Jan 27, 2010

iPad:- iDisappointment


I seriously thought Apple was the god of design in the gadget world, seriously thought they were the trend setter but when I saw iPad at my first glance I seriously thought it was a joke. It looked like some cheap digital photo album with white aluminum back cover. I mean what is up with the wide bezel screen?? To make the matters worse it has no camera, no HDMI, no multi-tasking,no usb ports, adapter hungry device. And the iPhone interface has not changed much either. It’s the same interface as iPhone only with some slight changes on the home screen and with some of features from OS X. The only good that can be said about this device is battery life and orientation detection. And the only new feature that this device introduced was iBook which was expected. And the screen is not even HD ratio a slight better than 4:3 but that’s it which means that HD content from Youtube isn’t really HDed. The positive side on the hardware specs was that Apple had it’s own chip for this which is called A4 which makes it power saving beast. And the new hardware introduced on it was “Micro-Sim” which I’m not sure if it is a good sign or not.

Overall this device does not bridge any gap between smartphone and computers. Just another device to empty your wallets. If you have netbook stick with it, atleast it won’t cramp your muscle and you’ll be able to type your document while listening music. For App Store though I recommend you stick with iPhone. iPad makes HP Slate look better.

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