Dec 31, 2009

Give me wave!!

Need an invite to Google Wave desperately? This is your chance to grab one. Just ask for one in the comment below with your email address. The first 20 gets the invitation.

For those of you who don’t know what Google Wave is, take a look at here.


A long description about Google Wave from the Google itself.

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The year that was in tech history (2009):- May and June


May 1st:- Microsoft announces Xbox to get full body motion sensing device add-on (Project Natal)

May 2nd:- NASA develops electronic nose to smell those cancerous cell inside the brain

May 4th:- BlackBerry Curve 83X takes over iPhone in US market

May 4th:- RIM confirms of new Storm

May 4th:- Apple/Google relationship begin investigated for antitrust violation

May 4th:- Windows 7 RC officially available for public

May 4th:- Microsoft announces to distribute Windows Vista till January of 2011 and continue to support till April 2012

May 5th:- Windows Marketplace comes with 12 commandments

May 5th:- CenTrak intros world's smallest RFID

May 6th:- Amazon awarded design patent for Kindle v1

May 6th:- Mvix announces Nubbin, world's smallest Wireless N USB adapter

May 6th:- Verizon introduces Mi-Fi 2200

May 7th:- Intel's ad campaign rolls on.

May 7th:- DJ Hero announced

May 7th:- Palm Pre banner hits Best Buy

May 7th:- Spring awaits for Palm Pre launch date

May 7th:- Acer says US smartphone won't arrive until 2010

May 8th: Vizio LCD TV becomes the most popular bargain in US

May 8th:- Mini-HDMI cable prototype shown

May 8th:- Rumor of PlayStation Phone spreads again

May 10th:- Palm's touchstone and various accessories arrive in Best Buy

May 11th:- EU to rule against Intel in Intel and AMD feud

May 11th:- Apple rejects Bittorrent app

May 11th:- Palm Pre slowly leaks out

May 11th:- Chevy Camaro supports Zune

May 12th:- Microsoft Project "Pink" leaks out

May 12th:- First Windows Mobile 6.5 launched without announcment

May 12th:- Apple OS X 10.5.7 released

May 13th:- Intel fined $1.3 billion in AMD antitrust case

May 13th:- Microsoft Marketplace for Mobile developer opens for business

May 13th:- AMD shows off with world's first 1 Ghz air-cooled GPU

May 14th:- Sony posts $1 billion loss, first in 14 years

May 15th:- Intel and Nokia collaborating on new Linux-based phone called oFono

May 15th:- Firefox Fennec available for WinMo in alpha form

May 17th:- Microsoft Surface gets it's first Service Pack

May 18th:- Touchpanel Laboratories shows off touchscreen with 9 point detection

May 18th:- LG sets the worlds thinnest LCD (0.23 inches thick)

May 19th:- Microsoft's beta My Phone service for Windows Mobile now free to all

May 19th:- Palm Pre to be officially announced on June 6th for $200

May 20th:- Mobile 2.0 beta demoed

May 20th:- Virgin America flights getting ready to be equipped with in-flight Wi-Fi

May 21st:- AT&T slowly rolls out CruiseCast in-car satellite TV service

May 22nd:- Google launches Google Chrome Browser 2.0

May 22nd:- Microsoft drops three app limit from the Windows 7 Starter Pack

May 22nd:- Microsoft announces the maximum netbook specs for Windows 7

May 23rd:- Air fuelled STAIR Battery comes into labs, boasts that it lasts ten times the normal battery

May 26th: Nokia Ovi Store live everywhere

May 26th: Windows Vista SP2 is live and ready to download

May 26th:- Zune HD becomes official

May 27th: Apple quietly updates Macbook again

May 27th: AT&T moves straight from 7,2 Mbps to LTE, skips HSPA+

May 27th: Android "Donut" demoed

May 27th: Intel debuts Core i7 unannounced

May 28th: Palm Pre announces that it syncs nicely with iTunes

May 28th: HDMI 1.4 officially detailed

May 28th: Steve Ballmer demos Zune HD

May 28th:- Google Wave unveiled, rush for invitation starts

May 29th: Windows 7 and Vista downgrade rights leaked

May 29th:- World's largest laser open for business in California

May 31st:- Zune HD release date announced



Jun 1st:- Xbox Live gets 1080p Zune, Netflix browsing, Twitter and Facebook integration

