Sep 26, 2009

How to remove GRUB bootloader and set Windows back to it’s default boot loader


When you installed Ubuntu or other Linux Distribution what Linux does is overwrite your Windows boot loader from GRUB boot loader. But what if you felt that Linux wasn’t for you and wanted to uninstall it from the system? NO!! there isn’t any option in your Add/Remove Programs. And this is how you remove the Linux Distribution and not make a mess of your Windows boot loader.

Here are those beautiful steps again :-

1. Goto Control Panel.

2. Double click on Administrative Tools

3. Select Computer Management (you could have just typed “cmpmgmt.msc” in your run dialog :P )

4. Goto Disk Management and check which partition is covered by your Linux Distribution (Hint:- Check your C and D drive’s size and match it with your partition table, trust me it always works…also you might want to delete the partition right by the Linux partition, i.e if you have one, it’s the Linux’s swap space kind of like Windows Virtual Memory )

5. Delete the Linux partition but before you do I must tell you should have internet or your Windows Recovery disk with you.

6. Now after you deleted the partition there are two things you can do to get your Windows boot loader back.

From a Recovery Disk

If you have a recovery disk then all you need to do is put that recovery disk and restart the computer and let your computer boot in that disk with “Repair your computer” selected. On the console type “bootrec.exe/fixmbr” and you’re done.

From a Internet (Well from a downloaded program atleast)

Goto to this address 

That’s the Super Grub Disk program you’ll be downloading. The one on the link I provided is for booting your computer from Super Grub Disk with CDROM but if you look closely on the right hand side of the page you’ll see that you have the option of downloading in USB, Floppy, ALL. I would recommend you download USB version if your PC supports USB boot.

After the download run the Super Grub Disk program and put it in your USB or CDROM or anywhere you like.

NOW, you can restart your computer (do I even need to tell you to set your BIOS to boot from USB or CD-ROM if you installed Super Grub Disk in one of those medias ?) After Super Grub loads select any option over there(usually the one on the bottom should work) eventually your Windows should boot that means it worked if not keep trying!!

Disclaimer:- If you restart your PC after the above indented paragraph starts, unless I tell you to, then you might need a second computer to perform this task cause your PC just won’t load assuming that you deleted your Linux partition!!

And that is how you get rid of your Linux and get back your Windows.

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  1. nice!! it worked. Thank you!!

  2. care to say which linux distro you got rid of there ??

  3. woooo! thanks a lot! this was such a helpful advice. I've installed linux mint and I didn't like it too much... so I'll continue using 7 while i download another distribution of linux to try :P

  4. all that has to be done is go to installation cd go to cammand promt and type "bootrec.exe/fixmbr"and it works great

  5. @steven CDs!! what ez they!!??? XD kiddin...although that's the quickest way this is for those who are careless (like me) and lose their installation CDs.

  6. thank you sooo much, awesome info, i looked everywhere !! wooo hooo!!!

  7. Here's one for you. I have linux mint and vista. I ran Spy Hunter on vista and it took over the vista loader using the Grub. Now I can't get pass grub into vista. I want to remove grub and restore vista's mbr. Any ideas? I can get to setup,boot, and a command prompt that uses x:\??
    Thanks for any help!

  8. Thanks a Ton dear...

  9. thank you very much

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