Sep 24, 2009

IDF(Intel Development Forum) in brief

Intel had something big to announce to the world in their IDF. The first and foremost being the USB 3.0 which will be start being a standard in 2011, showcasing it was a webcam broadcasting on full HD. But how much of difference is USB 3.0 comparing to USB 2.0?? Well, to be precise it’s 10x faster. Just watch the video below for the proof:

USB 3.0 comparison to USB 2.0

Another big news was the four screened laptop which is not quite what you think. Apart from the main screen the other three screen are OLED and multi-touch (let’s not get excited right away) and stays on top of your keyboard, meaning that these screen just acts as your shortcut keys. Shortcut keys or not they do seem to provide some functionality but I don’t really see the point in giving so much emphasis on the hardware aspect to accomplish the simple task. Of course it makes it easier but really?? 3 extra screens?? More on the video below:-


Now this next product is something that I personally wanted to exist and hopefully that is what Intel is trying to bring to us. What Tru2way Server really is broadcasting multiple cable into multiple devices making your home one big movie theater, well not really :) But what it does is make your PS3 or any device that has access to Tru2way server enable them to watch anything that the server is broadcasting. May be I should let you watch the video and let Intel guy describe you what this thing really does:-

Click here to watch video, I think engadget forgot put the embed code for this video.


And there were others, some looked kind of like unfinished or some just was common but these were the main highlights!!

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