Nov 9, 2009

iPhone vs Android vs Windows Mobile..their strengths and weaknesses.

With the release of Droid (the so called iPhone killer) the battle among the phones has heated up much more fiercer than before. With the Android 2.0, Windows Mobile 6.5 and iPhone 3GS all have their strengths and weaknesses and that will distinguish their market share in future. Here I will point out some of the key points why they are where they are.

iPhone 3GS 



1) Undoubtedly iPhone is the best when it comes to hardware.

2) iPhone OS is stable and elegant.

3) Massive App Store.


1) AT&T.

2) App Store’s biased rules.




1) It’s open.

2) Has more than one phone.

3) Android OS is stable and flexible.

4) It’s Google.

5) Open App Store.


1) Hardware still can’t take the full possibility of OS.

2) Not as elegant as iPhone.

3) It’s Google.

Windows Mobile



1) Almost as flexible as Android and almost as elegant as iPhone.

2) Hopes for Windows Mobile 7

3) Hopes for Zune HD Phone


1) Hardware still have a lot to improve, HTC HD2 isn’t enough.

2) Marketplace still needs some developing to do.

3) OS still need more work.

And that just summarizes on where they stand in the market right now. Hope all of their weaknesses moves to strength one day, but that’s just hoping for a peaceful world isn’t it? or is it not!!??

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