Nov 1, 2008

My Life as a Beta


In these days we depend too much on technology and it’s hard to keep up with the technology. As our life depends too much on the technology, developers also have to perform some hardcore test which is why Beta version and Release Candidate are so popular these days. And that made me think, at this very moment I’m using lot of beta versioned products than the full version some of them are Windows Vista SP2 Beta, Windows Live Messenger Beta, Windows Live Writer Beta, Gmail Beta, Mozilla Firefox 3.1 Beta, IE 8 Beta. And with all these Beta programs do you really think Beta software are norm these days? And tell us how many beta programs do you use?

1 comment:

  1. And the thing I hate about Beta is that it misses the essential features of the previous version and that I hate most about it...Hope developer would fix those before releasing the beta version.