Jun 1st:- Microsoft officially announced "Project Natal" motion controller for Xbox 360

Jun 1st:- iPhones to come from 4GB to 32 GB

Jun 1st:- Google gets into e-book business

Jun 1st:- Adobe finally bringing GPU acceleration to Flash

Jun 2nd:- Acer to launch world's first Android based netbook in Q3

Jun 2nd:- Microsoft announces Windows 7 launch date (Oct 22nd)

Jun 2nd:- PSP Go announced

Jun 2nd:- Sony announces it's own PS3 motion controller

Jun 2nd:- Motorola debuts world's first retail DOCSIS 3.0 cable modems

Jun 2nd:- AMD shows off world's first DirectX 11 GPU

Jun 4th:- RIM buys Dash Navigation

Jun 4th:- End of E3

Jun 5th:- BenQ says it will work on smartphones and netbooks in 2010

Jun 5th:- Acer's first Android netbook to dual boot on Windows

Jun 5th:- xpPhone is introduced to the world

Jun 6th:- Palm Pre gets launched to public, not just for superstars

Jun 6th: The new iPhone rumor spreads

Jun 7th:- Apple codenames iPhone 3GS to it's new iPhone

Jun 8th:- Acer announces it will launch 3D laptop in October

Jun 8th:- JPMorgan claims Palm Pre's 50,000 units sold in opening weekend

Jun 8th:- Apple's WWDC kicks off (iPhone 3GS, Snow Leopard, new Macbooks and other iPod related updates)

Jun 8th:- AT&T says it will support tethering in iPhone

Jun 9th:- Sony planning to cut price off of PS3 for madden release

Jun 9th:- ExpressCard 2.0 finally finalized

Jun 9th:- Fedora 11 launched

Jun 9th:- Palm Pre has it's own Konami Code

Jun 10th:- Snow Leopard saying goodbye to PowerPC

Jun 11th:- Linux gets the first driver for USB 3.0

Jun 11th:- Apple patents activity monitor for skiers, bikers (kind of like Nike+)

Jun 11th:- Windows 7 gives an option to chose browser in EU

Jun 12th:- US says hello to Digital TV and Goodbye to analog TV

Jun 12th:- Palm pre runs doom for the first time

Jun 12th:- MMS and tethering to start on some AT&T iPhone 3G S

Jun 12th:- SDXC to blow our mind next year (2010)

Jun 13th:- Project Natal basis for Xbox 360 console coming Fall 2010

Jun 14th:- Palm Pre gets NES emulator (more games)

Jun 15th:- Dell's Android smartphone gets a leaked snapshot

Jun 15th:- NVIDIA releases five more new mobile GPU (40nm G210M, GT 230M, GT 240M and GTS 250M)

Jun 15th:- Palm Pre allows data tethering in spite of Sprint not allowing it

Jun 16th:- Buzz about Blackberry Tour on Verizon and Sprint

Jun 16th:- Opera launches Opera Unite to "reinvent the web"

Jun 16th: Tegra confirmed for Zune HD

Jun 17th:- SPRXmobile's Layar introduces us with augmented reality in browser

Jun 17th:- iPhone OS 3.0 available

Jun 17th:- Palm and Apple's feud on iTunes starts

Jun 18th:- Microsoft confirms new Xbox 360's memory bumped to 512MB

Jun 19th:- iPhone 3G S officially available to public

Jun 19th:- Microsoft extends XP downgrade to 2011

Jun 20th:- 700,000 apps downloaded so far on Palm Pre

Jun 22nd:- Ballmer apologizes for wrong release information on Project Natal

Jun 23rd:- Intel and Nokia to officially partner on Mobile devices

Jun 24th:- Adobe demos flash on HTC Hero

Jun 24th:- Microsoft releases Hohm beta for analyzing your home energy usage

Jun 25th:- Palm App sees 1 million downloads after 20 days

Jun 25th:- Microsoft sets the prices on Windows 7

Jun 25th:- Android gets official SDK

Jun 26th:- Windows 7 pre-order begins (not for Europe though)

