Dec 30, 2009

The year that was in tech history (2009):- March and April


Mar 1st:- Red Ring of Death problem solved.

Mar 2nd:- Microsoft shows the glimpse of future

Mar 3rd:- Apple announces new Core i7 Macs and Mac Pro

Mar 3rd:- Maemo 5 gets Alpha SDK

Mar 3rd:- Amazon Kindle hits the App Store

Mar 4th:- IBM develops ZTIC USB for safe online banking

Mar 4th:- Blackberry names its app store App World, minimum paid price 2.99

Mar 5th:- Windows Vista and Server 2008 SP2 RC available for download

Mar 5th:- The Beatles comes to Rock Band

Mar 5th:- Nokia confirms 5800 3G reception issues fixed

Mar 6th:- NASA's Kepler begins searching for other earth like planet

Mar 6th:- Hulu returns to boxee via RSS feed

Mar 6th:- UK college begins testing facial recognition attendance system

Mar 6th:- Cydia developer begins their own App Store for iPhone

Mar 6th:- Hulu blocks content to boxee again

Mar 9th:- Apple Tablet rumor begins

Mar 9th:- Compact Disc turns 30

Mar 9th:- Seagate demoes 6Gps SATA, world's first

Mar 10th:- Cricket builds the world's largest cellphone

Mar 10th:- iPod touch 2G jailbroken finally

Mar 11th:- Apple releases iPod shuffle that talks (4GB)

Mar 11th:- Microsoft unveils the fees for Windows Marketplace

Mar 11th:- Mitsubishi shows off "3D Touch panel" display

Mar 12th:- Intel declared still the king of chip, AMD slips, Toshiba and Qualcomm climbs up

Mar 12th:- Google sets up Android support team in Taiwan

Mar 13th:- Sony France chairman held hostage by the workers

Mar 13th:- Windows 7 bug fixes multi-touch zoom for explorer

Mar 13th:- Web turns 20

Mar 16th:- Dell Adamo announced

Mar 17th:- Apple previews iPhone OS 3.0 and new SDK giving copy and paste and MMS

Mar 18th:- Nokia White E71 arrives in America

Mar 19th:- Internet Explorer 8 gets released

Mar 19th:- Pwn2Own:- Safari , IE 8 and Firefox all exploited Chrome Browser left un-injured

Mar 19th:- Microsoft declares "Second Light" is not the next version of Surface

Mar 23rd:- Sony Ericsson's Us president steps down

Mar 25th:- OnLive Gaming promises to revolutionize gaming world, demonstrated live

Mar 26th:- Graphene Chip from MIT could hit 1,000 Ghz

Mar 26th:- General Electric brings 3D HD baggage screening at airports

Mar 27th:- iPhone 3G available contract-free

Mar 27th:- Microsoft starts I'm a PC ad campaign

Mar 27th:- Intel and NVIDIA keeps suing each other over Nehalem chipset licensing

Mar 28th:- NVIDIA in talks to buy part of VIA

Mar 29th:- Tata unveils Nano (a $2000 car)

Mar 30th:- Skype for iPhone releases

Mar 31st:- Google quietly pulls out tethering apps

Mar 31st:- Researchers develop vibrating touchscreen braille

Mar 31st:- Blackberry App World goes live


Apr 1st:- Nokia releases it's beta Point & Find

Apr 1st:- Hulu begins HTML encryption

Apr 1st:- Obama offers iPod to Queen of England

Apr 1st:- Microsoft launches entry-level Foundation Server 2008

Apr 1st:- Palm announces webOS SDK and Palm OS emulation for Pre

Apr 2nd:- Google allows tethering apps to Android Market again

Apr 2nd:- Google Data Center secrets revealed

Apr 3rd:- MIT builds battery from bacterial virus

Apr 3rd:- RIM sells it's 50 millionth BlackBerry

Apr 7th:- iTunes Store varying on the price of songs

Apr 7th:- Gmail mobile supports offline and whole lot of features

Apr 8th:- Boxee's App Box and API go live

Apr 10th:- Zune HD shows up in screenshot

Apr 13th;- Tesla's Roadster travels 241 miles on single charge

Apr 13th: - Augmented reality hands on museum in Netherland

Apr 13th:- Android 1.5 announced, has something to do with cupcake

Apr 13th:- The much anticipated Nikon D5000 announced

Apr 17th:- The Pirate Bay founders sentenced to prison

Apr 18th:- Windows 7 RC out for MSD/TechNet subscribers

Apr 20th:- Sharp manufactures worlds' first waterproof solar cellphone

Apr 23rd:- Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope ready to download

Apr 23rd:- T-Mobile sells 1 million G1 in US

Apr 23rd:- Apple App Store hits 1 billion downloads

Apr 23rd:- Microsoft profits sink for the first time in 23 year

Apr 24th:- Windows 7 RC 7100 OEMs available for download in torrent sites

Apr 28th:- Microsoft's Project Pink surfaces

Apr 29th:- Microsoft says there's no Project Pink or ZunePhone

Apr 29th: Samsung promises 21 inch OLED TV in 2010

Apr 30th: Apple cuts the price on it's computer

Apr 30th:- Windows 7 RC and XP to last till 2010 says Microsoft officials

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