Jan 1, 2010

The year that was in tech history (2009):- July and August


Jun 1st:- Xbox Live gets 1080p Zune, Netflix browsing, Twitter and Facebook integration

Jun 1st:- Microsoft officially announced "Project Natal" motion controller for Xbox 360

Jun 1st:- iPhones to come from 4GB to 32 GB

Jun 1st:- Google gets into e-book business

Jun 1st:- Adobe finally bringing GPU acceleration to Flash

Jun 2nd:- Acer to launch world's first Android based netbook in Q3

Jun 2nd:- Microsoft announces Windows 7 launch date (Oct 22nd)

Jun 2nd:- PSP Go announced

Jun 2nd:- Sony announces it's own PS3 motion controller

Jun 2nd:- Motorola debuts world's first retail DOCSIS 3.0 cable modems

Jun 2nd:- AMD shows off world's first DirectX 11 GPU

Jun 4th:- RIM buys Dash Navigation

Jun 4th:- End of E3

Jun 5th:- BenQ says it will work on smartphones and netbooks in 2010

Jun 5th:- Acer's first Android netbook to dual boot on Windows

Jun 5th:- xpPhone is introduced to the world

Jun 6th:- Palm Pre gets launched to public, not just for superstars

Jun 6th: The new iPhone rumor spreads

Jun 7th:- Apple codenames iPhone 3GS to it's new iPhone

Jun 8th:- Acer announces it will launch 3D laptop in October

Jun 8th:- JPMorgan claims Palm Pre's 50,000 units sold in opening weekend

Jun 8th:- Apple's WWDC kicks off (iPhone 3GS, Snow Leopard, new Macbooks and other iPod related updates)

Jun 8th:- AT&T says it will support tethering in iPhone

Jun 9th:- Sony planning to cut price off of PS3 for madden release

Jun 9th:- ExpressCard 2.0 finally finalized

Jun 9th:- Fedora 11 launched

Jun 9th:- Palm Pre has it's own Konami Code

Jun 10th:- Snow Leopard saying goodbye to PowerPC

Jun 11th:- Linux gets the first driver for USB 3.0

Jun 11th:- Apple patents activity monitor for skiers, bikers (kind of like Nike+)

Jun 11th:- Windows 7 gives an option to chose browser in EU

Jun 12th:- US says hello to Digital TV and Goodbye to analog TV

Jun 12th:- Palm pre runs doom for the first time

Jun 12th:- MMS and tethering to start on some AT&T iPhone 3G S

Jun 12th:- SDXC to blow our mind next year (2010)

Jun 13th:- Project Natal basis for Xbox 360 console coming Fall 2010

Jun 14th:- Palm Pre gets NES emulator (more games)

Jun 15th:- Dell's Android smartphone gets a leaked snapshot

Jun 15th:- NVIDIA releases five more new mobile GPU (40nm G210M, GT 230M, GT 240M and GTS 250M)

Jun 15th:- Palm Pre allows data tethering in spite of Sprint not allowing it

Jun 16th:- Buzz about Blackberry Tour on Verizon and Sprint

Jun 16th:- Opera launches Opera Unite to "reinvent the web"

Jun 16th: Tegra confirmed for Zune HD

Jun 17th:- SPRXmobile's Layar introduces us with augmented reality in browser

Jun 17th:- iPhone OS 3.0 available

Jun 17th:- Palm and Apple's feud on iTunes starts

Jun 18th:- Microsoft confirms new Xbox 360's memory bumped to 512MB

Jun 19th:- iPhone 3G S officially available to public

Jun 19th:- Microsoft extends XP downgrade to 2011

Jun 20th:- 700,000 apps downloaded so far on Palm Pre

Jun 22nd:- Ballmer apologizes for wrong release information on Project Natal

Jun 23rd:- Intel and Nokia to officially partner on Mobile devices

Jun 24th:- Adobe demos flash on HTC Hero

Jun 24th:- Microsoft releases Hohm beta for analyzing your home energy usage

Jun 25th:- Palm App sees 1 million downloads after 20 days

Jun 25th:- Microsoft sets the prices on Windows 7

Jun 25th:- Android gets official SDK

Jun 26th:- Windows 7 pre-order begins (not for Europe though)

