Oct 14, 2009

UPS and busy people don’t mix..


Ok this has been pissing me off lately. I often shop online for gadgets and electronics stuffs and UPS somehow always seems to be the primary option for delivery. Anyway what I don’t understand about UPS is why don’t they deliver on the time they specify they would. This hasn’t just been one or two case it’s four times now that UPS has been doing this. Even when I’m in my apartment don’t these UPS guys know how to knock?? I guess their hand gets sore by beating in people’s door huh?? And it’s not that I am anything against with these guys or anything but this has been going for many times. Especially for students and people who are not always at home. You can’t expect someone to be at their room whole day just for some package. People have life than waste a whole day. Anyway what I’m saying is, UPS or any other carrier has to find another solution to deliver the package. It’s an Internet world carriers, don’t expect people to sign in that gadgets of yours physically, make it more available!!

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