Sep 14, 2009

Why buy Zune HD?

Now that the Zune HD is ready to be released tomorrow. If you haven’t pre-ordered yet then you probably would be asking why you would need to buy this device. Apart from the it’s OLED screen, multi-touch, Tegra chip and other features there are other things that you should consider to buy Zune HD.

1. The name says it all:-

First of all, let’s face it, the world has gone HD, with the HD radio and HD video Zune HD delivers them all. Bearing 16:9 contrast ratio you have the comfort of watching HD videos in your palm and I don’t think I have to talk about it’s HD radio.

2. Your portable media center:-

Not only Zune HD a portable media player but it’s a media center too. Allowing you to connect to your HD TV, this device acts like your very own media center for your or your friend’s living room.

The guyz from Gizmodo got head start with it, but all we can do is watch their mellow musical preview video:-

Zune HD TV Interface Walkthrough from Gizmodo on Vimeo.

3. Apps:-

One of the feature that’s been missing from the earlier Zune was that it had no apps which made their possibilities limited but with their revamped Marketplace the potential of Tegra can really be tested. While writing this post zune marketplace  is down for their launch tomorrow. It should work tomorrow upon release.

4. Do you game?:-

Microsoft has been keeping this feature a bit hush hush but a short glimpses do show that Zune HD has capability to run nicely built 3D games. The video below shows the glimpse of the game called Forza 3 [on .31 seconds] to show the ability to handle heavy 3D games. Not to forget that it Xbox Live integration, meaning that you could play some of the games of Xbox from your Zune with touchscreen as your input. Can’t wait for how this one will work.


5. The design:-

I’ve seen many media players which were better than iPod/Touch but because of the design I thought otherwise. But Zune HD definitely has that sleek and sexy design and the UI seems much more smooth and easy to use.

6. If I have a iPod, Do I still need it?

This depends on which iPod you own. If you own iPod Classic, Nano or something like that this is a definite upgrade to your media player but if you own iPod touch then consider getting this on Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday upon seeing this device’s development. As for those who don’t own any media player then Zune HD is the best option.

You can buy Zune HD from Amazon,who promises to bring Zune HD to your doorstep(go order now!!), Bestbuy,, and of course if these sites weren’t enough for you to buy Zune HD then there is always Google or Bing!!

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