Jan 21, 2009

Go Mobile with Internet

It's obvious that people are getting busier day by day and WE NEED technology to keep us together and get everything smoothly. Of course there are smartphones and portable laptops but smartphones are not capable of doing everything like your PC and there might be that day when you don't want to carry that "more than the size of your hand" laptop.

Your Office in a cloud:-

Google Docs:-


I think all of us know by now what Google Docs is and what it can do. Basically it is an alternate for the Microsoft Office. It’s pretty obvious that Google Docs can’t perform all the activities as Microsoft Office does but for the basic purposes it gets all the job done. Not only Google Docs handle Doc files but also Powerpoint files, Excel Files and Access Files.

Zoho Writer:


The perfect alternative of MS Word when we talk about online word processor. It doesn’t have the features of complete MS Word but it gives us more than what a desktop based word processor can’t give us and that will be collaboration with other users. It’s still in beta so much more progress are sure to come in future.



ThinkFree offers both online and offline versions but it’s the online one which is free. It is also a powerful online word processor and is no less than Zoho writer.Again like Zoho writer, its short of features as compared to desktop based word processors.

Buzzword :


This one is from Adobe Acrobat developers which includes more than Microsoft office like webcam conference and much more but it requires flash player to run so flash player plugin is necessary for our browser to function this webapp.



gOffice has word processing, DTP, presentations and spreadsheets. Of course, all of them have to be very simple, which is good for 80% of the population.

But there are lot of alternatives coming to make out life mobile. Also it is said that the Office Live is on it’s way to be launched. So expect Microsoft Office Live in your browser in near future.

Edit Photos Online:-



Picnik – that name sounds really fun but come to think of it, it makes a lot of sense. Whenever you are in picnic and instantly want to edit your precious photo then Picnik is the site to go.

With no registration required what so ever to edit the photo, all you do is go there and upload the photo and edit, it has huge features from create to edit and it also seamlessly blends with facebook, picasa, myspace, flickr, photobucket,webshots and even your webcam.

A good alternative for your desktop image editing tool, but let’s not compare it with Photoshop.


After gaining huge market on desktop applications, Adobe launched their own online photo editing tool. Photoshopexpress.com isn't all set out to do what your desktop version does but to quickly add simple effects like Color Adjustments, Soft Focus, Cropping and many other image adjustment which makes editing photo easier where ever you go, unless you have internet that is.

Edit Videos Online:-



Now that you got some basic idea of where you want to upload your photos and edit them, what about videos though??? Unlike photo editing tools out there in web, there aren’t many video editing tools. But I never said there isn’t either. Jumpcut a Yahoo project which is still in beta though, lets you easily upload video, add soundtrack and many with lot of transitioins. Jumpcut must be the simplest video editing tool out there in web today. Not that new tools will show up in future but till now Jumpcut is the one you’ll go if you want to edit video online, again this tool is not heavy as Adobe AfterEffects or Adobe Premiere but it definitely gets the job done… well sort of for the average user.

Uncompress Files Online:-



Ever had that situation when you quickly compressed your important files and mailed it to your email and when you wanted that file desperately to open in another computer only to find out that you couldn’t uncompress it?? And can’t install any decompressor like winrar or winzip because of limited privilege? Well, fear not!! wobzip.org uncompresses any file with 7z, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2, TAR, RAR, CAB, ISO, ARJ, LZHCHM, Z, CPIO, RPM, DEB and NSIS extensions. Even if the compressed file is password protected it has an option to enter the password and uncompress for you. If you have uploaded some file in file sharing tool like rapidshare or megaupload then you can directly uncompress from there as well. Just type


But there is one limitation though, it has the limit of 100MB file and is still in testing stage. But even then it gets my job done in college!!

Upload anything and organize online:-



Oosah is one of those flash app which lets you upload from your music files to your photos and to your videos and all media stuffs including playlists. It also nicely incoparates with your facebook photos, youtube and picasa. And one huge advantage of it is, it has huge storage capacity,I think 1 TB can hold all the files of your harddisk. But the down side is you have to upload all those 30GB music and 20 GB of videos and those 10 GB of photos which will probably take 3 months to upload. But for smaller uploads Oosah is perfect solution to take your media online and organize.

I think I covered all the basic apps that an average person needs in his daily life. But if you feel that I could add more of the online stuffs comment is open for all. Suggestions and Criticisms are welcome. 

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