Jan 3, 2010

The year that was in tech history (2009):- August and September


Aug 1st:- Snow Leopard pre-orders starts in Amazon

Aug 1st:- Blackberry App World 1.1 released

Aug 3rd:- Google's Eric Schmidt resigns from Apple board

Aug 5th:- T-Mobile myTouch 3G available

Aug 5th:- Mac OS X 10.5.8 released

Aug 5th:- Best Buy shows ads in 3D

Aug 6th:- Microsoft Research announces us to pressure sensitive keyboard

Aug 6th:- Windows 7 RTM released to TechNet and MSDN users

Aug 7th:- Large Hadron Collider to run on half power until the end of 2010

Aug 8th:- Apple and Google made an informal deal not to share each other's employees

Aug 10th:- DNA Computer solves logical problem

Aug 10th:- Zune HD hits FCC

Aug 11th:- Apple giving an option of matte display in Macbook Pro

Aug 11th:- Xbox becomes the only console to stream Netflix

Aug 11th:- Xbox Live update launched

Aug 11th:- Sony promises 99% recharge in it's upcoming lithium ion batteries

Aug 11th:- Microsoft Office comes in Nokia Phones

Aug 11th:- Intel and Micron announces cheapest and smallest NAND flash

Aug 12th:- Nokia moving from Symbian to Maemo

Aug 12th:- Microsoft forbidden to sell Microsoft Word but does it anyway

Aug 12th:- Palm quietly improves on Pre's build quality

Aug 13th:- Zune HD pre order begins

Aug 13th:- HTC files patent for capacitive stylus with resistive accuracy

Aug 14th:- Pre gets an onscreen keyboard

Aug 14th:- Verizon tests it's first LTE data connection in Seattle and Boston

Aug 15th:- Apple displays MacBook Micro

Aug 16th:- TomTom for iPhone 3G and 3GS arrives

Aug 17th:- Worlds smallest laser created at 44nm

Aug 17th:- Dell officially developing mobile device for China

Aug 17th:- Jolicloud Beta released

Aug 17th:- iPhone 3.0 bug allows the deleted email to re-appear

Aug 17th:- Layar augmented reality app now available worldwide

Aug 18th:- Microsoft brings us first ever HD webcam

Aug 18th:- Sony PS3 confirms price cut

Aug 18th:- Sony PS3 Slim pre orders shows up in K-mart

Aug 18th:- Fortune declares RIM fastest growing company

Aug 18th:- Sony PS3 announces PS3 firmware 3.0

Aug 19th:- Windows 7 costing half as much as in UK as in US

Aug 19th:- BlackBerry to get full flash and SilverLight support browser

Aug 19th:- Apple releases MacBook Pro firmware update

Aug 20th:- Windows 7 RC final download date

Aug 21st:- Amazon, Microsoft and Yahoo unite against Google Books

Aug 21st:- Xbox Elite 360 gets the price cut as well

Aug 21st:- Apple, AT&T and Google responds to FCC over Google Voice rejection from the App Store

Aug 24th:- Apple store down globally

Aug 24th:- Snow Leopard is released and ready to order, Apple Store back online

Aug 24th:- RIM buys Torch Mobile for better browser

Aug 24th:- Microsoft displays it's framework on OneApp for feature phones

Aug 24th:- Nokia Booklet 3G emerges as a rumor

Aug 25th:- Nokia Booklet 3G is not a rumor after all, will cost $799

Aug 25th:- The great Photoshop Blunder from Microsoft

Aug 26th:- Amazon announces Frustration-Free packaging

Aug 27th:- Nokia makes it official that N900 is running Maemo

Aug 27th:- Spotify app gets rejected from App Store

Aug 28th:- Twitter and Facebook app free for Xbox Live Gold Members

Aug 28th:- China in talks with Palm to bring Pre as a competitor for iPhone

Aug 28th:- France sees overheating and exploding problem in some iPhone

Aug 31st:- Samsung Application Store announced

Aug 31st:- PlayStation 3 firmware 3.0 available to download



Sep 1st:- Nokia to bring music in US on 2010

Sep 1st:- Sony has Chrome Browser as it's default browser for VAIO

Sep 2nd:- Sony's IFA 2009 press event goes live, Vaio X series, Xperia X2

Sep 2nd:- Windows 7 goes free if you throw a party

Sep 3rd:- OnLive gaming service goes on Beta

Sep 3rd:- AT&T announces MMS in iPhone on September 25th

Sep 3rd:- Zune software coming on September 15th

Sep 3rd:- Nokia N900 up for preorder in US

Sep 4th:- PS3's new 3D mode coming in 2010

Sep 4th:- Nokia Ovi Software Development Kit released

Sep 4th:- Samsung expecting OLED laptops in 2010

Sep 4th:- BlackBerry Desktop Manager beta released for Mac

Sep 7th:- Spotify launches on iTunes App Store and Android Market for premium user only

