Nov 21, 2009

Chrome OS: The Overview

You have heard of Chrome Browser (the video below shows the stat) or at least now you know what Chrome is. But Google has even more things to make you scratch your heads about. Enter Chrome OS.


I think most of the people know what OS is. It’s an Operating System that makes your computer surf the web, play games, prepare the document on, listen and watch videos and many stuffs that makes the PC come to life. But if asked you would need a certain hardware to run certain OS, then you would probably think about Apple(although PCs can be made hackintosh). And Chrome OS is almost the same but instead the whole design for this hardware is different. Chrome OS is a browser based OS. The very first thing that you see in your computer once you start your PC is a browser and that’s it. Because people spend most of their time on the internet (according to Google), Google went ahead and made an OS out of the browser. Like I said, you would need the whole new hardware to run this OS if you want it to work properly. Let me clarify on why this is. Our normal PC after the power on loads the BIOS checks everything, OK? then checks the hard disk to load your OS on. Starts the bootloader and probably prompt you to enter the specific bootloader. Starts that bootloader and probably asks which version of OS to start and just after that your OS starts to load. Chrome OS on the other hand loads the custom firmware(aka BIOS), enters custom Kernel(aka bootloader) and bam!! Your OS is ready to launch which is why it needs a specific hardware, probably not on the market right now but as OS completes it’s final stage, we will see some hardware dedicated to it.


Now, why a browser based OS?

People are online today. It’s a fact, almost 95% of the time you are in someway connected to the outer world through internet. Internet on your PC, internet on your console, internet on your cellphone, internet on your photo frame. Surprising but true that we all are connected from the internet. And how do you surf this interconnecting world? From the browser!! You enter the address of certain site and you can do certain activities offered by that site. Watch videos? Listen to songs? Prepare a document? Edit Photos? Almost everything now you do is on the internet. and hence the browser based OS.

Where the browser based OS fails?

The rest 5% when you are organizing your music library, programming or anything that you would love to do in PC than in internet what would you do in that 5% of time in browser based OS ?

Also, because your browser depends heavily on internet, if your internet fails your PC fails. And internet hasn’t yet evolved to feed our daily 3 to 4 GB of data transfer that is done easily by your browser (although there is a rumor that Google will give user GDrive as their primary storage, not confirmed though) Anyway where I am getting at is there would be no download system in the internet, once you enter the browser world. You are downloading and uploading from the given site and that is it.

There are certain tasks that can be multi-tasked on the Chrome OS so far, chat, notepad and others. That is very limited compared to  PC these days.

Internet has yet to provide huge apps for the users to switch to browser based world. You couldn’t play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 on your browser could you?

So all in all Chrome OS is great for some but not all. It will not replace but enhance the daily experience in this computer eco-system. Some are just happy with their few daily apps while some needs even more flexibility. Just like you choose between Mac and PC today. In future, there would also be an option of Google.


Google Chrome OS Overview from the Google itself.


Google Chrome OS UI:-

Walkthrough of Chrome OS from a normal computer, of course running on Virtual PC (I am running VirtualBox as my virtual PC)


Comments are always open, will be more than happy to help setup Chrome OS on your PC. BTW, the build that’s above is developer’s build and is totally different from the one from Google’s Chrome OS Conference.

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Nov 9, 2009

iPhone vs Android vs Windows Mobile..their strengths and weaknesses.

With the release of Droid (the so called iPhone killer) the battle among the phones has heated up much more fiercer than before. With the Android 2.0, Windows Mobile 6.5 and iPhone 3GS all have their strengths and weaknesses and that will distinguish their market share in future. Here I will point out some of the key points why they are where they are.

iPhone 3GS 



1) Undoubtedly iPhone is the best when it comes to hardware.

2) iPhone OS is stable and elegant.

3) Massive App Store.


1) AT&T.

2) App Store’s biased rules.




1) It’s open.

2) Has more than one phone.

3) Android OS is stable and flexible.

4) It’s Google.

5) Open App Store.


1) Hardware still can’t take the full possibility of OS.

2) Not as elegant as iPhone.

3) It’s Google.

Windows Mobile



1) Almost as flexible as Android and almost as elegant as iPhone.

2) Hopes for Windows Mobile 7

3) Hopes for Zune HD Phone


1) Hardware still have a lot to improve, HTC HD2 isn’t enough.

2) Marketplace still needs some developing to do.

3) OS still need more work.

And that just summarizes on where they stand in the market right now. Hope all of their weaknesses moves to strength one day, but that’s just hoping for a peaceful world isn’t it? or is it not!!??