Jun 27th:- Palm Pre's SDK Mojo leaks out in wild

Jun 28th:- HTC Hero is ready to pre-order in UK

Jun 28th:- Microsoft announces Windows Marketplace to launch with 600 apps

Jun 28th:- Acer becomes number two PC maker in US

Jun 29th:- Windows 7 pre-order sells out in Japan

Jun 29th:- RIM, Apple, Nokia agrees on micro-USB phone charger for Europe

Jun 29th:- Steve Jobs back to work at Apple

Jun 29th:- OLED mini-projector for mobile using multiple lenses developed

Jun 30th:- The Pirate Bay acquired by Global Gaming Factory

Jun 30th:- Microsoft uploads some instructional videos of Windows 7

Jun 30th:- HTC Hero Rom leaked

Jun 30th:- Firefox 3.5 released



Jul 1st:- Windows 7 Beta shuts down

Jul 1st:- Microsoft's Pink smartphone rumor surfaces

Jul 2nd:- UK moviegoers treated to first interactive 3D game

Jul 2nd:- Psystar keeps doing what Apple resents on, make Hackintosh computer

Jul 2nd:- Apple patents on application offering glimpses of haptic screens, RFID readers, fingerprint HD

Jul 2nd:- Apple patches iPhone's SMS vulnerability

Jul 5th:- Sony patents everyday motion detection

Jul 6th:- GSM Palm Pre makes an official first appearance on Movistar

Jul 7th:- Google officially brings the final version of Gmail, Docs and Talk

Jul 7th:- Google announces Chrome OS

Jul 8th:- T-Mobile's myTouch 3G ready to pre-order

Jul 8th:- Steven Sinofsky promoted to president of Windows

Jul 9th:- Microsoft Office 2010 movie gives the glimpse of Office 2010

Jul 9th:- Silverlight 3 comes out of beta with GPU acceleration

Jul 10th:- Microsoft's Gazelle "browser" surfaces, says it's just a research project

Jul 12th:- Blackberry Tour on Verizon and Sprint available

Jul 13th:- Windows 7 build 7600 hits torrent

Jul 13th:- Rumor on Apple's 9.7 inch netbook hitting on October for $800

Jul 13th:- IronKey "the world's most physically and cryptologically" secure thumb drive

Jul 14th:- DARPA working on Artificial Intelligence with memristors

Jul 14th:- Apple crosses 1.5 billion apps download

Jul 14th:- Android x86 LiveCD available for desktop computers

Jul 15th:- Bill Gates:- Natal for Windows coming to your office

Jul 15th:- Windows 7 pre order begins in UK

Jul 15th:- Google Voice live on Android and Blackberry

Jul 15th:- iTunes 8.2.1 blocks Pre's sync

Jul 15th:- Microsoft trademarks "OneApp"

Jul 15th:- Microsoft exes says Apple asked them to stop airing Laptop Hunters ads

Jul 16th:- Palm makes Mojo SDK beta available

Jul 17th:- Peek gets a new price

Jul 17th:- Tata Nano has it's first sell for $2500

Jul 18th:- BlackBerry slashes price of Storm, sign of new Storm coming

Jul 18th:- Kazaa also becoming a legal music subscription service

Jul 20th:- TerreStar successfully completes first call on new satellite

Jul 20th:- ASUS brings the world's first USB 3.0 motherboard

Jul 21st:- Toyota's giant flower pops up across US ti bring free wireless and charging station

Jul 21st:- Blackberry Storm 2 demoed

Jul 22nd:- Windows 7 gets released to manufacturing

Jul 22nd:- YouTube enters the world of 3D

Jul 23rd:- Touch Revolution's household Android devices coming in 2010

Jul 23rd:- Palm Pre available online, and it also has weird twist hardware problem

Jul 23rd:- Palm Pre webOS 1.1 available, fixes iTunes syncing

Jul 24th:- AMD sells it's 500 millionth x86 processor

Jul 24th:- Apple announces Apple tablet to be launched in 2010

Jul 24th:- Microsoft Store concept design leaks

Jul 24th:- Palm fixes Pre's syncing capability with iTunes

Jul 26th:- Android "Donut" build available but Android team says "Donut" is not Android 2.0

Jul 26th:- Apple patents "touch and go" USB devices

Jul 27th:- Samsung announces world's fastest Cortex A8 core

Jul 27th:- Verizon to bear Palm Pre in 2010

Jul 27th:- Google Voice app gets rejected from Apple App Store

Jul 28th:- Sprint acquires Virgin Mobile USA for $438m

Jul 28th:- Google Voice app is available in jailbroken iPhone

Jul 28th:- Microsoft gives EU the choice of browser in Windows XP and Vista too

Jul 29th:- Windows 7 activation already cracked

Jul 29th:- Palm Pre gets an unofficial Google Voice app

Jul 29th:- Nikon D300s official announced

Jul 30th:- Court gives Piratebay ten days to move connection to Netherlands

Jul 30th:- Student sues Amazon after Kindle eats his homework

Jul 31st:- China Unicom's iPhone gets approval

Jul 31st:- iPhone OS 3.0.1 released, fixes the SMS vulnerability

Jul 31st:- Microsoft announces pricing for Windows 7 family pack

Jul 31st:- FCC asks AT&T, Apple on Google Voice app rejection

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