Oct 28, 2009

Windows 7 :- The quiet apps

Ok by now most of you might have heard the launch of Windows 7 if not then where were you?? just born yesterday?? Anyway Windows 7 is great, I know I’ve heard that with all those big shiny taskbar and those jumplists and that shaky and snap things it’s cool right?? Of course it is, but with all that flashy and glittery happening in it, it is also highly likely that you will miss out on other useful things. This kind of remind me when you see a show the audience always seem to have a different respect to the actors in the stage than the people working behind off-stage. But this is OS you say??  Correct it is OS but OS and basically the whole life reflects the show. Enough about my philosophy of life, the point is with all those glitters in front of your eye you might miss out on tiny yet very useful tools that will make a difference on how you use your PC. And NO!!! I am not here to talk about Windows Shortcut, you can find that plenty here and can find the complete guide here.


Sticky Notes:-

What can I use it for?

Basically it’s a replacement for notepad and since it’s so tiny and can actually put a clickable link makes it even more powerful than notepad. Got that favorite link that you would want to hold on to but don’t want to clutter your firefox bookmark? Sticky Notes is there.

A brief and complete video tutorial of Sticky Note :D

Snipping Tool:-

What can I use it for?

To capture your desktop of course, but there are many programs that lets you take a picture of your desktop the way you want but why use it when you got Snippy!! Although this tool is just a basic tool for capturing your desktop it comes in very handy to perform basic tasks or even to capture a shot from your favorite movie.


Problem Steps Recorder:-

What can I use it for?

This tools is mainly useful for administrator or if you are a tutorial writer. What this tool does is, based on your click it automatically prints the screen and inserts the action performed in html format.  Here’s how it works:-

Don’t get aggravated by the frame-rate, it’s kind of self explanatory just wanted to show you a demonstration, that’s all.


Windows Resource Monitor:-

What can I use it for?

To view the overall resource of your PC but of course you can view this from task manager but with Windows Resource Monitor you can view each and every resource of your windows. Located at Administrative Tools in Control Panel you can also run this from start bar by just typing ‘resource monitor’.

Just a screenshot for this one..(hint:- used a snipping tool for this one ;) )



Task Scheduler:-

What can I use it for?

To schedule the tasks duh!!, this one also located at Administrative Tool does what the name suggests. But more importantly it can run scripts, batch files and exe files which makes it very handy for administrators and for average users as well. You don’t really need another program to automatically shutdown your PC, let the task scheduler handle that for you. Just make a batch file and voila you’re done!! (Shoot me an email if you don’t know how to do this, I’ll be more than happy to help you fellow window 7ers )

Also note that this was also available in Windows Vista but since there has been many users skipping Vista from XP this might be something new or is it also available in XP!! It’s been too long for me to remember what XP had and hadn’t, anyway here’s quick video on how to create a basic task on Task Scheduler.


Windows Memory Diagnostic:-

What can I use it for?

Remember scandisk?? or what about chkdsk?? NO?? Well, it’s on of the utility programs that checks if your disk is performing at it’s best or not and  Windows Memory Diagnostic is exactly like one of those only with lot of features. You can find it in Administrative Tools like others or just type it in your start button.

No screenshot for this one..Sorry you would have to do it yourself to see what it looks like in a console.

Windows Powershell Modules:-

What can I use it for?

To type and make texts appear on screen..ok I lied, this does basically nothing it’s just a screen that appears with nothing on it ok time to get serious what this is, is that it’s the daddy version of your cmd.exe. Displays lot of info in that blue background (almost reminds me of BSOD) ahem..anyway if you are a shell user then why not use this instead of your black and white shell?? Also located at Administrative Tools.

I would love to talk about how great Windows Live Writer and  other couple of products that is available as download for Windows 7 but that is a totally different topic in itself.

Got other cool tools that I didn’t mention here? Feel free to criticize my inability to dig deeper in Windows.

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Oct 14, 2009

UPS and busy people don’t mix..


Ok this has been pissing me off lately. I often shop online for gadgets and electronics stuffs and UPS somehow always seems to be the primary option for delivery. Anyway what I don’t understand about UPS is why don’t they deliver on the time they specify they would. This hasn’t just been one or two case it’s four times now that UPS has been doing this. Even when I’m in my apartment don’t these UPS guys know how to knock?? I guess their hand gets sore by beating in people’s door huh?? And it’s not that I am anything against with these guys or anything but this has been going for many times. Especially for students and people who are not always at home. You can’t expect someone to be at their room whole day just for some package. People have life than waste a whole day. Anyway what I’m saying is, UPS or any other carrier has to find another solution to deliver the package. It’s an Internet world carriers, don’t expect people to sign in that gadgets of yours physically, make it more available!!

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Oct 8, 2009

Windows 7 could have BSoDs

After using Windows 7 RC for almost 6 months now I have to admit that RC showed a couple of BSoDs. The occurrence of BSoD was mostly when I had my PC running 3 days straight with couple of hibernation and sleep mode here and there and the BSoDs mostly occurred when you turn on your wi-fi and try to connect to internet. Atleast that was the case in my two BSoD and so far I've had three BSoD the other one was when I tried running this strange program.
Now I don't know if this is the case with everybody and I know it's just RC and not the final release but I am just saying not to expect Windows 7 as BSoD free OS, but of course BSoDs have become one of those rare cases in Windows.
Waiting for final version of Windows 7 to see if we really are free of BSods.