Dec 8, 2009

Three dead simple steps to unlock your iPhone


Come on, you have to admit it that iPhone with contract on AT&T is unfair. You should get unlocked iPhone on every Walmart. Ok may be not on Walmart but the point is finding the unlocked iPhone can be hard sometimes and even if you do it’s not guaranteed to work on all sims and this is exactly what you will need to get your iPhone start working on almost every sim.

Let’s go through the steps!!


Download blackra1n and install it.


Connect your iPhone and and run blackra1n. Follow the instruction or in this case you would have to wait couple of minutes


After you iPhone  gets restarted go to blackra1n and install Cydia. It will take a couple of minutes to show your network bars.


Wasn’t that easy?

There are many ways to unlock your iPhone and one of them is this.

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Disclaimer: The above steps were tested on iPhone 3G with the U.S sim card and is not guaranteed to work on all version of iPhones.

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