Jun 27th:- Palm Pre's SDK Mojo leaks out in wild

Jun 28th:- HTC Hero is ready to pre-order in UK

Jun 28th:- Microsoft announces Windows Marketplace to launch with 600 apps

Jun 28th:- Acer becomes number two PC maker in US

Jun 29th:- Windows 7 pre-order sells out in Japan

Jun 29th:- RIM, Apple, Nokia agrees on micro-USB phone charger for Europe

Jun 29th:- Steve Jobs back to work at Apple

Jun 29th:- OLED mini-projector for mobile using multiple lenses developed

Jun 30th:- The Pirate Bay acquired by Global Gaming Factory

Jun 30th:- Microsoft uploads some instructional videos of Windows 7

Jun 30th:- HTC Hero Rom leaked

Jun 30th:- Firefox 3.5 released

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New Year 2010:- Google Wave Invitation giveaway!!

On new year, I will be handing out 15 invitations to the first 15 comment.


Just ask for one with your email address in the comment box with the topic “Give me Wave!!” which will be posted on Jan 1st 00:00 CST.

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Dec 30, 2009

The year that was in tech history (2009):- March and April


Mar 1st:- Red Ring of Death problem solved.

Mar 2nd:- Microsoft shows the glimpse of future

Mar 3rd:- Apple announces new Core i7 Macs and Mac Pro

Mar 3rd:- Maemo 5 gets Alpha SDK

Mar 3rd:- Amazon Kindle hits the App Store

Mar 4th:- IBM develops ZTIC USB for safe online banking

Mar 4th:- Blackberry names its app store App World, minimum paid price 2.99

Mar 5th:- Windows Vista and Server 2008 SP2 RC available for download

Mar 5th:- The Beatles comes to Rock Band

Mar 5th:- Nokia confirms 5800 3G reception issues fixed

Mar 6th:- NASA's Kepler begins searching for other earth like planet

Mar 6th:- Hulu returns to boxee via RSS feed

Mar 6th:- UK college begins testing facial recognition attendance system

Mar 6th:- Cydia developer begins their own App Store for iPhone

Mar 6th:- Hulu blocks content to boxee again

Mar 9th:- Apple Tablet rumor begins

Mar 9th:- Compact Disc turns 30

Mar 9th:- Seagate demoes 6Gps SATA, world's first

Mar 10th:- Cricket builds the world's largest cellphone

Mar 10th:- iPod touch 2G jailbroken finally

Mar 11th:- Apple releases iPod shuffle that talks (4GB)

Mar 11th:- Microsoft unveils the fees for Windows Marketplace

Mar 11th:- Mitsubishi shows off "3D Touch panel" display

Mar 12th:- Intel declared still the king of chip, AMD slips, Toshiba and Qualcomm climbs up

Mar 12th:- Google sets up Android support team in Taiwan

Mar 13th:- Sony France chairman held hostage by the workers

Mar 13th:- Windows 7 bug fixes multi-touch zoom for explorer

Mar 13th:- Web turns 20

Mar 16th:- Dell Adamo announced

Mar 17th:- Apple previews iPhone OS 3.0 and new SDK giving copy and paste and MMS

Mar 18th:- Nokia White E71 arrives in America

Mar 19th:- Internet Explorer 8 gets released

Mar 19th:- Pwn2Own:- Safari , IE 8 and Firefox all exploited Chrome Browser left un-injured

Mar 19th:- Microsoft declares "Second Light" is not the next version of Surface

Mar 23rd:- Sony Ericsson's Us president steps down

Mar 25th:- OnLive Gaming promises to revolutionize gaming world, demonstrated live

Mar 26th:- Graphene Chip from MIT could hit 1,000 Ghz

Mar 26th:- General Electric brings 3D HD baggage screening at airports

Mar 27th:- iPhone 3G available contract-free

Mar 27th:- Microsoft starts I'm a PC ad campaign

Mar 27th:- Intel and NVIDIA keeps suing each other over Nehalem chipset licensing