Sep 7th:- Intel's Lynnfield processor becomes official

Sep 8th:- The Engadget Show announces

Sep 8th:- Android has now Facebook app

Sep 8th:- Palm Pre price cuts to $150 on Sprint

Sep 9th:- Pandora comes to Android

Sep 9th:- Sega's Dreamcast celebrates it's 10 years

Sep 9th:- Apple has it's own "It's only rock and roll" event

Sep 9th:- iTunes 9 released, improves on various factor, breaks Pre's sync ability to it

Sep 9th:- iPhone OS 3.1 available

Sep 9th:- Microsoft Windows Media Center event goes live

Sep 9th:- Palm introduces Palm Pixi

Sep 9th:- iPod Shuffle 2G production stops

Sep 9th:- Sprint promises to offer something big

Sep 9th:- Steve Jobs :- "iPod Touch didn't get a camera because it's a great gaming device"

Sep 9th:- Sprint's big surprise is unlimited data, text, voice and MMS for $70

Sep 9th:- Rhapsody apps approved by App Store

Sep 10th:- First App rejection in Palm Pre NaNPlayer

Sep 10th:- Motorola introduces MOTOBLUR,CLIQ

Sep 10th:- Windows Mobile 7 chassis confirmed but not detailed by Microsoft

Sep 11th:- Zune HD international launch not happening

Sep 11th:- First iPhone game with 3GS specific graphic released

Sep 11th:- The Engadget show goes live

Sep 12th:- After seven years 802.11n becomes standard

Sep 14th:- LG announces it's first Android device, GW620

Sep 14th:- Lenovo brings us multi-touch ThinkPad X200 Tablet

Sep 14th:- Xbox 360 to get 802.11n adapter

Sep 15th:- Zune HD launches along with Zune 4.0 software

Sep 16th:- Microsoft releases XNA update for Zune HD developers

Sep 17th:- xpPhone begins pre order

Sep 17th:- Microsoft's co-founder sells LTE spectrum to AT&T

Sep18th:- HTC keeps it's Leo secret

Sep 18th:- T-Mobile begins HSPA+ in Philadelphia everywhere in 2010

Sep 18th:- Windows Marketplace announces it's own app rejection system (kill switch)

Sep 19th:- Microsoft's Project Pink shows some sign of two branded phones

Sep 20th:- HTC Leo called HD2

Sep 20th:- AT&T starts their 3G Microcell

Sep 21st:- Microsoft's Project Pink emerges with Turtle and Pure as their two self-branded phones

Sep 21st:- First USB 3.0 product gets certified

Sep 21st:- FCC chairman wants net neutrality

Sep 22nd:- Microsoft readies for Windows 7 launch Party

Sep 22nd:- Intel Development Forum begins

Sep 22nd:- Intel announces Moblin 2.1 for phones, 22nm chip coming in 2011

Sep 22nd:- AT&T, Verizon fights against FCC net neutrality

Sep 22nd:- Xbox 360 Elite gets price cut again

Sep 22nd:- Microsoft's Courier Tablet surfaces

Sep 22nd:- Wii drops it's price too

Sep 22nd:- After a year Peek is still alive

Sep 23rd:- Layar goes 3D

Sep 23rd:- Microsoft Courier Tablet's core software, InkSeine

Sep 23rd:- Tru2way server from Intel streams cable all over your house

Sep 23rd:- Microsoft Pink phones said to be revealed

Sep 24th:- Palm Pre coming to Europe in all O2 shops

Sep 24th:- Microsoft announces to open café in paris

Sep 24th:- Zune HD has weird screen unresponsiveness

Sep 25th:- Palm Pre drops to $100 in Amazon

Sep 25th:- MMS in iPhone goes live

Sep 26th:- Palm Pre drops to $80 in Walmart

Sep 26th:- Apple to start migrating to Light Peak from Intel in 2010

Sep 27th:- Canon EOS 7D video samples hits the web with it's stunning quality

Sep 28th:- Orange offering iPhone in UK official

Sep 28th:- webOS 1.2 available

Sep 29th:- More videos of Microsoft Courier emerges

Sep 29th:- Microsoft Security Essentials becomes live and free

Sep 29th:- Windows 7 OEM pricing revealed

Sep 29th:- Microsoft unveils Barrelfish, a multi-core optimized OS

Sep 30th:- Google Earth introduces with real time human and vehicular traffic

Sep 30th:- Swordfish Net 102 becomes the first netbook to use twin Atom CPUs

Sep 30th:- 30 percent call drop in iPhone in NY is common says Apple Genius

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