Nov 8, 2008

New Features of Windows 7

Ok since everyone’s talking about it, let us also take a quick look at the Windows 7. What are the instant changes you will notice and what you will have to get used to if you are ought to use Windows 7.


Aero Shake

Click the title bar and shake it to minimize all the background windows and do it again to maximize them.

That amazing “multi-touch”

We all know the highly hyped multi-touch software.

All new improved taskbar

This must be my favorite feature of all, the highly improved taskbar, also known as superbar. It has got the live thumbnail preview, jumplist and many more.

Customizable Color Hover

It’s not much but atleast some control over your taskbar.

Windows Docking Feature:-

Drag your window too far to the left and window will automatically resize that window depending on where you drag. The left far-end means covering the half screen, the right far-end means covering the other half screen and the upper drag means full-screen.

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