Dec 28, 2009

The year that was in tech history (2009):- January and Feburary


Jan 1st:- iPhone 3G unlock version arrives


[Many products unveiled and concept displayed]

[Shows us what 2009 is going to be]

Jan 11th:- Palm Pre FCC Approval

Jan 12th:- Microsoft removes Windows 7 Beta download limit

Jan 14th:- Windows 7 beta security patch, fixes MP3 and other problems

Jan 14th:- Sony's Vaio P pre-order

Jan 14th:- Psystar trying yet another tactic against Apple

Jan 14th:- Steve Jobs, taking a sick leave from Apple

Jan 14th:- Motorola lays off 4,000 employees

Jan 14th:- Sony sells 50 million PS2 in America

Jan 15th:- Philips introduces ultra widescreen LCD TV 21:9

Jan 16th:- Dell Inspiron 15 ready to order

Jan 16th:- Circuit City closes down

Jan 16th:- App Store hits 500 million downloads

Jan 19th:- Microsoft accused by EU of harming the browser competition

Jan 19th:- TechCrunch's internet tablet gets a new prototype

Jan 20th:- Blackberry starts Application storefront (appstore)

Jan 20th:- AMD sells handheld graphics to Qualcomm

Jan 21st:- PS3 2.6 firmware update

Jan 21st:- Apple quitely launches Macbook with unibody

Jan 22nd:- New Storm OS leaked

Jan 22nd:- Obama gets his new Blackberry

Jan 22nd:- Apple patents adaptive volume control.

Jan 23rd:- Microsoft extends the Windows 7 beta to Feb 10

Jan 25th:- JoliCloud pops out

Jan 26th:- AMD's Phenom breaks the record at 6.5 Ghz

Jan 26th:- Lenovo Thinkpad W700ds introduces two screens to laptop market

Jan 27th:- iPhone firmware update 2.2.1

Jan 29th:- Google launches Measurement labs to monitor the tubes

Jan 30th:- Intel's Moblin Alpha released

Jan 31st:- Windows 7 gets successfully installed on Amtek U560 UMPC

Jan 31st:- Apple in talks with Adobe to bring Flash to iPhone


Feb 2nd: Nikon unveils eight new Coolpix cams, S220,S230,S630,S620,P20,L19,L20,L100.

Feb 3rd:- Windows 7 SKU announced

Feb 3rd:- India unveils $20 laptop "The Sakshat"

Feb 4th:- The Sakshat is not a laptop at all.

Feb 4th:- Nikon unveils Fabre Photo Ex DSLR-based stereoscopic microscope

Feb 5th:- Nine year old writes an app for iPhone

Feb 6th:- MIT's sixth sense brought more public

Feb 6th:- Microsoft refusing that it is not making a phone, just changing WinMo to Windows Phone

Feb 9th:- Kindle 2 launched

Feb 9th:- Google announced Google Sync for iPhone, Windows Mobile and SyncML devices

Feb 10th:- Intel working on 32nm processors (i7)

Feb 11th:- Canon patents LiveView autofocus software

Feb 12th:- Garmin-Asus announces Windows Mobile nuvifone M20

Feb 13th:- Microsoft Marketplace appears in WinMo 6.5 screenshot

Feb 13th:- Darpa develops a 1.8 gigapixel digicam

Feb 13th:- Google accepting paid apps in Android Market

Feb 13th:- Macbook Pros 17-inch unibody starts to ship

Feb 15th:- Samsung OmniaHD becomes first phone to capture 720p video

Feb 15th:- Microsoft releases Recite to search your voice notes

Feb 15th:- Microsoft My Phone pre-registrations begins

Feb 15th:- Palm joins Adobe to support flash in Pre

Feb 16th:- Nokia Ovi unveiled

Feb 16th:- Microsoft announces Windows Mobile 6.5, Windows Marketplace and My Phone for Windows Mobile

Feb 16th:- Texas Instruments introduces us with much more tinier projector chip

Feb 17th:- Microsoft My Phone live

Feb 18th:- Google demos offline Gmail for iPhone and HTML 5 on Palm pre

Feb 19th:- Paid apps appear in Android Market

Feb 20th:- Palm Pre appear in UK website

Feb 20th:- New Mac Mini revealed video

Feb 22nd:- Kindle 2 ships

Feb 24th:- iTunes tries iTunes Pass

Feb 24th:- Hitachi acquires Fabrik

Feb 24th:- Steve Ballmer confirms Windows Mobile 7 next year (2010)

Feb 25th:- Toshiba releases 32nm NAND flash chips

Feb 25th:- Snow Leopard leaks screenshots and video

Feb 26th:- PSP 2 ready for UMD-less

Feb 27th:- Alaska Airlines offering in-flight WiFi

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