 so except something big to happen in the browsing world before 2010.

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