Mar 28th:- NVIDIA in talks to buy part of VIA

Mar 29th:- Tata unveils Nano (a $2000 car)

Mar 30th:- Skype for iPhone releases

Mar 31st:- Google quietly pulls out tethering apps

Mar 31st:- Researchers develop vibrating touchscreen braille

Mar 31st:- Blackberry App World goes live


Apr 1st:- Nokia releases it's beta Point & Find

Apr 1st:- Hulu begins HTML encryption

Apr 1st:- Obama offers iPod to Queen of England

Apr 1st:- Microsoft launches entry-level Foundation Server 2008

Apr 1st:- Palm announces webOS SDK and Palm OS emulation for Pre

Apr 2nd:- Google allows tethering apps to Android Market again

Apr 2nd:- Google Data Center secrets revealed

Apr 3rd:- MIT builds battery from bacterial virus

Apr 3rd:- RIM sells it's 50 millionth BlackBerry

Apr 7th:- iTunes Store varying on the price of songs

Apr 7th:- Gmail mobile supports offline and whole lot of features

Apr 8th:- Boxee's App Box and API go live

Apr 10th:- Zune HD shows up in screenshot

Apr 13th;- Tesla's Roadster travels 241 miles on single charge

Apr 13th: - Augmented reality hands on museum in Netherland

Apr 13th:- Android 1.5 announced, has something to do with cupcake

Apr 13th:- The much anticipated Nikon D5000 announced

Apr 17th:- The Pirate Bay founders sentenced to prison

Apr 18th:- Windows 7 RC out for MSD/TechNet subscribers

Apr 20th:- Sharp manufactures worlds' first waterproof solar cellphone

Apr 23rd:- Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope ready to download

Apr 23rd:- T-Mobile sells 1 million G1 in US

Apr 23rd:- Apple App Store hits 1 billion downloads

Apr 23rd:- Microsoft profits sink for the first time in 23 year

Apr 24th:- Windows 7 RC 7100 OEMs available for download in torrent sites

Apr 28th:- Microsoft's Project Pink surfaces

Apr 29th:- Microsoft says there's no Project Pink or ZunePhone

Apr 29th: Samsung promises 21 inch OLED TV in 2010

Apr 30th: Apple cuts the price on it's computer

Apr 30th:- Windows 7 RC and XP to last till 2010 says Microsoft officials

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Dec 28, 2009

The year that was in tech history (2009):- January and Feburary


Jan 1st:- iPhone 3G unlock version arrives


[Many products unveiled and concept displayed]

[Shows us what 2009 is going to be]

Jan 11th:- Palm Pre FCC Approval

Jan 12th:- Microsoft removes Windows 7 Beta download limit

Jan 14th:- Windows 7 beta security patch, fixes MP3 and other problems

Jan 14th:- Sony's Vaio P pre-order

Jan 14th:- Psystar trying yet another tactic against Apple

Jan 14th:- Steve Jobs, taking a sick leave from Apple

Jan 14th:- Motorola lays off 4,000 employees

Jan 14th:- Sony sells 50 million PS2 in America

Jan 15th:- Philips introduces ultra widescreen LCD TV 21:9

Jan 16th:- Dell Inspiron 15 ready to order

Jan 16th:- Circuit City closes down

Jan 16th:- App Store hits 500 million downloads

Jan 19th:- Microsoft accused by EU of harming the browser competition

Jan 19th:- TechCrunch's internet tablet gets a new prototype

Jan 20th:- Blackberry starts Application storefront (appstore)

Jan 20th:- AMD sells handheld graphics to Qualcomm

Jan 21st:- PS3 2.6 firmware update

Jan 21st:- Apple quitely launches Macbook with unibody

Jan 22nd:- New Storm OS leaked

Jan 22nd:- Obama gets his new Blackberry

Jan 22nd:- Apple patents adaptive volume control.

