Jun 25, 2009

What to expect on this fall?

Palm Pre SDK


If you still haven’t what Palm Pre is all about then you should first look at the video below.

Now you should also know that it uses webOS a Linux based OS. And Palm promises that SDK(Software Development Kit) will be released after the summer following the delay of course . Wait for that one if you are a software developer.

Release date:- Late summer

Zune HD


Even though the previous Zune has not really created that much of a competition for iPod there’s something about Zune HD that's just more appealing than iPod. The design and the OS both looks pretty awesome with the multi-touch, OLED display and the nvidia Tegra chip which means that it’s as powerful as your netbook or so they say.

Check out the video from Engadget:-


Release Date:- 5th September


Till now many people frown upon using HTML as lacking many features but HTML 5 tries to bring a lot of features most notably the video feature of HTML 5 where your video can be a website within using Javascript. Also many tags have been modified and will see changes for those who are used to HTML 4.

Release date:- Suppose to be October 2009 but it just depends on the browser whether they are supporting or not. Firefox 3.5 final release is supposed to support HTML 5. It’s really upto the browser for this one.

Watch the presentation of HTML 5 by Ian Hickson:-

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