Jun 17, 2009

Opera: Reinvent the Web


Ok so by now we know that Opera’s releasing their new version but this time Opera has something big for us. Opera promised to reinvent the web and in a way I think it did. Turning your web browser as a server is not something you would have expected from Opera but Opera being the underdog in browser world with new features brought us this amazing feature. I always hoped for some feature like this and finally the browser has built in on it. No extra software no extra plugin you download the Opera and you got it in.

The possibilities?? Well, for once you have control over your computer from anywhere around the world. Even on your cellphones. Sharing is so much easier between your friends and families and even yourself.

You can share files, photos, media files, notes and even can start the chat without extra application and share the folder you like..

Of course since your browser now acts as a server your computer or server needs 24 hour internet connection that is if you want your file to be accessible 24 hours or else the choice is on your own.

You’ll need an Opera account and with that account you setup your own url for people to share your stuffs. Usually the url starts with the chosenamecomputername.username.operaunite.com.

You chooose which files you want to share with friends or to the world and which you want to make private. Just share your url and you are done.

Opera Unite Intro


Opera Unite Tutorial

Download Operaunite

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