Oct 13, 2008

How to control your Windows PC with your Windows Mobile Device

Recently I’ve been trying to control my Windows PC with my Windows Mobile Phone but I couldn’t find a better help in the Internet. After lot of research and trial I finally managed to do what I been wanting to do for a week. Now I’m sharing it so that someone like me might also find this helpful someday.

Ok, so what do you think the idea of controlling your Windows PC with your Windows Mobile Device? How would you like to run the Windows application on your Windows Mobile Device? I know we all have imagined it at some point. So here’s making your imagination to reality.

Remote Controlling your PC (Part 1)

Remote Controlling your PC (Part 2)

Sorry for the blurry video though. Youtube just won’t upload 1.7GB video!!

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1. Go to http://www.rdmplus.com

2. Download the Remote Desktop for Mobiles.

3. Run the setup.

4. You will be asked for the Account name, Password. (this is used when you try to make a connection to your PC)

5. After you register a confirmation will be sent to your email address. Confirm it and soon after you will be send with your Computer Id, username and password. (Copy that Computer Id, you’ll need it)

6. Before the completion of the installation don’t forget to plug in your Windows Mobile device in your computer so that it can be installed in your remote controlling device too.

7. Once the installation completes, on your windows mobile device, run RDM+ application.

8. You’ll be asked to buy the software but you can run the trial version too.

9. Now go to Menu and make a new connection.

10. Enter the previously provided computer id, username and password and press connect. (Make sure your wi-fi or internet connection is enabled)

11. Once the connection is made feel free to play with the options.

12. Now you get your own PC in your pocket.

Since, you got that, why not try to fool someone, letting the computer do things automatically, but you know you are controlling the whole thing. A Perfect Sci-fi scare for this Halloween?? Who am I kidding who will get scared of computer anyway!!

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