Jan 23rd:- Microsoft extends the Windows 7 beta to Feb 10

Jan 25th:- JoliCloud pops out

Jan 26th:- AMD's Phenom breaks the record at 6.5 Ghz

Jan 26th:- Lenovo Thinkpad W700ds introduces two screens to laptop market

Jan 27th:- iPhone firmware update 2.2.1

Jan 29th:- Google launches Measurement labs to monitor the tubes

Jan 30th:- Intel's Moblin Alpha released

Jan 31st:- Windows 7 gets successfully installed on Amtek U560 UMPC

Jan 31st:- Apple in talks with Adobe to bring Flash to iPhone


Feb 2nd: Nikon unveils eight new Coolpix cams, S220,S230,S630,S620,P20,L19,L20,L100.

Feb 3rd:- Windows 7 SKU announced

Feb 3rd:- India unveils $20 laptop "The Sakshat"

Feb 4th:- The Sakshat is not a laptop at all.

Feb 4th:- Nikon unveils Fabre Photo Ex DSLR-based stereoscopic microscope

Feb 5th:- Nine year old writes an app for iPhone

Feb 6th:- MIT's sixth sense brought more public

Feb 6th:- Microsoft refusing that it is not making a phone, just changing WinMo to Windows Phone

Feb 9th:- Kindle 2 launched

Feb 9th:- Google announced Google Sync for iPhone, Windows Mobile and SyncML devices

Feb 10th:- Intel working on 32nm processors (i7)

Feb 11th:- Canon patents LiveView autofocus software

Feb 12th:- Garmin-Asus announces Windows Mobile nuvifone M20

Feb 13th:- Microsoft Marketplace appears in WinMo 6.5 screenshot

Feb 13th:- Darpa develops a 1.8 gigapixel digicam

Feb 13th:- Google accepting paid apps in Android Market

Feb 13th:- Macbook Pros 17-inch unibody starts to ship

Feb 15th:- Samsung OmniaHD becomes first phone to capture 720p video

Feb 15th:- Microsoft releases Recite to search your voice notes

Feb 15th:- Microsoft My Phone pre-registrations begins

Feb 15th:- Palm joins Adobe to support flash in Pre

Feb 16th:- Nokia Ovi unveiled

Feb 16th:- Microsoft announces Windows Mobile 6.5, Windows Marketplace and My Phone for Windows Mobile

Feb 16th:- Texas Instruments introduces us with much more tinier projector chip

Feb 17th:- Microsoft My Phone live

Feb 18th:- Google demos offline Gmail for iPhone and HTML 5 on Palm pre

Feb 19th:- Paid apps appear in Android Market

Feb 20th:- Palm Pre appear in UK website

Feb 20th:- New Mac Mini revealed video

Feb 22nd:- Kindle 2 ships

Feb 24th:- iTunes tries iTunes Pass

Feb 24th:- Hitachi acquires Fabrik

Feb 24th:- Steve Ballmer confirms Windows Mobile 7 next year (2010)

Feb 25th:- Toshiba releases 32nm NAND flash chips

Feb 25th:- Snow Leopard leaks screenshots and video

Feb 26th:- PSP 2 ready for UMD-less

Feb 27th:- Alaska Airlines offering in-flight WiFi

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Monday is over and we haven’t revisited the history?

Why, do you ask?? Have we been scammed?? No!!

From this day till New Year we look back at some of the important incident in technology history.

We look back every two months of 2009 everyday.

Beginning Today.

Dec 23, 2009

On December 30th we will travel back the time


Come back on December 30th, Monday to re-visit the past.

Dec 8, 2009

Three dead simple steps to unlock your iPhone


Come on, you have to admit it that iPhone with contract on AT&T is unfair. You should get unlocked iPhone on every Walmart. Ok may be not on Walmart but the point is finding the unlocked iPhone can be hard sometimes and even if you do it’s not guaranteed to work on all sims and this is exactly what you will need to get your iPhone start working on almost every sim.

Let’s go through the steps!!


Download blackra1n and install it.


Connect your iPhone and and run blackra1n. Follow the instruction or in this case you would have to wait couple of minutes


After you iPhone  gets restarted go to blackra1n and install Cydia. It will take a couple of minutes to show your network bars.


Wasn’t that easy?

There are many ways to unlock your iPhone and one of them is this.

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Disclaimer: The above steps were tested on iPhone 3G with the U.S sim card and is not guaranteed to work on all version of iPhones.